My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 45: Insanity? Wrong Im sane.

A few hours later, Victor was still fighting Lacus, and he didn ’t seem to be tired. Victor was still glowing with energy, and he felt like he could fight for as long as it took! He looked like a child who was very excited about his toy.

”…He ’s getting better too fast…Actually, he ’s making fewer useless moves? How is this possible? He never fought from what I remember, ” Violet spoke as she placed her hand on her chin, she watched Victor for a long time… a long time! And she clearly remembers that he never practiced martial arts; ’self-defense training with that wolf doesn ’t count as martial arts, after all, that ’s just self-defense, I don ’t understand this absurd progress. ’

”This is not as unusual as you think. ”

”!!!! ” Violet is startled by the sudden voice, and she looks up, ”Old witch! Don ’t scare me like that! ”

Scathach ’s face distorts for a few seconds, she suddenly moves at a speed Violet can ’t react to, then she hits Violet ’s head with her fist.

”Ouch! ” Violet held her head, ”What are you doing, witch- ”

Scathach hits Violet ’s head again.

”You never learn, huh? Do you have chicken brains? Respect your elders. ”

”See? You, yourself, said you were old! ” Violet stuck out her tongue.

”… ” Scathach looked at Violet with a neutral expression.

”You ’re actually a lot like your mom when she was younger… ” She looks at Victor and continues, ”Although your mom never had eyes for potential, you seem to be different. ”

”Of course, my Darling has potential! He ’s my Darling! ”

”…. ” Scathach looks at Violet ’s smug face with a blank expression, ”I take it back; you really are just like your mother. ”

”Huuh? I ’m different from her— ” She was about to say something, but suddenly she turned her face toward Scathach ’s mansion.

”Oh? ” Scathach flashed a curious smile when she saw Victor stop his training and look toward her mansion.

”Sasha, ” Victor and Violet spoke in unison.

”Huh? Why did you stop Victor? ” Lacus asked curiously.

’Interesting, no matter how many times I see it, this is really something curious… Due to the magic in the ritual, their connection must have gotten stronger, and it seems that it wasn ’t only the connection that got stronger ’ Scathach eyes seemed to glow blood red for a few seconds as she looked at Victor.

Victor ignores Lacus, closes his eyes, and senses Sasha ’s messed up emotional state, and soon he sends his worried feelings towards her.

Sasha, who just arrived at Scathach ’s mansion, looked towards the forest, ”Darling… ” Then, sensing the emotions that Victor sent, she displays a small gentle smile, she closes her eyes and sends her thoughts, saying, ’It ’s all well. ’

”Another intruder, today has been a strange day, so many visitors… Hmm? Oh, it ’s Lady Sasha. ” Siena suddenly appeared.

Sasha ’s gentle smile fades from her face, and she assumes a neutral expression, ”Siena, it has been a while since we have seen each other. ”

”Indeed. I know it ’s useless to ask this, but what are you doing here? ”

”I came to see my husband, ” Sasha said.

”…As expected, ” She sighed, she flips her hair to her back and says, ”Do you want some advice? ”

”No, thank you. ” Sasha turned her face away and started walking towards the forest.

”… ” Siena just gaped when she saw Sasha rejecting her goodwill.

She disappears and appears beside Sasha.

”What? I ’m in a hurry. ” Sasha looked at Siena.

”Listen to me, young people these days are very rushed… ” She sighed, then she continued, ”In vampire history, there has never been a man who was married to 3 heiresses from powerful families- ” She was going to start giving a sermon on Sasha.

”Yes, Yes. ” Sasha interrupted Siena, ”If the younger vampires find out about this, they ’ll be jealous, and if the older vampires find out about it, they ’ll think the three most powerful families are allying, Blah, Blah. ”

”… ”

Sasha looks coldly at Siena, ”Are you treating me like a child? I know what I ’m doing, and if a problem happens, my husband and I will fix it. So your advice is useless, and you keep losing time telling me this nonsense. And, are you going to look for a man to put out your fire? ”

”… ” Siena ’s eyes flashed blood red, she was clearly annoyed.

”It looks like you ’re not having a good time; something must have happened. ”

Sasha huffed, ”Yeah, something happened. My family lost everything that was built for 2000 years because of my whore mother, and the woman I consider my real mother died, murdered by church dogs… So yes, something happened, and I ’m sorry if I didn ’t want to hear your bullshit. ”

”… ” Siena looked sympathetically towards Sasha, and that made Sasha angrier.

’Calm down, she ’s not to blame; you know that ’ She heard Victor ’s voice.

Sasha bites her lip and clenches her fist tightly; then, she lets out a big sigh.

She looks at Siena with a regretful expression, ”I ’m sorry, Siena… But I ’m not having a good time right now, okay? I just want to see my husband. ”

”I figured that out, and don ’t worry about what happened; I know what it ’s like to take anger out on someone who is innocent. ” Siena was very understanding.

”Okay…? Anyway, do you need something? ” Sasha asked.

”Hmm… I ’ll talk to you later, go see your ’husband ’, ” Siena spoke the last word with a bit of disgust.

”… ” Sasha ’s eyes changed to blood red as she saw the obvious contempt for Victor.

But since she didn ’t want to conflict with Ruby ’s sister, she just turned her face away and started walking towards Victor.

Seeing Sasha ’s reaction and remembering her own mother ’s reaction, Siena ’s curiosity about Victor started to grow again, but also a feeling of disgust grew. ”How can they marry cattle? That ’s disgusting. ” She spoke as her body shuddered.

Unlike Lacus and Pepper, Siena learned of Victor ’s origin through conversations with Scathach herself; after all, as Scathach ’s eldest daughter, she always helped her mother in whatever she needed.

Scathach was a strong vampire, but she didn ’t care much for democracy or dialogue. She wasn ’t like that in the past, but she started to get numb the longer she lived. Now, she doesn ’t like to waste time on dialogue, and generally, she just does what she wants.

Because of that, Siena ’s assistance was needed; Scathach needed someone to take responsibility for her territory and someone to clean up her mess whenever she needed it.

And, since Siena has a lot of respect for her mother, she did this job with a smile on her face. Besides, it ’s not like this job was bad, she has all the power that someone with the vampire earl title can have, and that influence is something she liked.

”I need to get back to work, ” Siena spoke aloud as she started walking towards a place.

”Hey, Witch. What do you mean that this is not unusual? ” Violet said as she was looking at Victor, who was fighting Lacus.

”… ” Scathach looked at Violet with a tired expression.

”Sigh, is your brain really rotten? ” She sighed.

Violet ignored it and continued, ”I know my Darling is awesome; after all, he is my Darling! ” She smiled proudly.

”But I also know that what he ’s doing isn ’t normal… I think. ”

Scathach rolled her eyes, and then she looks at Victor: ”What he is doing now, fighting and learning while fighting, is not uncommon. Many warriors in the past have done this, and I can count on my finger the warriors who had this ability, warriors like Cu Chulainn, Hercules, Arthur Pendragon, Lancelot, etc. ”

”…. ” Violet looked at Scathach in disbelief.

”You are really old. ”

Scathach makes a fist and hits Violet on the head again!

”Ouch! My head! ” She holds her head in pain.

Scathach looks at her fist, ”…Now that I think about it, maybe I ’m to blame for your being so stupid. Hitting you on the head since you were a little girl must have caused it… And there ’s your mother ’s genes in your blood too… ”

”Stop hitting my head! ” Violet grumbled.

”Countess Scathach seems to have a very high opinion of Lord Victor, ” Kaguya said curiously.

Scathach ignored Violet and looked at Kaguya, ”The ritual changed him. He was turned into a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire; because of his blood, he became something else… ” She looked at Victor with a distorted smile on her face, ”And at the same time, he received the potential of three bloodlines. ”

”Clan Snow, Clan Scarlett, and Clan Fulger, ” Kaguya said.

”We can ignore Clan Snow and Clan Fulger; after all, one is a stupid woman, and the other is a useless woman who likes to bet, and in the end, she always lost the bet, ” Scathach spoke in disdain.

”With just my bloodline alone, he could become very powerful, but, as he has these ’extra ’ bloodlines, he can become even stronger. And, to improve his personality, he reminds me of me when I was younger… ” Her smile seemed to distort even more, ”Ahh~~. I ’m looking forward to the future~. ”

”… ” Seeing Scathach ’s distorted smile, Kaguya couldn ’t help thinking it was a bad idea to let Scathach find out about Victor.

”Huh…? I agree that my mother is a useless bitch, but my father is in my clan too! ”

Scathach looks at Violet with a disinterested expression, ”A man who has been exploited all his life? A man with the only quality of being handsome? A man who exists only to satisfy his mother ’s vanity? ”

”Boring~ ”


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