Two weeks later.

Two weeks passed, and Ruby and Sasha finally started showing the results of their training.

As they are vampires, they just need to rest for a few minutes, and soon they manage to get back to training again, taking full advantage of their vampire abilities.

Sasha ’s advance was all thanks to Lacus, who served as an intermediary.

Sasha learned the basics of martial arts that Ruby learned from Scathach, and she can finally see results as she uses her powers. ”As expected, Scathach was correct. ”

”Well, my mom isn ’t the strongest female vampire for nothing, ” Lacus said.

Ruby smiled and agreed with Lacus ’ words.

”Let ’s continue. I think in two months, you can learn the basics, ” Ruby said. ”I still want to learn about the vampire count transformation. ”

Ruby didn ’t need to train very much on the basics, she just needed to find new ways to use her powers. She ’s not like her mother, who likes to use weapons; she prefers to use her powers and the martial arts her mother taught.

”Once I learn the basics, it ’s up to me to improve, huh? ”

”Yes. My mom always said that we should build our paths by ourselves, she just taught me the basics of her martial arts, she never taught me everything. ” Lacus continued in Ruby ’s shoes.

”I don ’t understand… Why didn ’t she teach everything? ”

”We weren ’t qualified… ” Pepper spoke neutrally.

”What do you mean by ’qualification ’? ” Sasha asked.

Pepper looked at Ruby, ”Ruby better explain; after all, she is the heir to our Clan. ”

Sasha looked at Ruby and waited for her to explain.

”…My mother had many disciples in her life. ”

”But not all of these disciples were qualified to learn everything from her. ” Ruby looked at Lacus, ”She once told me that only a disciple she thought worthy would inherit everything she learned. ”

”Yes… She said the same thing to me. ” Lacus nodded.

”How should I say … she ’s strict, huh? She didn ’t even teach her own daughters everything. ”

”…That ’s not entirely correct, ” Ruby explained.

”Huh? ”

”My mother ’s martial art consists of 4 main bases… Strength, speed, resistance, and power. ”

”Since I ’m the daughter who was born with the most power, she taught me resistance, ” Ruby said.

Ruby positioned herself a little away from Lacus. ”Try to attack me with your power. ”

”… Okay. ” Sasha didn ’t understand but did as Ruby asked.

She appears in front of Ruby with her body is covered in lightning and attacks Ruby ’s face.

The moment Sasha ’s attack touched Ruby, Ruby ’s entire body turned to ice.

”Ouch, ” Sasha held her hand a little, she felt like she was hitting solid metal.

”Using my power as fuel, I can coat my body with ice and create something like an impenetrable shield, ” Ruby spoke as the ice slowly began to disappear.

”Is it something like how I use my power? ”

”It ’s similar, but not the same. You cover your body with lightning, but I turn my whole body into pure ice. ”

”Huh? How is it different? ”

”Your power is covering your body like a cloak. It is not inside your body, for example; you can ’t use lightning to improve your brain activity, right? ”

”…I can, but it would fry my brain. ”

”… ” Sasha ’s face darkened in horror.

”… ” Ruby just flashed a cold smile.

”…That ’s insane. You ’re basically destroying yourself over and over again using this technique! ” Although vampires have regeneration, it still hurts when their body is injured. Having your body destroyed and rebuilt is not a pleasant experience. And, if you don ’t have control, some important places like the heart and brain can be destroyed simultaneously, and the vampire can die forever.

”Ruby is different, she can do this more easily because she was born with the power to control water, ” Lacus explained.

”Ruby uses her water control so that the moment she stops using this technique, the ice will slowly melt back into flesh, and, thanks to the vampires ’ natural regeneration, she ’ll quickly return to normal. ”

”She will feel pain, but it ’s not the kind of pain that will completely destroy her body. ”

”And this feat can only be achieved because Ruby has extremely precise control of her own power. ” Lacus finished the explanation.

”Insanity… I can only use lightning in my body because I have the abnormal resistance of my father, but my mother doesn ’t have that, and when she uses lightning too many times, her body is destroyed. ”

Just imagining the pain she would feel, Sasha ’s body shudders.

”The other techniques are strength and speed, and those are Pepper and Lacus, respectively, ” Ruby said.

”Pepper learned strength, it may not seem like it, but she ’s super strong, look. ” Ruby looked at Pepper.

Pepper nods and steps away from the group, looks at an empty area and then positions herself in a karate position, then she yells, ”Ey! ”


Pepper ’s punch created pressure in the air that destroyed the entire forest within a radius of 1 KM.

”Bloody Hell… ”

Despite the cute scream, Pepper ’s destruction was no joke.

Sasha looked at the destruction and thought; ’I can do something like that if I use the lightning technique, but it ’s very different from you just casually doing it with a punch. ’

”You got weaker, huh? That ’s because you don ’t train! ” Ruby hit her sister on the head.

”Fue? But there ’s no one to fight! I also prefer watching anime~. ”

”Is this weak…? ”

”Yes. In the past, she could destroy 3KM of this forest with one punch. ”

”… ”

Seeing Sasha ’s expression of disbelief, Ruby said, ”Just adding, my mom can destroy up to 100 KM in a straight line… And unlike Pepper, nothing would be left; the air pressure would destroy everything. ”

”… You are monsters. ”

”How rude… I ’m not a monster; it ’s you guys who are weak! ” Pepper pouted.

”Lacus was born with the fog ability. Because of that, she learned speed; as you saw, she is very fast. ” Ruby changed the subject.

”Oh? I wonder who ’s faster. ” Sasha looked at Lacus with a competitive look.

”We have to test this another day. ” Lacus smiled.

”Siena, my older sister, learned the power, but since she ’s not here, let ’s ignore it, ” Ruby said.

Sasha stops looking at Lacus and starts to think, and soon she understands something:

”…I see, her martial art was shared among her daughters. ”

”Wrong, ” Ruby spoke.

”Huh? ”

”Although she is a master of all martial arts, the main martial art she uses is Sojutsu (Spearmanship), the martial art that uses the spear; Scathach only learned melee martial arts because she was bored… ”

”… ” Sasha doesn ’t know how to react to all this. Just because she was bored, Scathach created such a deadly martial art; boredom with a person who likes to train can be something scary.

”Unlike other vampires who waste time doing useless things, my mother used two thousand years to improve herself. ”

”And even so, she ’s not the strongest vampire there is, ” Ruby commented.

”The King, huh? ” Sasha spoke.

”Yes, I don ’t know what he looks like, I ’ve never seen him in person, but if my mom says she doesn ’t have a 100% chance of winning against him, that must mean something. ”

”… ” A moment of silence fell.

”I wonder what martial art my husband is learning right now, ” Sasha said.

”… ” The three sisters were silent since they were also curious about this subject.

”Let ’s get back to training, ” Ruby said.

”Yeah, ” Sasha agreed.

Suddenly the two looked in the direction of the coliseum:

”That is, ” Sasha clenched her fist in frustration.

”Bloodlust… He ’s losing control. He must be going through a difficult time right now, unlike us who have had to deal with it since childhood; this is the first time he ’s been dealing with it… ”

”And his bloodlust is much stronger than me, you, and Violet combined. ” Sasha continued.

”Darling ”

”Husband ”

Both were worried.

In those two weeks, Victor surpassed Scathach ’s expectations, and he managed to hold his bloodlust.

And, despite the pain and suffering it was causing him, he overcame everything with a smile on his face. He seemed to be having fun instead of training.

He learned to handle the Greatsword more naturally, and his battle instincts were sharpened by fighting Scathach for two weeks straight.

He started using his powers more naturally, the powers were a part of him even now, and it wasn ’t something he just used as if it were borrowed.

Soon Scathach was considering making Victor switch weapons. After all, she won ’t be satisfied until her disciple has mastered all the weapons.

Everything was good while it lasted, but soon, Victor ’s bloodlust became unbearable for him to bear.

”Well, I didn ’t expect this to happen so quickly. ” Scathach spoke as he looked at Victor, who was kneeling on the floor while holding his throat; he seemed to be in a lot of pain.

”Thirst… My throat… Hurts! ” He screamed with a roar of pain as he fell to the ground.

The sound of chains could be heard by Scathach.

”I underestimated your bloodlust… ” Scathach spoke.

”My back! ” He screamed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Sounds of bones breaking can be heard.

”Normally, when an average vampire loses control because of his bloodlust, he will go into the berserker state until he is satisfied. ”

”AHHHHHHHHH! ” suddenly, a bone wing came out of Victor ’s back.

”If the bloodlust isn ’t satisfied, or the vampire controls himself during the period of a month, the protection spell will activate, and the vampire will go into a coma. ” She repeated her words.

Victor ’s skin began to darken, Victor ’s pale skin changed to dark purple skin, Victor ’s ears sharpened.

”Usually, that was supposed to happen… Indeed, that ’s supposed to happen. ”

”Ugh, Ugh! ” Victor fell to the ground, and suddenly he stopped moving; it was like he was dead.

Blood began to appear around Victor, and slowly, this blood began to go towards him as if it was being drawn into Victor ’s body, and soon the blood started to float.

”But…I forgot to consider something… ” Scathach spins her spear and braces herself, ”You ’re no ordinary vampire. ”

Victor ’s eyes open, unlike before when only the iris of the eye turned blood red, Victor ’s eyeball turned completely blood-red:


A demonic scream that shook the entire structure of the coliseum was heard.

Seeing Victor ’s form, Scathach ’s cheek turned a little red, and she cried out in ecstasy, ”Ahh~, I knew it! I knew I was correct! HAHAHAHAHAHA~! ”

”Now, eat! Let ’s have fun! ”

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