My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 71: Kings Capital. 2


After all, arrogant vampires wouldn ’t call someone random a ’master ’ out of nowhere.

Victor felt Eleonor ’s gaze, and he knew more or less what she was trying to find out, but he didn ’t care… It also didn ’t mean he would voluntarily explain what he ’d done.

”Eleonor, why are you following us…? ” Ruby asked.

”Now that Ruby says that… West Bitch why are you following us? Shoo, Shoo! ” Violet spoke.

”… ” Eleonor ignored Violet and was silent for a few seconds, then she said:

”Originally, I wanted to ask my master a favor… ” She looked at Scathach, who was walking beside her daughters.

”But she said she wouldn ’t train anyone else for a long time… So I just decided to follow you guys to watch the game, and after the game is over, I ’ll go back home. ”

The two girls nodded when they heard Eleonor ’s motives.

Ruby suddenly remembered something.

”Luna, you can buy some books on the human world. ”

”By books, do you mean Mangas? ” Luna exhibited a small smile.

”… ” Ruby was silent and just looked at Luna.

”I want you to buy me something too! ” Pepper squealed excitedly.

”I need some things too, ” Lacus said.

”Eh? ” Luna was surprised that suddenly the women started asking her for things.

”I need some new tech gadgets, ” Siena said.

”Oh, that ’s a good idea! Buy me a camera too! ” Pepper yelled.

”W-Wait! It ’s a lot; how am I going to bring it all!? ”

”… ” All women looked at Maria.

”Eh? ” Maria was surprised that she suddenly became the focus of attention.

”Put Maria to work too. She ’s my maid after all, ” Sasha said.

”Ohhh… Good idea! ” Pepper laughed.

”… ” Seeing that she had no option in the matter, Maria just sighed.

”I need something too. I ’ll send my butler to go with you ” Eleonor picks up a phone.

”Walter? I need you to come back here. ”

Violet suddenly said, ”Darling~, do you need something? ” She looks to the side and suddenly notices something.

”Darling…? He disappeared! ”

”Husband? ” Sasha looked around

”Don ’t tell me he got lost? ” Pepper somehow thought of a green-haired anime character who kept getting lost in the group.

”He was probably kidnapped, ” Lacus deduced.

”Impossible… With my mother ’s current affection, she wouldn ’t let that happen, ” Siena said, but everyone in the group could feel a little jealousy coming from her voice.

Scathach ignores Siena ’s words and says, ”If you ’re looking for Victor, he turned onto a random street a few blocks back; he seemed to be interested in a store. ”

Ruby sighed, she looked around and also noticed that someone was missing, ”Where ’s Yuki? ”

”That girl? She went with him ”.

”…Well, she ’s his Personal Maid, ” Sasha said.

”Indeed. It would be weird if she didn ’t go with him. ” Lacus agreed.

”Darl- ”

”Don ’t freak out yet, ” Ruby spoke before Violet could say anything.

”Eh? ” Violet looked shocked at Ruby.

”Don ’t look at me like that. How long have we known each other? ” Ruby rolled her eyes.

”But Darling is gone! ”

”Hmm… He ’s just curious about things around him. He looked like a country kid who came to the big city, ” Sasha said.

”Yes. ” Ruby nodded with Sasha, she looked at Violet and continued, ”Trust our husband, okay? Just because he got interested in a store doesn ’t mean he ’s going to cheat on us with some random woman. He ’s not that kind of man. ”

”Indeed. My son-in-law is a faithful man~ ” Scathach flashed a provocative smile.

”… ” The three wives looked neutrally at Scathach.

”What? ”

”Nothing. ” The three spoke at the same time.

They just realized that Scathach was the real enemy here.

Victor Side.

Victor was in a suspicious-looking gun shop.

”Looks like I split up… ”

”Yes, you split from the group, Master, ” Yuki spoke.

”… ” Victor was silent.

”Well…whatever. ” He could use his connection at any time to meet the group again.

Victor starts looking around with his eyes shining with curiosity and sees some red daggers:

”Hey, old man. What is this dagger? ” He spoke to a young-looking man who was in a tent.

The professional smile almost broke when he heard what Victor said.

”I ’m not old. ”

”You are a vampire, right? ”

”Yes ”

”How old are you? ”

”1645 ”

”My god… ” He made a shocked face, ”You are older than many human countries, as expected of an elder. ”

”… ” Veins began to pop in the man ’s head.

”I am a young adult! Don ’t call me old! ”

”Yeah yeah. But what is this dagger? ”

”Listen to me! Damn it! ”

Victor exhibited an amused smile when he saw the man ’s reaction and, although he could feel the man was strong, he didn ’t care. After all, he could deduce that fights were not allowed in the capital, he looks to one side a little and sees several royal guards patrolling; ’With those guards circling all over the capital, I doubt any madman will cause any kind of trouble. ’


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