My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 96: Strange Place.

. Why don ’t I feel threatened? ” He was feeling a strange feeling in his heart.

”Master, why are you-…Master? What are you doing!? ”

Suddenly the atmosphere of the gorilla and the tree changed from peaceful to hostile.


The gorilla roared towards Kaguya.

”!!? ” Kaguya quickly covers her body with darkness and prepares to fight.

The gorilla began to approach Kaguya with hostile intentions.

He didn ’t even look like the peaceful gorilla that Victor was with and completely changed his attitude when Kaguya appeared.

Seeing that Kaguya is in danger, Victor takes a step towards her, and soon he disappears and then reappears in front of Kaguya.

”Kaguya, step back. ”

”B-But, Master. ”

”Do as I say! ” Victor ’s eyes sparkled.

”O-Okay. ” Kaguya was a little startled by Victor ’s gaze, but she quickly ran in the opposite direction.

Realizing that Kaguya was safe, Victor ’s body relaxed a little. Victor cracks his neck and looks at the gorilla, as his smile grows:

”Hey, Big Guy. Let ’s have some fun? ” He didn ’t even try to talk to pacify the gorilla.


The gorilla roared and thumped its chest in a sign of defiance.

”That ’s the spirit! ” A frightening pressure left Victor ’s body.

Victor jumps towards the gorilla and attacks him!

The gorilla does the same and swings his big arms as he attacks Victor.

The gorilla expected Victor to fly away when he attacked him. After all, he was tiny compared to his size, right? But the reality he expected didn ’t happen.

The two fists collide in the air!


And for a moment, the sound of a crash of air was heard.

And an unexpected result happened, the gorilla pulled away and fell to the ground sitting up!

”Urru? ” The gorilla looked at Victor in disbelief. He didn ’t expect this result.

”Tsk. ” Victor clicked his tongue in annoyance when he saw his broken arm; ’If it were Scathach, that gorilla would have flown far. I ’m still weak! ’

In less than 7 seconds, his arm was completely regenerated, and he looked at the gorilla, then he positioned himself again:

”Let ’s continue~. ”

Seeing Victor ’s smile, the gorilla displayed a small smile that showed all of his fangs.

”Heh~? I like that smile. ”

The gorilla gets up from the ground. He had completely forgotten about Kaguya, and all that was in his head now was Victor!



He roared at Victor as he hit his chest several times; this time, he was serious!

Victor ’s smile grew disproportionately, ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ” He laughed like a maniac.

”That ’s the spirit, Big Guy! ” The magic circles on Victor ’s glove began to glow blood red.

”Let ’s fight! ”


The gorilla roared as if saying the same thing as Victor, and, with speed disproportionate to his size, he appeared in front of Victor and punched him in the face!

”Wha-? ” Victor didn ’t expect this speed coming from someone so big!


A sonic boom was heard, and soon Victor ’s body flew skyward.

”HAHAHAHAHA! ” Despite having some broken body parts, he laughed! He felt it! This pain! It ’s the same as when he was training, and it ’s also the sign that he was facing a strong opponent!

Victor ’s body regenerated in midair, and soon he created an ice shelf behind him and, using the ice shelf as support, he flew towards the gorilla!

In midair, Victor ’s hands began to get covered by an ice glove.

And like a rocket, it hits the Gorilla ’s face, ”ORAA! ”


A bang was heard as Victor punched the Gorilla in the face, and this time as he got momentum, the gorilla was thrown back by his strength, then just as the gorilla ’s body was going to fall to the ground:

”It ’s not over yet, Big Guy! ”

Victor appears under the gorilla and holds it!

”Urru!? ” The gorilla didn ’t believe what he was witnessing. He was heavy, you know!?

With a show of strength, ”AHHH! ” Victor threw the Gorilla in the air!

Victor points both his palms at the gorilla.


Fire and ice began to be created in front of him.

”HAAA! ” Soon this power flew towards the gorilla.

”!!! ” Realizing the danger, the gorilla did something that only increased Victor ’s smile.

The gorilla ’s body appeared to be covered in some kind of black material.


The two powers collide against the Gorilla ’s armor, and a tremendous amount of smoke is created.


The gorilla roared in midair and blasted away all the smoke created by the attack.

And Victor can clearly see a gorilla wearing full-length black armor!

”HAHAHAHAHA! ” Victor began to applaud in genuine happiness, ”You ’re the best, Big Guy! ”

”Master… You are an incorrigible man. ” Kaguya, who was watching everything from a tree at a considerable distance, couldn ’t help but say that when she saw Victor ’s smile.

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