My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 54: What will you do?

Victor just waited with a smile on his face. He didn ’t know why he offered his blood to Scathach, but one thing he was sure, something interesting was going to happen; something inside him said that.

Scathach brings the cup to her mouth, and slowly, she drank…

The moment Victor ’s blood touched her tongue, Scathach ’s eyes glowed pure red, and soon she had turned the cup over.

Gulp! Gulp!

She drank the blood like she was someone who found water for the first time in her life, she was dying of thirst.

”… ” Siena, Pepper, and Lacus didn ’t believe what they were seeing.

”Lord Victor made another mistake… Now this madwoman is going to get even crazier, ” Kaguya sighed as she spoke in a low voice.

”…Oh? Who are you calling crazy, Maid? ”

”Your owner, of course… Or isn ’t she crazy? ”

”… ” Luna didn ’t know how to answer that question; after all, she knew it was true.

Kaguya looks at Maria, who was slowly looking like someone who would lose control at any moment. Slowly her darkness began to spread and cover Maria ’s shadow; ’Just in case. ’

”…How did she manage to drink that bad-tasting blood? ” Sasha commented, she thought she was going to see something interesting, but she didn ’t expect that.

”Explain! ” Violet didn ’t understand, she was angry because other people drank Victor ’s blood.

”Hmm. I think his blood is only bad for us. After all, we ’re used to drinking straight from the fountain… ” Ruby deduced.

”So… For someone like Scathach who has never drunk straight from the fountain, his blood is delicious…? ” Sasha looks around and notices the vampires ’ reactions. ”The scent of his blood is very effective too, although it doesn ’t affect us. ”

”Maybe it doesn ’t affect us because we ’re not thirsty, ” Ruby said; they had spent two whole days feasting on each other ’s blood.

”Huh? What is happening!? Explain now! ”

Seeing Violet ’s irritated face, Ruby and Sasha sighed and then began to explain what Natalia had done.

As this happened, Victor flashed a small smile as Scathach drank all of his blood.

He heard the sounds of chains from somewhere, ”Hmm? ” He looked around and even used his vampire vision, but he couldn ’t pinpoint where that sound came from.

Realizing that Scathach had finished drinking his blood, he stopped looking for the sound of the chain and focused his attention on his mother-in-law.

”What do you think? ” He asked.

Scathach lowers the cup, drops it to the floor, and hears the sound of glass breaking, but she doesn ’t care, she starts breathing heavily and erratically. It was like she was intoxicated by something; her cheeks get red, and she looks at Victor with her eyes glowing blood red.

”Look how you got dirty~ ” Victor approaches Scathach and uses his hand to wipe the blood from her mouth, ”Don ’t drink so fast next time; you might choke. ”

”… ” For a few seconds, silence dominated the room. It was as if everyone forgot to breathe; they were just too shocked to see Victor treating Scathach like she was some kind of kid who needs help.

”Boy… ” She took a moment to control her breathing, but soon she spoke in a serious tone, ”You ’re playing with fire. ”

”Don ’t worry. I ’m immune to fire. ” He continued to smile as he stroked her cheek.

”… ” Scathach ’s smile grew, and an obsessive look began to appear on her face.

”How are you feeling? ” Victor asked as he backed away; he was feeling three stares piercing his back.

Seeing Victor walk away, Scathach ’s eyes lost their intensity and became calmer, and, after a few seconds, her eyes returned to sapphire green:

”…I ’m feeling better, and my head isn ’t hazy like it used to be, but… ”

Her eyes went back to blood red, ”That ’s still not enough. ”

”Umu. Bloodlust, huh? ” He said.

”Side effect of losing the ’husband ’ ” She spoke dismissively.

”Yes, I heard, ” Victor laughed and continued, ”Apparently, you killed your husband. ”

”Oh…? Were you scared to hear that? ”

”Scared? Pfft. ” He shrugs nonchalantly, ”If you killed him, you probably judged him as ’pointless ’, or ’impotent ’ ”

”Heh… How are you so sure about that? It could be something else that led me to kill him as an important reason or something, don ’t talk like you know me. ”

Victor rolled his eyes, ”Scathach, please… Don ’t treat me like a fool. I may have only known you for a little while, but one thing I ’m sure of. ”

”You ’re not crazy…well, not totally… ” He chuckled a little at the end.

”… ” Scathach continued to look at Victor neutrally.

Victor ’s smile grew, his eyes changed to blood red, and his teeth changed to sharp fangs:

”You were bored, right? ” He approached her face.

”… ” Slowly, Scathach ’s smile grew.

”Such a boring man, a man without potential, a man who doesn ’t train, Blah, Blah. There are several reasons, but the main one was boredom. He wasn ’t like you, he didn ’t want the same goals as you, and from the beginning, you weren ’t interested in him; you just took him because he had ’powers ’ that matched your own power. ”

”A tool, that ’s what he was, and, when he fulfilled his purpose, ” He clenched his fists in front of her, ”you eliminated him. ”

”…Indeed, you got it right. ” Her eyes sparkled as she looked at Victor, but one question remained:

”How did you know my reasons? You speak as if you were present. ”

”Hmm, I just took your past into consideration. ” He withdrew his hand from her front and pulled back a little.

”Oh? ”

”Countess Scathach Scarlett, a vampire over 2000 years old, a cold and crazy woman. With just this little bit of information, someone with 2 IQ can deduce a little bit of your personality; the rest was a guess based on my few experiences I had with you. ”

Victor smiled, ”2000 years old, you ’ve experienced a lot of wars, a lot of tragedy, and you probably had a lot of fun in those wars, huh? For such a person, the end justifies the means. ”

”Indeed, the reckless woman. ”

”Hahahaha, you are right and wrong ” She laughed amusedly.

”Oh? ”

”In the past, I was more cautious, but after I realized that I got so much stronger than the beings in this world, I stopped worrying. ”

”The law of the fittest, huh? Understandable, after all, who in this world could challenge Scathach? ” He spoke, smiling.

”Indeed, ” She smiled, then she replied, ”Only one man could fight me, but he ’s very boring and prefers to rule this mess he calls ’Nightingale ’. And, when he ’s not doing that, he ’s been sleeping for centuries; he ’s probably rusty from not training for millennia. ”

”Heh… ” Victor displayed a distorted smile, ”Who is this man who is capable of fighting you? ”

”The King, The First Original, and the Progenitor of All Vampires. ”

”I see… ” Victor ’s smile grew and widened erratically; he was even feeling his heart pounding with emotion.

”Take that smile off a little, brat. If you can ’t even fight me, you can forget about trying to fight that man. ” She advised him.

”I don ’t feel like fighting him, ” Victor lied. He did want to fight that man, but not now; that would just be suicide.

”Oh? ”

”I was just happy that there are people stronger than you, ” He spoke the truth; upon learning that there is someone stronger than Scathach, he realized that that saying, ’there is always someone stronger than you ’, was true.

Scathach ’s face distorted a little, ”He ’s not stronger than me. ”

”But you ’re not 100% sure you could beat him fighting, right? He doesn ’t have the title of Progenitor just for decoration. ”

”… ” She was speechless for a moment when she heard Victor ’s words.

”Hahaha, you ’re right. ” She laughed casually.

”… ” Siena, Lacus, Ruby, and even Pepper were speechless when they saw their proud mother admitting it so casually. They were also feeling jealous to see their mother laughing and talking casually to Victor, she never did that to her daughters.

”…Hmm, Mother? ” Siena spoke

”Hmm? ” She looked at her daughter.

Seeing her mother ’s bored face, Siena bit her lip a little, ”Why did you call this meeting? ”

”Oh…? Indeed, what was the reason? ” She completely forgot.

”…Mother… ” Siena sighed and looked at Luna.

Seeing Siena ’s gaze, Luna yelled, ”Yes! ” Then, she disappeared and soon returns with a letter in her hand and hands it to Siena.

Realizing that his conversation with Scathach had ended, Victor walked towards the sofa, where he was sitting, and sat down among his wives.

”Darling… What the fuck are you doing? ”

”… ” Victor was speechless.

”Hmm… Talking? ” He answered honestly.

”…To me, it looked like you were flirting with my mother. Are you crazy? ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone of voice.

”Treason is not allowed. If you betray me, I will kill you. ” Sasha warned in a serious tone.

”… Weren ’t those my sentences? ” Violet looked at Sasha, who completely ignored her. Being honest with herself, Sasha couldn ’t kill Victor like Violet; she ’d just lock him away somewhere so he could be safe.

”Eh? ” Victor wore a genuinely confused face.

”… ” Sasha, seeing Victor ’s confused face, was speechless; ’is he doing this unconsciously? ’

She focused on her connection and saw Victor ’s superficial thoughts; ’Hmm, why are they angry? I was just talking normally. ’

”Where in the seven hells is this normal!? ” She practically screamed!

”… ” The women in the room looked at Sasha.

”… Sorry, ” Her face turned a little red, she looked at Ruby and Violet, ”Use that. ”

”Oh, I forgot about that, ” Violet said.

”Oh, ” Ruby just opened her mouth a little.

The two concentrate and look at the superficial thoughts of Victor, who was looking at them; ’Hmm, my wives are so cute, I want to do XxxXx, xXx~. ’

”… ” The two women ’s faces turned pure red, and soon they turned their faces to the side.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand their reaction.

Sasha was curious, she focused on the connection she had with Victor and saw his thoughts; ’Cute~. ’

”…? ” She didn ’t understand why Violet and Ruby were reacting like that.

”What are you doing? ” Pepper asked curiously, she was looking at her sister, who had a red face, and was acting suspiciously.

”N-Nothing, ” Ruby stuttered a little.

”Funnnn… ” Pepper glared at her younger sister.

”What? ”

”Are you practicing dual cultivation here? ”

”… ” Lacus and Ruby ’s faces turned pure red.


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