My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 85: Tatsuya Vs Einer. 2

”What…? What just happened…? ” Violet rubbed her eyes.

”…This power is dangerous. I didn ’t even feel like I was in an illusion, ” Sasha spoke in a serious voice, she felt uncomfortable as she imagined she could be in an illusion at any time.

”Illusion…? ” Violet looked at Sasha.

”Yes. I don ’t know how it works, but that is the power he just used, right? ” Since she wasn ’t sure what she was talking about, she looked to Scathach for answers.

Sasha was internally surprised, ’Is his power so strong that it could affect several young vampires present in the arena simultaneously? ’

”… ” Seeing what Sasha was doing, Violet also looked at Scathach.

Sensing Sasha and Violet ’s gaze, Scathach looked at them and flashed a small, unreadable smile:

”You ’re correct that his power is an illusion, but that ’s not all. ” Then she looked back at the arena.

”… ” Sasha and Violet nodded. They understood why the woman spoke so mysteriously, she was basically saying; ’Use your brains; the problem is right in front of you. ’

”Hmm… That power, when was it activated? I don ’t remember looking him in the eye…. ” Ruby commented.

”Indeed… He doesn ’t have an emo attitude either. ” Pepper, who got up and approached Ruby, added.

Violet and Sasha looked at their sisters:

”What are you talking about? ” Violet asked as she raised her eyebrow.

”Nothing. ” The two spoke at the same time.

Tatsuya looked at Einer with a cold look on his face:

”Tell me, do you think your reality that you see is really real? ” Then, his eyes changing to blood red, he started walking towards Einer.

”I don ’t know, and I don ’t care either. ” Einer looked to his right side and ignored what Tatsuya was saying.

”I see… ” Tatsuya ’s image disappeared from the arena.

”If the act of observing reality is what determines what is real, then…. ” Tatsuya appears beside Einer and attacks him.

Black thorns suddenly grow from the ground and cross Tatsuya, and Tatsuya ’s blood splashed in Einer ’s face.

For just a small moment, Einer ’s face displayed a tiny bit of pleasure. He thought he had it right this time, but soon a strange sensation like the one he ’d felt the first time hit him.

”What am I to you? A reality? Or an illusion? ”

The image of Tatsuya being pierced by the black thorns disappears like a mirage, and a Katana blade appears behind Einer and cuts him vertically.

”Fuck- ” Einer tries to dodge the attack, but he can barely manage. He had to sacrifice his arm, his arm fell to the ground, and he felt the pain.

He backed away quickly and looked at his arm, and again he felt that nagging feeling in his heart.

”This isn ’t real… ” The moment he identified what was real, his arm disappeared from the ground and returned to his body.

”If you can ’t understand me, you can ’t fight me since you can ’t fight what you don ’t understand. ”

A katana suddenly pierces Einer ’s chest.


Einer coughed up blood on the floor. This time, he felt that this wound was real!

He creates black thorns behind him and attacks Tatsuya.

”Tell me… The wound you just received, does it exist? ”

”Tsk. ” Hearing Tatsuya ’s voice, Einer ’s face for the first time showed an annoyed expression.

”Fuck off! ” Several thorns appear around Einer.

”Where are you! Show yourself! ”

”… ” The audience was silent. They couldn ’t understand what was happening right in front of them. But, of course, this only applied to the younger vampires, the older vampires knew what was going on, and the only thing that crossed the mind of the older vampires was:

’Where did the leader of Clan Rider find this man with such exotic power? ’ The eyes of the older vampires looked at Tatsuya with a look of limitless curiosity; for them, who were bored, Tatsuya was a perfect existence to kill their boredom.

”Hahaha, that kid must be having a hard time right now. ” Scathach chuckled, she looked at Victor, who seemed to have all of his senses focused on the fight.

”Do you seem to understand what ’s going on, Victor? ” She exhibited a small smile.

”… ” Hearing Scathach ’s question, everyone looked at Victor.

”Yeah. Look, Tatsuya is going to cut his legs off now. ”

And just like Victor said, Tatsuya ’s Katana appears on Einer ’s legs and cuts diagonally!

”!!? ” Einer was going through a difficult time, he understood what was going on, but despite understanding the enemy ’s power, he couldn ’t do anything to counteract that power.

”It ’s useless. ” He heard Tatsuya ’s voice again.

”As long as you don ’t understand my existence, you can ’t fight me. ” The katana appears again in front of Einer and tries to cut off his head.

Einer quickly creates a thorn shield in front of him and jumps back using his hands.

When Tatsuya ’s Katana touches the thorn shield, the katana disappears like mist.

”… ” Victor ’s group was surprised again.

”This is a tough fight for me. ” Eleonor was honest, she was primarily a fighter who used strength to overcome everything.

”Indeed. This man is like an eel, he is very slippery, and that power is irritating to fight back against. ” Elizabeth spoke.

”How do you fight someone who can confuse all your senses? He has the advantage. ” Lacus spoke.

”You are thinking wrong. ” Victor and Scathach ’s voices were heard at the same time.

”… ” The group was silent again.

For the first time, Victor stops watching the fight and looks at Scathach, then he exhibits a small smile, ”Do you explain, or do I explain? ”

She smiled, ”…You explain. ” She wanted to know Victor ’s thoughts.

Victor gets up with Ophis in his arms and says something in Ophis ’ ear:

”Mm… ” The girl nodded in agreement.

He decided to demonstrate, after all, is better than explaining:

”Watch. ” He places his hand in front of Ophis and descends slowly.

The group started to watch the movement of Victor ’s hands, Victor ’s hands began to glow with the power of lightning, and it caught the girls ’ attention even more; he looked like he was going to do something big!

Suddenly he said, ”Now, where is Ophis? ”

”…Huh!? ” The women looked up and saw that Ophis had disappeared.

”She disappeared!? ” Elizabeth screamed and got up from her chair, she couldn ’t lose her sister again!

Ruby, Sasha, and Violet look around, and soon they see Ophis sitting on Victor ’s ice throne, but since the throne was so big, it looked like she had disappeared.

”She ’s on the throne…. ” The three spoke.

Elizabeth walks close to the throne and sighs with relief when she sees Ophis sitting in a Cute fashion.

”What I just did is simple, I focused your attention on my hands, and you didn ’t see Ophis come down from my arms, a simple attention-shifting trick. ”

”That ’s basically what he ’s doing to deceive Einer. Of course, he ’s not using this simple magic trick. He must be using his power to make it work on a large scale. ”

”Hahahaha~. Good, you get it, but you missed something, idiot disciple. ”

”Oh? ” Victor and the group looked at Scathach.

”That man, he is not trying to deceive the boy of Clan Horseman; he is deceiving his very existence. ” She exhibited a teacher ’s smile, ”By becoming a difficult creature to be observed, the brain cannot understand what it is observing, so it looks like he is using a form of illusion. ”

”He said it, right? You can ’t fight what you don ’t understand; that ’s basically a tip he left. ”

”I see… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little.

”Father… ” Ophis raised her hand up in a gesture that told Victor to hold her.

”… What a spoiled girl~. ” Victor smiled kindly and picked up Ophis again, then sat on the ice throne he created.

”Better… ”

”… ” Elizabeth didn ’t know what to say or think seeing her sister like this.


Violet ’s grip was so strong that she broke the ice throne she was sitting on a little. In an attempt to ignore what she was seeing, she said:

”He is hiding his very existence, and by doing so, he manages to fool his opponent…? ” Her brain was spinning to try to understand what she just heard.

”That doesn ’t make any sense, ” Ruby said.

”His power is quite unusual in our community. I think he must be a foreign vampire. ” Siena commented, as an older vampire, she could understand the battle and the power of man, but even for her, his power was something interesting and curious…

”The power of the vampires out there shouldn ’t be that strong. ” Elizabeth continued.

”His power is not strong. ” Eleonor explained, ”It ’s the way he uses his power that makes it look like his power is strong. ”

Suddenly everyone could feel a dark pressure; they quickly look into the arena and see Einer ’s body covered in a distorted black aura:

”Annoying… Annoying, your power is irritating, your existence is irritating. ” He had a distorted expression on his face and seemed very upset.

”I don ’t need to understand you to defeat you! ” A pillar of black energy came out of Einer ’s body. Slowly, Einer ’s skin began to change to a dark black, he started to grow in height, his ears grew, and black wings made of pure power grew up behind him.

His hair lifted as if defying gravity, his eyes took on a deeper shade of red, his teeth sharpened.

”That ’s… ” Victor ’s smile grew distorted, and everyone could see the big smile Victor had on his face.

”The Vampire Count Form. ”

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