My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 46: A beautiful night.

”… ” Violet wasn ’t offended by what Scathach said, she was used to the woman ’s dirty mouth, but she couldn ’t help asking:

”You seem to know my father. ”

”Of course I know that man, in the past his mother asked me to save him from two strong women. What were their names again? … I forget; they are not important anyway. ”

”… ” Violet started to think about what she heard, she had suspicions that something like that happened to her father in the past. After all, he was very handsome, and that powerless beauty was just a curse.

”The two women were strong, but I couldn ’t even enjoy myself for very long… Well, seeing your mother, who was a psycho bitch, bending over to me for my help, was a satisfying thing to see. ” She smiled with some amusement.

”I ’d like to see that… ” Violet flashed a smile.

”… ” Kaguya looked, with an expressionless face, at Violet, and she couldn ’t help but comment:

”Is Lady Violet really Countess Agnes ’ daughter? ”

”Hmm? ” Violet looked at Kaguya, ”Yes, I am, but my mom is a very narcissistic woman. I grew up hearing the same words about how she was ’beautiful ’, how she was ’hot ’, it was fucking annoying. ”

”…. ” Thinking back to the past, Kaguya nodded in agreement.

”I feel bad for you~ ” Scathach commented with a small smile on her face; it was obvious she was enjoying herself.

”Humpf, ” Violet snorted.

”Victor! What is that!? ”

Hearing Pepper ’s curious scream, the three women look towards Victor, soon they see something that shocks them.

Victor was covered in lightning, his right arm was covered in pure ice, and his left arm was covered in fire.

”Hmm, it worked; I knew something was wrong. Thank you, Lacus, ” Victor said, smiling at Lacus.

”…Huh? ” Lacus was confused, ”But I didn ’t teach you anything; I just hit you? ”

”I learned a lot by watching the way you use your fog powers, ” He explained.

”… ” Lacus looked at Victor in shock.

”Interesting… ” Scathach suddenly appeared beside Victor and looked him up and down as if sizing him up.

”Did you manage to find your balance? ” She spoke as her eyes glowed red.

”Wrong. ” Victor shook his head, ”My powers aren ’t balanced. I ’m using 80% of the lightning all over my body and 10% of the fire and ice in my arms. ”

”Oh? ” Scathach ’s smile grew a little.

”While I was fighting Lacus, I discovered several things about my own power. ” Victor ’s body suddenly returns to normal, and soon his body starts to catch fire.

”Fire is a very easy power to control, but if I just use fire, I start to feel ’angry ’, and any little things that happen, I get easily irritated. ” Victor was giving a much more intense feeling than usual as he spoke those words.

”This is normal, ” Violet said as she walked to Victor ’s side.

”What do you mean? ” Lacus asked curiously.

”The characteristic of my family ’s power is to amplify anger and any strong emotions the individual is feeling. For example, if I get jealous now, that jealousy of mine will be amplified by my power, ” Violet explained.

”Because of that, sometimes, I lose control of my emotions. ”

”…Isn ’t that just an excuse for your twisted personality? ” Pepper asked in a cute voice.

”… ” Violet looked at Pepper with a neutral face.

”….! ” Sensing a bad feeling and fearing for her own safety, Pepper silently hid behind her mother.

Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Violet ’s interaction with Pepper.

The fire disappears from his body, and soon his body starts to get covered in ice:

”Secondly, Ice is very difficult to control, and if I use it too long, I start to feel a feeling of indifference; I become very listless. ” He spoke in a cold, indifferent voice.

”Well, that ’s the hallmark of my power, though it doesn ’t affect me that much. ” Scathach spoke with a small smile on her face.

Violet rolled her eyes; of course, it doesn ’t affect you; you ’re a crazy bitch.

Hearing someone approaching footsteps, the group looked at the individual.

”Welcome back, Lady Sasha, ” Kaguya greeted Sasha.

”I ’m back, ” Sasha was going to say something, but her words caught in her throat when she saw Victor ’s body become covered in lightning.

”W-What? ” She wasn ’t believing what she was seeing.

”From her reaction, I think she doesn ’t know about Victor ’s powers. Does anyone mind letting her know about it? ” Lacus asked.

”Pass, ” Kaguya said.

”Boring, ” Scathach said.

”Laziness~, ” Violet said.

”I ’m tired, ” Lacus said.

”… ”

All the women looked at Pepper.

”Fue…? ” Pepper looks at the women, then a pout appears on her face, and she says, ”Fine… I will do it. ”

Pepper approaches Sasha and starts explaining to her everything that happened.

”Thirdly, Lightning is a very unique power, it greatly increases my speed, and because of that, I can ’t control it very well, but compared to the other two powers, lightning is more neutral- ”

”You ’re wrong, husband. ” Sasha suddenly stopped talking to Pepper and interrupted Victor.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Sasha.

”My power was originally supposed to harm the vampire greatly, but, thanks to my father ’s bloodline, this effect is negated, and the hallmark of my power is to amplify recklessness, ” she explained. Even though she didn ’t understand how Victor could use her lightning, she didn ’t want him to misunderstand her power.

’I thought he could only use Violet ’s power, ’ She thought.

”Recklessness? ” Victor spoke.

”Yes, you ’re more likely to do reckless things when you use lightning too much, ” Sasha added, but, soon she goes back to talking to Pepper.

”Oh… But I guess that doesn ’t apply to me? ” Victor spoke as he stopped using his power.

”That ’s because Darling is already so reckless; you get too lost when you ’re having fun. ” Violet smiled.

”Oh-… That ’s true ” Victor can ’t deny it.

”Lord Victor has been training for over 21 hours, and you probably didn ’t even feel the hours go by, right? ” Kaguya spoke.

”Well, my timing is impaired because of this endless night. ” Victor looked up at the full moon. ”I was having a lot of fun too. ” He flashed a big smile.

Looking at Victor ’s smile, Kaguya sighed, ”Sigh~, I feel like I ’m going to sigh a lot in my life. ” She had a feeling her words were correct…

”I see… ” Scathach placed a hand on her chin, ”You haven ’t found a perfect balance; you ’re just using the powers in a way that doesn ’t impair your ability to think while fighting. ”

Victor looks at Scathach, ”I ’ve lost control of my actions twice in the past. I don ’t intend to make that mistake a third time. ”

”That ’s a good mentality. ” She praised him with a small smile on her face.

”Thank you ” He smiled a little.

”Darling~ ” Violet climbed onto Victor ’s back.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Violet.

”You need to get some rest. ” She flashed a smile as her eyes glowed blood red…

Understanding what she wanted, Victor agreed, ”… You ’re right. ”

”Ehh? Aren ’t you going to train anymore? ” Lacus asked with a pout.

”I will train later, ” He replied.

”Hmm, sorry, but that won ’t happen. ” Scathach flashed a distorted smile.

”Huh? ” Lacus looked at her mother in disbelief.

”I have a bad feeling about this… ” Kaguya whispered in a low voice.

”I could see what you are capable of doing today, and I know what kind of training is right for you. ” Her smile seemed to grow disproportionately, ”Rest for three days; you ’ll need it. ”

Scathach turned, and soon everyone could just see the woman ’s silhouette.

While running in the forest, Scathach said, ”Ahh~, how long has it been since I have trained someone with such potential? I think it ’s been 1800 years? ”

”Well, it doesn ’t matter~. ” She stopped thinking about it, but when she remembered she was going to train a man with so much potential, her body trembled in ecstasy, ”Ahh~, I ’m excited! ” Then, without realizing it, her cheeks turned a little red, and her breathing became gasping, her eyes glowed blood red, and she flashed a big smile that showed all of her sharp teeth:

”This is going to be fun~, HAHAHAHAHA, ” She was having so much fun.

Hearing Scathach ’s crazy laughter in the forest, Victor felt his body shiver; he was excited!

Lacus and Pepper also felt their bodies shiver, but they weren ’t excited; they were scared.

”Well… ” Lacus looked at Victor with a sympathetic expression, ”I hope you don ’t get traumatized… ”

”Sniff, Sniff~ ” Pepper starts to get watery eyes, and she falls to the ground, ”…I don ’t want my new friend to die! ”

”It ’s okay, Sister… ” Lacus massaged Pepper ’s back, ”Victor won ’t die, I fought him, and I know he ’s strong… He ’ll just be a little traumatized, but that ’s normal. ”

”…. ” Sasha looked incredulously at Pepper and Lacus.

”Aren ’t you exaggerating? ”

”They are not exaggerating, ” Violet spoke with a lifeless face, she seemed to be thinking about something.

”That crazy witch is very spartan; remember she is over 2000 years old, her training is not ’ordinary ’ for today, ” Violet still remembers the time when she came to visit Ruby after training. Her friend had dead eyes, and when she heard Ruby narrate her training, Violet felt her body shudder.

Unconsciously, she hugged Victor ’s back tighter.

”… ” Sasha was worried, she looked at Victor, but she was surprised when she saw the big smile on Victor ’s face.

”… Why are you smiling? ”

”….? ” Violet looked at Victor.

”Huh? ” He put a hand to his face, confused, ”I don ’t know…? But I just find it all so much fun… Indeed… this is so much fun Hahahaha, ” He puts his hand on his face and starts to laugh.

Sasha was speechless, ”…Maybe, just maybe…I need to take my husband to the psychologist, ” She was taking it seriously; this kind of reaction is way beyond ordinary madness.


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