My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 420: Pepper meets Nero

Chapter 419: Don ’t made a YandereAngry

Snow Clan.

”Hmm… ” Violet was sitting in the Clan leader ’s chair, rhythmically tapping her finger on the table.

She had already finished all her chores for the day, chores that included organizing documents, talking to influential members in the human world, and giving orders to her clan.

Of course, she also didn ’t forget to train her fire powers which were reaching a new level, all thanks to her nightly ’practice ’ with her husband.

Sometimes, she also sparred with Hilda, and developed different ways to use her power.

Violet had to admit that, of all the activities she did in her Clan, fighting Hilda was the most interesting.

She wasn ’t her mother ’s oldest and most trusted personal maid for nothing.

And her control over fire was pretty high too.

After finishing everything she had to do for the day, Violet was waiting for her mother.

”Hilda, when you contacted me, I thought my mother was already here… ” She commented in a slightly impatient tone, while continuing to tap her finger rhythmically on the table.

”I ’m sorry to say this, Lady Violet… I only conveyed the words that Countess Agnes conveyed to me. ”

”I never said she was home. ”

”…Tsk, I hate these word games. ”

”I suggest you pay attention next time, it is in this wordplay that most beings are deceived. ”

”Yeah, yeah, whatever. ” Violet rolled her eyes, but Hilda ’s words were implanted in her mind, she wouldn ’t forget this lesson today.

”…. ” Hilda flashed a small smile when she saw Violet ’s expression, she had been with the girl long enough to understand that she would not ignore her teachings.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in the middle of the lit room, and a man came out of that shadow. With his arm on his chest in a posture of respect, he said:

”Countess Agnes has informed that she will be arriving soon, and has asked that all gather and wait for her in the courtyard. ”

”Finally! I was tired of waiting. ” Violet got out of her chair, and walked towards the exit, she couldn ’t wait to hand over these responsibilities to her mother!

Despite being a rewarding experience, and understanding her role as an heiress, she still preferred to be with her beloved Darling 24/7! She couldn ’t wait to leave it all to her mother!

And yes… She exaggerated the number of days.

Hilda and Oda looked at each other, and soon after, they started walking behind Violet who seemed to be lost in her own world.

’Even if my mother returns to the leadership of the Clan, I will stay close by. After all, there are some projects that I am working on that will be important for the future, and I will not give control of Frost Bank to my mother. It is very important to me and my husband. ’ Violet wanted a source of income that didn ’t come from her Clan.

Being in control of the Snow Clan for so long made her understand how ridiculous and poorly planned the Clan ’s spending was, especially on her part.

Which led to the understanding that a financial organization was important, she as a leader could not use the Clan ’s money for useless things.

Because of this, she wanted to keep Frost Bank, and use it as an investment fund. Despite having no experience in this, she would make it work with the support of her husband, and especially Ruby.

She wanted to put Sasha in the middle of this project as well.

After all, it was in the interests of the three wives that this project succeeded.

’Using other people ’s money doesn ’t count as using my money, right? As a certain philosopher says, everything that is his is mine, everything he has bought and wants is mine too. ’

… This philosopher does not exist!

Arriving in the mansion ’s open courtyard, Violet waited along with Hilda and Oda.

…two minutes passed, and when she was about to complain about her mother ’s tardiness again,

She witnessed a fire tornado approaching from the sky.

And by the time Violet looked at the tornado, and blinked her eyes, the tornado hit the ground.


”Ara, looks like my absence didn ’t leave the clan in shambles… I expected this place to be a mess. ” A melodious and somewhat seductive voice was heard.

And soon the fire tornado disappeared, and a woman appeared.

Her appearance had changed, and so had the way she wore her clothes.

Her white hair that used to be tied back in a ponytail was now loose in the wind, her outfit consisted of a trendy outfit that showed off her belly that, unlike the flat stomach she had before, now sported six packs of abs.

She wore black leggings, with black boots that made her look taller.

She had her arms crossed under her chest as if she was trying to show off her greatest attractions, and in her hand leaning against her chest was a red western sword with dragon scale detailing.

The Fafnir Blade, a sword created from the corpse of the King of all Fire Dragons.

The Snow Clan ’s treasure.

Agnes had a gentle smile on her face, but that smile seemed to be just a cover to hide the coldness in her golden gaze.

Countess Agnes Snow was back.

”Looks like my daughter took care of everything while I was away. ” Agnes commented elegantly, and walked over to her daughter.

”Mother… How was your training? ” Violet asked after recovering from her shock, she couldn ’t help but look at her mother with a wary look.

’She ’s become dangerous, in many different ways. ’ The alerts in Violet ’s head were beeping like crazy.

”What is that look, and my dear daughter won ’t call me… Mommy? ” Agnes asked as she stroked Violet ’s cheek.

”!!! ” Violet felt her whole body tremble, a shudder ran through her entire existence.

She felt disgusted… Just what was this motherly aura? What was that seductive look!?

Her mother would never act like this! She was not that kind of character!

Violet slapped Agnes ’ hand, and said:

”You didn ’t answer my question. ”

”…Hmm, I think it ’s a little early. ” She commented lightly, and a hint of sadness appeared on her face.

”… ” Violet looked into her mother ’s eyes confused, she caught that hint of sadness but she didn ’t know what it meant.

But soon, as if it were a lie, that sadness disappeared, and a gentle smile returned to her face:

”Yeah, the training was pretty… efficient. ”

”Compared to your peak, how much stronger are you? ” Hilda asked.

”Hmm, I think 100x? ” Agnes answered honestly.

”What-… That ’s impossible. ”

”Indeed… I thought about that too, but… training with a sword compatible with you makes all the difference~. ”

”…. ” Hilda narrowed her eyes, and when she looked at the effects that the sword Agnes was holding was doing.

Her eyes grew colder:

”Lady Agnes, are you addicted? ” Hilda looked ready to pounce at any moment.

”…Hmm, who knows~? ” She responded evasively.

”??? ” Question marks started to appear around Violet ’s head, what was going on:

”Hilda, explain. ” she demanded.

”…Fafnir ’s sword was made from the corpse of a Fire Dragon King, and it wasn ’t just any Dragon King, but the strongest of them… The sword has the ability to enhance the user ’s ’fire ’ power, but if used incorrectly, the sword can lead to power addiction, because even after it is dead, the Dragon ’s mind is still alive. ”

”That ’s one of the reasons your mother said she should only use the sword in an emergency, the power of a Dragon is quite intoxicating for ordinary minds. ”

”I thought Agnes would be careful because she knows the sword, but I was careless… ”

”… ” A silence fell around them.

”….Mother, are you okay? ” Violet looked at Agnes with a serious look.

”…. ” Agnes flashed a small, cold smile as her golden eyes became reptile-like.

”!!! ” Just looking into those eyes, Violet, Agnes and Oda ’s bodies visibly shook, and their alertness exploded through the ceiling.

”Violet, what would you do if a powerful being offered you power to help kill the person who killed your Darling? ”

”…I would kill this being and take its power for myself. ” Violet ’s response was quick.

”…That ’s my daughter~. ”

”And that was the correct answer~. ” She spoke in a melodious tone.

”Next to my revenge for Persephone, the mere temptation of a Dragon King is nothing~. ” She spoke as her eyes turned to pure darkness as if she were dead.

And a sick smile appeared on her face.


The three swallowed hard when they saw the woman ’s state, they felt they were sinking into a dark and endless abyss.

Agnes suddenly turned around, and the feelings they were feeling disappeared.

”Answering your question, my daughter. ”

”Yes… I ’m fine. ”

”I ’m better than ever. ”

”….. ” Looking at Agnes ’ back pulling away.

Oda said:

”Hilda? ”

”Yes? ”

”Just remind me to stay away from Violet if her husband is made to suffer an attempt on his life, or suddenly disappears. ” And then he disappeared into the shadows and fled.

”Oda! What do you mean by that!? Bastard! ”

”…Yes, I ’ll let you know… ” Hilda commented in a low voice, but Violet looked at Maid with an angry look:

”What do you mean by that, hmmm? ” She looked like a delinquent.

”I mean, the fruit of madness doesn ’t fall far from the tree… ” Hilda spoke and then walked towards Agnes.

”…. ” Violet couldn ’t deny Hilda ’s words, even if it irritated her.

Just thinking that something could happen to her husband, she felt like she would go crazy.

Looking at her mother ’s back, she thought:

’Like Ruby said: Don ’t piss off a yandere, huh? ’

In the territory of Clan Adrasteia.

Eleonor, Victor, Mizuki, Morgana, Jeanne, and Nero were present.

Mizuki who was training in her new onmyo art decided to stop when she heard what Victor said about the activities of Demons,

The same could be said of Jeanne and Morgana who were often fighting low-level immortal monsters to regain their former strength.

Now Vlad ’s ex-wives were confident enough to face the man, and not shake like before.

This was also due to the fact that they were no longer addicted to Vlad ’s blood.

Like all Vampires, they have returned to buying fruit, and blood products that are sold by Clan Fulger, and their subordinates.

Even though it didn ’t taste as good as a Progenitor ’s blood, even though they felt like they ’d traded in a world-class dish for a neighborhood loaf of bread, it was far better than having your freedom tied to someone else.

The blood of the Progenitor was unfair, it was very delicious, and tasting it once or twice was not a problem, but from the moment you taste this blood over and over again, it can become an addiction.

And you can ’t drink anything other than the Progenitor ’s blood, after all, everything would taste ’bad ’ or ’rotten ’.

Because of this, a balanced and healthy diet is key.

”Do you know something, Morgana? ”

”Hmm… To be honest, I don ’t know. ”

”Elaborate please. ”

”…Despite all the rivalry and conflict, ”

”Diablo and Lilith are essentially the same. ” Morgana crossed her legs, and continued:

”They act sneaky, and only attack head on when they have a chance to win, the Demon race will never attack ’head on ’, they will always use every possible method to win. ”

”Blackmail, using dead bodies, curses, etc. ”

”They are dirty beings like that. ”

”Honor, warrior code, those pretty words mean nothing to them. ”

”They only care about winning. ”

”Because of this, it is difficult to say who is behind these Demons. ”

”The Demon World is big, very big. And the top 7 pillars have enough influence and power to do what you saw in New York. ”

”I see… ” Victor touched his chin as he fell into thought.

”You missed a point here, Morgana. ”

”Hmm? ” Morgana looked at Jeanne.

”Demons are more actively coming out of Hell, they are using their real form in the human world. ”

”… Shit, the gate. ” Morgana opened her eyes in shock when she realized what Jeanne was pointing at.

”Yes. Even if they are low-level Demons, they are passing through the gate and reaching the human world. ”

”Tsk, it ’s hard to say something without knowing what ’s going on in Hell, did Lilith lose the war? Did Diablo get the second part of the key? Etc. ”

”We have little information. ”

”…Hypothetically speaking… ” Mizuki suddenly started to speak.

”…. ” Everyone looked at her.

”What if the two leaders of Hell were working together? ”

”After all, their goals are not necessarily conflicting, one wants to end humanity, and the other wants to end Angels and Gods. ”

”… ” A silence fell on the place, and soon everyone looked at Morgana.

”…That ’s impossible, the Lilith I know would not ally herself with Diablo, she hates that being, and her pride is very high. ”

”Well, it was just a hypothesis. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor stroked the head of Nero who was sitting on his lap.

”But it ’s still a possibility… ” Victor decided to leave that in his mind.

”Eleonor, is the hammer I gave you usable? ”

”…Yes, I asked my blacksmiths to modify them a bit with monster material, soon they will be ready to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. ”

”What is the range of the explosion? ”

”10 km? 50KM? I don ’t know, I need to test it. ”

”Just… Use them carefully, after all, they are limited. ”

”I know. ”

’I can ask Witches to make more, but the process of making these weapons takes forever, it ’s hard to try to imitate a Divine Weapon. ’

’Speaking of weapons, I should give that anti-material rifle to the Scarlett sisters, I was so focused on their training that I forgot… ’

Thinking about the three sisters who were sleeping from exhaustion after the intense exercise that Victor made the two girls do, he couldn ’t help but flash a small smile.

’They are progressing well, especially Siena, and Lacus… Pepper seems to have something blocking her, I need to sort this out later. ’

”Leaving that matter, Victor. ” Eleanor began to speak.

”Hmm? ”

”Who is this child? ”

”…. ” Mizuki also looked at Victor curiously.

”That question took a while, huh? ” Nero commented in a low voice as she enjoyed her Father ’s caresses.

”Huh? She is my daughter? Did I not tell you? ”

Mizuki and Eleonor commented at the same time with a sigh:

”… No, you didn ’t. ”

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