My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 424: Peppers Worries

Chapter 423: Natashia is a good friend

Scathach Scarlett Castle.


”Bitch! ” An angry Scathach used her spear to attack a blonde haired woman who was confused.

”What the fuck, Scathach!? What came over you all of a sudden!? ” Natashia screamed angrily as she used the power of lightning to dodge Scathach ’s attacks.



Scathach swung her spear furiously, and thunderous sounds of wind being torn apart could be heard.

These attacks, despite being powerful, never hit the blonde haired woman.

If there was one thing Natashia prided herself on, it was her speed, that is, whether she really wanted to run away, or just get defensive. No one, not even Scathach would be able to hit her.

And thanks to the blood-drinking sessions she had with her son-in-law, that power grew even more. Unlike the past where she hurt herself when using lightning for too long, now, she could use this power without worries.

”Shut up, bitch! And die! ” Scathach covered her spear with ice, and attacked upwards.

A gigantic trail in a vertical line formed of ice flew towards Natashia at ridiculous speed.

”Ugh, irrational woman! ” Natashia grumbled as she dodged the attack.

”Tch. ” Scathach clicked her tongue when she saw that her attack was dodged, then she kicked the air and gained momentum to get close to Natashia.

”…This will take some work to fix… ” Luna complained when she saw the hole in the ceiling.

She looked up, and saw the two Countesses fighting.

Specifically speaking, Scathach attacked while Natashia just dodged everything and ran away.

As soon as Luna remembered the events that happened for this situation to happen, she was present by Scathach ’s side throughout.

Natashia arrived to visit Scathach; she came here to find out if Scathach knew anything about the King ’s plans regarding the gathering of Supernatural Beings.

And as expected by the Countess of Clan Fulger, Scathach didn ’t know, the King didn ’t report anything useful.

But if there was one thing he told Scathach was, Alexios will stay safe.

And this information shocked Natashia a little, after all, she knew the King ’s personality, he wouldn ’t voluntarily inform or give hints of his plan to anyone.

Something that Scathach also noticed.

As two experienced Countesses, they could more or less understand what the King was concerned about.

Who was Alexios? He was the leader of Clan Alioth, a Clan of humans who have the ability to control space and time.

This Clan had been serving Vlad for thousands of years.

If you asked which was the first Vampire family to come to live in Nightingale, the Nightingale authorities ’ answer would be Clan Alioth.

The Clan had been present since Nightingale ’s birth, and its roots in this world ran deep.

And if the Vampire King wasn ’t taking this man with him, it was because he was worried something would happen to Nightingale while he was gone.

After all, he would be bringing the strongest fighting force Nightingale had to this meeting, the three Countesses.

Alexios would stay at Nightingale and act as a bridge, and a defender, it all depended on what happened on the day. This was a job that only someone with a power like Alexios could do.

The two Countesses understood this when they discussed this matter.

Finished talking to Scathach and getting information, Natashia said:

”I ’m going to visit my Darling now, Scathach. I ’ll see you later. ”

Understanding that ’my darling ’ was Victor, Scathach ’s face visibly cooled.

And Natashia noticed this, but she misunderstood what happened:

’Something happened between her and Victor? ’

Natashia couldn ’t imagine a situation where Scathach would get angry with Victor, but that was not to say that this situation didn ’t exist, while she was thinking about what could have happened, she heard:

”…why are you going to visit him? ” Scathach asked in the same tone.

And without thinking too much, she answered honestly:

”I ’ll go after something I ’ve been waiting for a long time… ” She didn ’t need to think too much when answering that, after all, everyone knew about her obvious interest in Victor.

Unlike a certain black hole, she was a decisive woman, and she did everything she could to get closer to her lover.

But what she didn ’t expect was that because of those words, she would unleash a furious Scathach.

”Fuck! ” Natashia dodged an attack that was aimed to cut off her head:

”What the fuck, Scathach!? Talk to me! Why are you suddenly attacking me!? ”

Natashia had nothing against Scathach, if anyone asked her what kind of relationship she had with the woman, she would say she had a ’rival ’ and friend relationship.

Rival because many times in the past Natashia challenged Scathach to fight.

And a friend because over time, Scathach really became a good friend to her.

Despite being dense as a black hole, and very spartan, the woman was easy to get along with if you met the standards of ’talent ’ she deemed acceptable.

Strength was also a major factor, and being a Countess, Natashia was also very strong.

”Shut up, Fulger! The only place you go today is Hell! And I will personally send you there! ” Scathach ’s eyes gleamed, and cold air rushed out of her body, and in the blink of an eye, thousands of ice spikes were created around her.

”This is irrational! ” Realizing that she couldn ’t just keep dodging, Natashia lit up a little with the power of lightning.

Two lightning daggers were created in her hand, she crouched in the air, and grabbed the ’air ’ with her hand, and using the momentum of her hand, she disappeared.

”Huh? ” Scathach looked up in shock when she saw that in the blink of an eye, all the thorns she had created had been destroyed.


Natashia appeared where she was and looked at Scathach.

”… You got faster. ” Slowly, the woman ’s smile began to grow.

Natashia tossed her hair back, and undid her daggers, she displayed a smile:

”That ’s natural, I ’m his wife too, you know? ” Even if she hadn ’t officially slept with her Darling.

Natashia considered herself, body and soul, as Victor ’s wife.

And that feeling only got stronger when he accepted her, she would never forget that day.

The current Natashia was on par with Violet, Ruby and her daughter Sasha in terms of obsession and love for Victor.

”…. ” Scathach ’s smile faded, and a cold expression appeared on her face.

’…Oh? ’ Natashia ’s smile grew as she saw Scathach ’s face change.

”…Unfortunately, the Countess of Clan Fulger will die today…Yes…Unfortunately. ”

’Heh~. ’ Natashia ’s smile only grew when she saw Scathach ’s lifeless gaze.

A look she tried to mask with her coldness but couldn ’t quite manage.

A bloodthirsty aura exploded Scathach ’s body

But even feeling a level of bloodlust that would make an experienced soldier shit in fear, Natashia ’s face didn ’t change.

Scathach disappeared from where she was, and appeared in front of Natashia, as she was going to pierce the woman ’s head with her spear.

”You finally realized your feelings, huh? ”

”… ” Scathach stopped the spear in front of Natashia, the tip of the spear was 1 centimeter from piercing her nose, and going through her head.

”Seems I was right… ” Natashia ’s smile grew even wider.

”…Hmph. ” Scathach huffed and didn ’t say anything, she just pulled her spear back, and spun the spear, then she held the spear with the point down.

”I lost interest, and I thought you got stronger—. ”

”Kyaaaa! ” Natashia jumps on Scathacth and hugged the woman.


”You finally realized it! Fuck, it ’s about time! ” She hugged Scathach tighter as she spun the woman around.

”E-Eh? ”

”Who said I like him!? You are crazy!? ”

Looking at Scathach ’s slightly red face, Natashia started to freak out even more:

”…KYAAA! My god, what happened to you? Will Hell freeze over tomorrow? Maybe Lucifer will finally start dating his father? ”

Natashia ignored Scathach and just hugged the woman while smiling with pure happiness.

”S-Stop, stop hugging me. ” Scathach spoke as she pushed Natashia ’s face away with her hand.

”…I ’m glad you finally realized that. ” Natashia spoke as she looked into Scathach ’s eyes.

”…. ” Scathach felt strange when she saw Natashia ’s happy smile, it was strange to see someone happy for her.

… But it wasn ’t a bad feeling.

”And then? And then? How did this happen? How did you perceive your feelings? Tell me please! ”

Natashia was in childhood friend mode for Scathach, a situation Scathach had never been in before.

And unconsciously, she began to answer her questions:

”I only realized when Violet said to me—…Wait, why am I saying this to you!? ” She stopped mid-sentence when she realized she was revealing too much.

”Kyaaa! So Violet is to blame! Damn, I should give her a Nobel Prize in Physics, she managed to break your density! ” She hugged Scathach tighter.

”Let go of me! ” Scathach pushed Natashia away.

”Hehehe~, and to think that this would happen while I wasn ’t watching~. ” Natashia laughed like a cat as she hovered in the air.

”And I ’m not dense! ”

”… ”

”I mean, I can become dense if I become made of ice, but other than that, my body is just muscular. ” Scathach lightly touched his belly which contained his six packs.

”…You really have no cure. ” Natashia couldn ’t help but sigh.

”But am I not sick? ” She tilted her head in confusion.

”Ugh. ”

”Anyway, did you do it with him? ”

”Do what? ”

”Sex! ”

”I didn ’t, even though I feel like it, I don ’t want to treat him like Ruby ’s father… After all, I don ’t want his son, I want him for myself, and I also feel it would be a bad move. After all, he would kill himself… ” Scathach spoke casually with a difficult expression.

”… ” Natashia just opened her mouth in shock, she didn ’t even know where to start pointing out the problem when she heard Scathach ’s sentence.

”Wait a second… ” She touched her head like she had a headache:

”You were in the mood to do this, but you didn ’t because you don ’t want to treat him like you did Ruby ’s father, you don ’t want to use him as an object. ”

”Yes. ”

”Which means you want to be with him on an equal footing, like a marriage or something? ”

”Humpf, but he ’s going to have to defeat me first if he wants to marry me. ”

”…. ”

’What a complicated woman! ’ Even for Natashia, who was a woman, Scathach was simply another level of complication, I don ’t think even after reading 50 volumes on women would anyone be able to understand her.

Holding back the urge to sigh, Natashia spoke in a brutally honest way:

”Scathach, you like him, right? ”

”I mean…yes? ” Her face turned a little red.

”And you feel like being with him on equal footing? ”

”He needs to defeat me first, but…yes. ”

”I see, I see. In short, you want to fuck, and love him, but you don ’t, because in your heart, he ’s too important, and you ’d only let him do that to you, when he defeats you, or you defeat him, thus making a hierarchy in the relationship. ”

”Humpf, I will not accept a weak husband. ” Scathach snorted as her breasts swayed.

”…. ” Natashia just looked at Scathach as if she was looking at a rare animal.

Having no argument or ability to argue anymore, after all, this was a pointless problem for Natashia, but since it was important to Scathach, she didn ’t add anything else.

… But that didn ’t mean she couldn ’t be honest.


”Woman, just fuck him. ”

”??? ”

”… How did you reach that conclusion!? ”

”You ’re horny, right? You want to be filled by him and loved by him, right? ”

”…. ” Scathach ’s face turned slightly red.

”If you feel like it, just go and do it ”

”Do it! ”

”Humpf, he needs to defeat me first if he wants to touch me. ”

”Woman, for the love of what is most holy, are you really going to wait, I don ’t know how long, for him to get stronger and defeat you!? Now that you know that feeling, the frustration in your body will only grow with time! ”

”…. ”

”You know very well how dangerous it is to hold back your desires, especially for a Vampire! ”

”How are you going to react when you hear me, my daughter, Violet, and your daughter falling for carnal pleasures with him!? ”

”Knowing you, you will be very angry, and you won ’t know why, after all, you are as dense as a black hole! ”

”…I-…I-… ” Scathach really wanted to counter what Natashia said, but she couldn ’t, after all, she was just telling the truth.

”Ugh. ” Scathach ’s head was split again, her desire was screaming at her to do whatever she wanted, and her teachings and convictions were screaming that she shouldn ’t do it now.

”Fuck, what am I supposed to do? ” She was really confused now.

”You just answered your question… ” Natashia muttered to herself.

”Huh? ”

”Ugh. ”

”Look, you ’re overthinking things. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”What I ’m trying to say is that you can do lewd acts with Victor, while waiting for him to grow stronger to defeat you and take your hand in marriage! ”

”You don ’t have to wait, I don ’t know how long, until he gets stronger! ”

”…Ohh… ” Scathach ’s eyes widened, she touched her chin and started to think of something.


Natashia sighed when she finally made her understand, she thought a little about Scathach ’s personality and said:

”BUT. ”

”Hmm? ”

”You should only do this if you ’re 100% sure he ’s the man you want to be with your whole life. ”

”Humpf, you underestimate me, I can be a little slow on some things, but I would never be interested in someone characterless and uninteresting, my standards are a lot of acts. ”

’A bit slow? You ’re slower than a fucking turtle. ’

”…That ’s true… ” Natashia couldn ’t deny that. Scathach had met thousands of people in her life, she had many opportunities to find a partner, but she never managed to be interested in anyone because her standards were too high.

She wasn ’t just looking for someone strong, character, and personality mattered as well.

Because if it was just for power, Scathach would have stayed with Vlad.

”Anyway, what should I do, Natashia? ”

”…Huh? ” Natashia woke up from her thoughts and looked to Scathach who was asking for advice.

”Haven ’t I already told you? ”

”… Say it again. ”

”If you ’re sure he ’s the one for you, ”

”Just let him love you, and in time when he gets stronger, you ’ll duel and the winner will be the ’King ’ of your relationship. ”

”… Hmm… ”

”Don ’t think too much, just let him love you, and naturally the answer will come to you. ”

”I see… I ’ll talk to him about it. ”

”Umu. ” Natashia nodded with satisfaction: ”Now that I ’ve helped my friend, I ’m going to visit my darling~. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

When Natashia was about to run away, Scathach grabbed her shoulder.

”…What are you doing, Scathach? ” she asked without turning around.

”…I don ’t know, my body moved by itself… ”

”That ’s bullshit. ”

”Somehow I don ’t like that you ’re going to visit Victor right now. ”

”… ” Natashia turned to Scathach, and displayed a gentle smile.

”…Look, Victor has arrived. ” Natashia pointed to Scathach ’s mansion

”Hmm? ”



Taking advantage of this moment of carelessness, Natashia used all her power, and disappeared.

Realizing what just happened, veins snapped in Scathach ’s face.

”FUCK! Natashia you bitch! ”


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