My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 416: Strange Occurrences.[NOT completed edited yet]

Chapter 415:A vote of confidence

”I ’m sorry but… I have things to do. ” Ruby suddenly spoke up as she got up from the couch and walked towards the basement.

”…? ” Victor ’s parents looked at this action with strange eyes.

”… What happened? ” As the more perceptive, Anna noticed that Ruby was mildly irritated, and she had a feeling it was her fault.

Looking at his mother, Victor put his hand on his face, and took a long breath:

”…Sigh. ”

”Mother, for a Noble Vampire, being a Vampire is an Honor of the highest rank. ”

”And to deny being a Noble Vampire, only to choose to be a race that could be considered the ’rival ’ or ’enemy ’ of Vampires, would leave a bad taste for any Noble Vampire, especially someone from a prestigious Clan like Ruby ’s. ”

”…. ”

”You guys basically stepped on her honor. The only reason she didn ’t do anything was because you ’re her husband ’s mother. ” Aphrodite supported Victor.

”…. ” Anna and Leon ’s expressions were dark, but Aphrodite didn ’t stop.

”For a Noble Vampire, to hear what you said before, is considered the highest heresy, and that is even worse when this offer is given by someone of your son ’s Status. ”

”Receiving such an offer from a Vampire Count is something everyone in the Supernatural World would accept without blinking twice. ” Aphrodite ’s words were right and wrong.

And there was only one simple reason why. Victor wasn ’t just a Count, he ’s a Progenitor. For any Supernatural Being to hear this request was tantamount to the highest honor, particularly for Beings of the Night like Vampires, or wealthy businessmen who were in business with Nightingale.

”The offer of a Vampire Count, and being invited to their Clan, is something that not even the richest businessman in the world can afford. ”

”…. ”

Victor clapped his hands lightly.

And that attracted the attention of the three.

”Anyway, set that matter aside for now. ”

”You want to enter the Supernatural World, right? ”

”…. ” They nodded lightly.

”In that case, before making any decision, I suggest you study this world first. This world is too dangerous to make a rash decision. ”

”Race change is a very important thing to make as a simple decision as well. ”

”…I will ask my Maids to separate books and footage of how the Supernatural World works. ”

”After that, we ’ll talk again. ”

Victor got up from the couch, and looked at Aphrodite:

”Come with me. ” He spoke in a casual tone that contained no hint of threat or concern, a tone that made Aphrodite mildly interested.

”… Ok. ” She got up from the couch too.

”Mother, and Father. ”

”…. ” The two looked at Victor.

”Apologize to Ruby later. ”

”…Yes, we screwed up now because of our petty attitude. ” Despite not being as perceptive as Anna, Leon was the one who understood the most about honor and what he did wrong.

”Leave it to me My son, I know what to do. ”

”Good. ”

Victor laughed lightly, when he would turn around, he heard from his father:

”And Victor. ”

”Hmm? ” He kept looking at his father.

”When did your hair grow so long, and what is that armor? ”

”….You ’re slow, huh. ”

”I mean, I didn ’t get a chance to ask. ”

”Sigh… ” Victor sighed.

”A lot of things happened. ” He was too lazy to answer.

”I will be back soon. ”

When Victor and Aphrodite left the room, Victor spoke:

”We need talk. ”

”… ” Looking into his violet eyes and serious expression, she spoke:

”Sure. ”

Taking her permission, Victor approached Aphrodite.

”!!! ” Seeing that man approaching her, her heart began to beat louder in anticipation, and those expectations grew as he held her like a princess.

Her body shuddered a little at Victor ’s touch, and a smug smugness rose in her mind:

’As expected, not even he can resist my-. ’ Her thoughts stopped when she heard the noise of lightning, and noticed her body being covered by that same lightning.

And when she blinked.

She was on top of a building.

And before she knew it, she was on her feet again as Victor was walking away from her.

”E-Eh? ” She looked around confused, and realized she was on top of one of the tallest buildings in New York.

Due to the conversation they had taking quite a while, the time was now late afternoon, it was almost dusk.

With her hair fluttering in the wind, she glanced at Victor who was sitting on the balcony of the building as he looked out at the landscape.

”…. ” Observing the figure of the man, she couldn ’t help but be drawn in, her pink eyes glistened a little with desire, but then she shook her head several times.


With a long sigh, she couldn ’t help but feel disappointed.

’And I thought he was going to take me to a room and destroy me in bed… Disappointing. ’

The Goddess of Beauty is a big pervert.

Well… She ’s Greek, and the concept of perversion originated with her, so it makes sense.

Walking up to Victor, she jumped up lightly and sat on the balcony next to him.

”…. ” The two were silent for a long time, long enough for the afternoon sunbeams to start to set, and the dark night to begin to emerge.

All this time, they just observed the landscape, despite having done something simple,

Aphrodite couldn ’t help but feel… at peace.

It was strangely relaxing and therapeutic, and she didn ’t feel bored either, even though she ’d seen this sight thousands of times, being with this man somehow made her feel different.

”Aphrodite… ” Victor broke that silence.

”Hmm? ”

”Tell me honestly… ”

”Which brings are you cautious about facing? ”

”… Why this question out of nowhere? ”

”I hate to admit it, but my mother likes you a lot, and I know you guys are going to be hanging out a lot together, I want to know what kind of beings that you, as a Titan, have to be careful about facing. ”

’It ’s never too much to be prepared… ’ Victor thought, and the moment he had that thought, another one popped up:

’If it continues like this, I will really become paranoid like a certain bat-themed hero… ’ He sighed inwardly.

”…You really love your parents, huh. ”

”Of course, they are the best parents… even if they were acting like a child a few hours ago… ”

”Oh? I thought you didn ’t notice. ”

”Of course I noticed, and I ’m also aware that this is my fault. ”

”Hmm… I don ’t think it ’s your fault… After all, what kind of kid doesn ’t want to give their parents a better life? And knowing your past situation, I can understand a little bit why you meddled so much in their lives. ”

”And then there ’s the fact that you ’re a Vampire Count. That very title draws attention, and puts a target on your back, doing that is also a protection for your parents. ”

”So you weren ’t wrong… I just suggest you don ’t be too possessive, but that ’s impossible. ” She shrugged as if she had no choice.

”…. ” Victor flashed a small smile when he heard what Aphrodite said.

He didn ’t say anything, he didn ’t need to, because she was correct.

Some time passed again, and soon the full moon arrived.

Climbing to his feet on his vantage point and looking at the moon, the sky was cloudless, and only the round moon was seen, a ’comforting ’ feeling fell over him, his existence loved the night.

”Aah~, what a beautiful night… ” His eyes glowed slightly blood red: ”On nights like this, I feel like going for a walk. ”

”…Yes… A fun and enjoyable walk~ ” His smile threatened to grow into a big toothy grin.

When he felt that urge to go for a walk, normally, he always found something interesting.

”…. ” Looking at the man ’s smile as he gazed at the moon as if he was looking at something precious, his figure in black armor, while his long black hair fluttered in the wind, was quite awe-inspiring.

badump, Badump.

Aphrodite ’s heart beat like a madman.

A small hint of red appeared on her face, and she quickly turned away.

’A-Aphrodite, you can ’t! The Goddess of Love cannot fall in love! Are you fucking stupid!? Other beings are the ones who must fall in love with me and love me! Not the other way around!… But. ’ She bit her lip lightly at the end, and glanced at Victor.

’Who was the motherfucker that created someone so attractive and desirable? Seriously, he hits all my weak spots, I ’m even acting different than normal, fuck! ’

”Aphrodite? ”

’O-Okay, calm down first, don ’t act like a prude for my own sake… ’

”Hello? Woman? ”

’You are the Goddess of Beauty, and an aunt! Be proud and wise, you were alive long before humans existed! ’ She breathed in and let the air out of her lungs, repeating this process two more times until she felt calmer.

”Aphrodite. ” Victor ’s voice came out deeper and more serious.

”Yes? ” Unconsciously, Aphrodite looked at Victor.

Seeing his face so close, her heart started to beat faster, and her face got a little redder, and her pink eyes seemed to be swirling in confusion.

’He ’s too close! He ’s too close! He ’s too close! ’

She smelled the air a little:

’He smells so good~. ’

”…You finally woke up. ” Victor pulled his face away and returned to his seat.

”Y-Yes. ” She turned her face away and looked at the landscape as if she had found something interesting.

As a Goddess of Beauty and Love, she understood what was happening to herself, how could she not? Her own Divinity represented this situation.

Only she couldn ’t! The Goddess of Love cannot fall in love, because that is a path of no return!

’And to make matters worse, he is not interested in me… His view of me is clouded because of his human morals and prejudices, so it is quite unlikely that he will feel anything for me. ’ When she thought about it, her mood got worse.

And that allowed her to completely calm down, and go completely cold.

As an ancient Goddess, she was quite knowledgeable, particularly in relationships, and the human mindset.

’How funny, despite being a Progenitor… He still maintains his human morals. ’ She thought in disdain.

”Tell me the names. ”

”…. ” Looking at Victor with a stinking gaze, she said:

”All beings, male or female, are powerless in the face of my charm, not even animals escape. ”

”And even those gods like Zeus and Odin who are God Kings are not immune to my charm. ”

”…But there are five beings that I would not want to face directly, beings that my charm is ineffective against, and I would need to use my other abilities. ”

”…. ” Victor continued looking at the Goddess.

”Shiva, his power of Destruction can ’destroy ’ my charm. ”

”Lucifer, the favorite Fallen Angel of the God of the bible. He ’s too ’proud ’ to fall for something like that. ”

”Diablo, he is the Incarnation of Evil, all the malevolence of Hell is in him, and because of that, he can resist my charm. ”

”Lilith… And well, she ’s a Succubus, and a Goddess. The reason I can ’t control her is because she is like me, our Divinities are essentially the same. ”

”And the same goes for the last one on the list which is Freya. ”

”…. ”

”…As long as I don ’t come across these beings, I ’m basically invincible. ” It wasn ’t arrogance, it was a fact. Her charm went far beyond the ’borders ’ of genders. She could attract everything and everyone, but as she said herself, there are beings who had unorthodox means to resist that charm.

Lilith and Freya are an example.

”… Why do you look so surprised? ” She looked strangely at Victor.

”I wouldn ’t have thought you would tell me this… I basically asked for your weaknesses, don ’t you know? ”

”Meh, even if you study these beings, to try to understand the weakness of my charm, you won ’t be able to, they are too powerful for the current you. ”

”Not even Vlad himself can let his guard down in a fight against these beings. ”

”…And also… At this point, it doesn ’t matter anymore. ” She sighed at the end, she was very close to Anna and had already done a lot to be close to her, revealing that was nothing.

”…. ” Victor opened his eyes slightly when he heard what Aphrodite said, and soon a gentle smile appeared on his face:

’So she can be adorable when she wants to? ’ He understood very well that the Goddess was compromising here because of her friendship with his mother, he was not ungrateful enough to not acknowledge that.

If before the impression he had of Aphrodite was bad, now he had become neutral again.

’…Sigh… ’ He sighed internally because he realized the complicated situation he was in.

’Well, I ’ll kill Persephone first, she deserves no forgiveness… Then I ’ll think of what to do with Aphrodite. ’ He decided to stop thinking about it because it was just stressing Victor out.

Because it was an unsolved problem.

Sighing again, Victor unconsciously placed his hand on Aphrodite ’s head and said:

”Please take care of my mother. ” He decided to give her a vote of confidence.

”…. ” Looking at the man who was stroking her head, she couldn ’t help but feel that comfortable feeling again.

”I will, she ’s my best friend. ” She spoke with a serious expression conveying her feelings.

Showing a small smile, he said, ”…Don ’t make me regret it, seriously. ”

Victor rarely trusted anyone, and if he did, it was usually only his family members, because of that, what he was doing now, was a gamble.

At least, he felt that way.

”I won ’t, I promise. ”

Seeing the Goddess ’s serious and determined face, he felt he hadn ’t made a wrong choice.

”You better remember that promise… ” He spoke in a light tone, as he removed his hand from her head.

”…Hmm, can you continue? ”

”…Doesn ’t that hurt? ” He was in armor after all.

”It hurts, but… ” Her face turned slightly red at the end, she didn ’t want to say the last words.


Victor sighed again, and for a moment, he thought she would become Kaguya now.

He removed his gauntlet, and with his bare hand, he stroked her head.

”!!! ” She opened her eyes a little, and soon that comforting feeling came so much stronger, she couldn ’t help but close her eyes and enjoy that feeling.

’As expected from a Goddess ’s hair, it ’s very soft… ’ It was a different from any other feeling he ’d had, it gave a feeling of wanting to caress more.

”…. ” Looking at the Goddess who had a sweet smile on her face, Victor for a moment thought that she really was beautiful, and then a random thought came to his mind:

”Is Freya like you? ”

”… ” Aphrodite ’s smile broke when she heard that Goddess ’s name.


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