eum wall, Scathach lightly touches the wall, and soon a new wall with various training weapons appears.

”Choose a weapon you like, ” She pointed like a saleswoman who was selling an item, ”Don ’t worry, all weapons are tough enough; they ’ve been enchanted by witches~. ”

”Hmm, ” Victor looked at the weapons curiously. He saw that she had several weapons of all varied types, eastern, western, and even firearms.

Victor didn ’t think too much; he wasn ’t experienced in using any weapons, so he just chose what he liked personally. He liked the Spear and Greatsword, but in the end, he chose Greatsword. After all, he still has memories of watching a movie with his father about a barbarian who used a Greatsword, and, since that day, he has always been fascinated by the Greatsword.

He looked at the sharp blade of the sword with curious eyes; the Greatsword was simply too big, he was currently 195 cm tall, and the sword blade was almost the same size as himself.

”Greatsword, as expected of a man, I think? ” She laughed.

”I was in doubt about the Spear and the Greatsword, but I just chose the one I liked best. ” He spoke while swinging the Greatsword with extreme ease; he even felt like the sword was made of paper, it was so light.

”Heh~ ” Scathach ’s eyes sparkled a little when she heard that he liked the spear. Despite being a master of all weapons and having completely mastered them, the weapon she first practiced with was the Spear.

”Since we have little time, your torture/training method is simple, a fight to a near-death state. ” She wasn ’t even hiding anymore that it would be torture for him, although Victor doesn ’t seem to mind.

Victor looked at Scathach, his smile growing disproportionately when he heard what she said, ”As vampires, we ’re going to abuse regeneration, huh? ”

”Oh? You got it fast~ ” She smiled and explained, ”Usually, I would start by taking it easy. I would teach you the basics step by step, and I would apply a little torture to get you used to the pain, just like I did with my daughter… But… ”

She walks to the wall and picks up a spear, she makes some moves with the spear and points the sharp part of the spear at Victor:

”You woke me up, and now… I want to have fun~ ” Her smile grew distorted, sharp teeth began to show on her face, and her eyes began to glow blood red.

Just like Scathach, Victor ’s smile grew:

”Then? What are we waiting for~? Let ’s start. ”

He swings the Greatsword horizontally and attacks Scathach.

Scathach uses the spear hilt and defended Victor ’s attack. The swing of the Greatsword created a gust of wind, but despite all that strength, the spear didn ’t even move when receiving the attack. She then used the tip of the spear and pierced Victor ’s stomach.

A small ice shield appears on Victor ’s stomach but is easily pierced by Scathach ’s spear.

Victor attacks again with the Greatsword, but Scathach pulls the spear out of Victor ’s stomach and slashes his legs at inhuman speed.

”Ugh, ”

”Lots of useless moves; try to simplify more. The way you use the power is correct, but… ”

She waits for Victor ’s legs to regenerate, and when she saw that he had recovered, Scathach covers her legs with ice and kicks Victor in the stomach! ”You need to use the powers with more density. Your ice looks like glass that is easily broken; try to make it more resistant. ”

He flies backward, using his fire as a support; he manages to reposition himself in the air.

Scathach runs towards Victor at moderate speed, and slowly her speed starts to increase, she covers the spear with ice and attacks the air.

A wall of ice began to be created on the ground and headed towards Victor.

”What!? ” Victor covers his arm with fire, then he punches the air, and a blast of fire flew into the wall of ice.


An explosion happens when ice and fire collide.

Scathach appears at Victor ’s side, ”Bad decision. If you don ’t have experience fighting, limiting your field of vision is— ” She turns her head slightly and dodges the Greatsword ’s blade.

She looks at Victor and sees his eyes glowing red, ”Your eyes… They ’re special, huh? I didn ’t know that~. ”

”I didn ’t say, ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”Oh? Are you hiding more stuff from me? ”

”Who knows? How about you try to find out for yourself? ”

Scathach ’s face turned a little red at Victor ’s response, she smiles sensually as she licks her lips, ”Hehe~, don ’t worry, soon, I ’ll know all about you~. ”


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