My Wolf and I

Chapter Three


”Soooo~ ” A singing voice started behind me. I sighed because I knew what was coming. A large body jumped onto my back causing me to let out a small oof sound. ”Tell me what you want, what you really really want? ”

”I want you to get off me first of all, ” I grunted at her. I sighed in relief as she got off of me, she came around me to smile a sheepish grin. I had to admit that she was beautiful. She had a buzz cut that did nothing to change her beauty. Ailith always said its easier to fight someone without having to worry about them grabbing my hair. What little hair she did have was a dark brown, with dyed blue lightning bolts on the sides. The dye was there to match her eyes, which were a piercing blue. She had light brown skin with lighter birthmarks scattered all over her body and face.

”If Im going to be your beta, you need to learn to take a sneak attack. ” She shrugged.

”Who said you were going to be my beta? ” I teased. Before she could answer a howl made others around us freeze and look toward the sound. The howl meant that we were having a meeting. don we normally plan meetings? I thought silently as we ran to the meeting spot. A simple stage with a huge white panel in the back, our pack used it mostly for movie nights.

My parents were standing on stage trying to calm the crowd of worried adults and rowdy teens. ”Everyone please! ” My father yelled; he was a gentle leader. The people loved him; they could talk to him about anything. My mother was the one people slightly feared, don get me wrong people could talk to her too, but they go to her when they were being bullied at school or when they were fearful of something.

”I know that we normally plan our meetings, but this was a last-minute discussion. ” My mother began talking, stepping forward so my father was slightly behind her. She was the one with Alpha blood, so technically my father was the Luna. I was thankful that my pack was used to having a male Luna; made it easier to think about finding my mate. ”We found a group, a small one, around thirty-six. They are mostly young pups that have either just shifted or have yet to. Most of the pups are orphaned and in need of homes. The adults, what few of them, were either kicked out due to an Alphas pride or ran away. ” The crowd awed at the orphaned pups but growled at the thought of bringing in outside adults. ”We are taking all of them in, we are speaking with the adults to get their pasts, but in this, I will not be disobeyed. We do not harm them, any of them. They are just like us, they have mates, they have pups. If I find out about anyone mistreating the newcomers, there will be severe punishments. ” She continued before looking at my father with a small nod causing him to step forward.

”We are going to be giving the adults and their children one of the houses to use until we get more built so each family can have their own. We will also be using the guest rooms in the packhouse for the children who don have families. I will be in charge of the makeshift orphanage, so if there are any couples interested, please don hesitate to come see me. ” Dad spoke with such hope it made me sad. There were rarely ever werewolves willing to raise anothers pup, it just wasn how we did things.

Those kids are probably going to grow up in those rooms, but at least theyll have a family due to the pack. I thought sadly looking at my father standing up there. Ill have to talk to him about helping out. After that, there wasn anything else for the pack to know so my mom ended the meeting.


”Son! Any luck with finding that mate of yours? ” Dad asked while walking into the kitchen of the alphas apartment. Normally the Alpha and Luna would live there until their oldest came of age, then leave it to them. But not my parents, they decided to stay until I had my mate so they knew I wouldn do something stupid; great boost of confidence.

I looked up from my new class schedule. ”Not yet Dad, but I have been smelling something sweet in the hallways. I want to follow it, but my professors are strict this semester, I can wait for Monday. This new semester is going to be my bitch. ” I grinned happily, but it fell when mom walked into the kitchen with us.

She silently walked over to me and lightly tapped me in the back of my head, ”Don curse in front of your father, you know it upsets him. ” She scolded lightly. I looked at my father who was looking at the ground picking at his fingers.

”Sorry, Dad. Oh! Hey, I was wondering if you need any help with the pups in the orphanage? Id be glad to lend a hand if needed. ”I said which made him look up at me with such hope. He was shorter than most males, around 54, he had shaggy brown hair and almost golden hazel eyes.

”Really? If it wouldn affect your schoolwork, I would love the help! I didn want to say this at the meeting, but the pack has a lot more orphaned pups than I led on. Im going to need at least two more helpers or Im going to get overrun with the little ones. ”

”Im sure some will get adopted, love. Then youll have less to deal with. ” My mother smiled then paused ”That came out wrong ” she frowned at my dads shocked look.

I looked at the time while yawning, ”I should be getting to bed, new classes, I should figure out my route so Im going to get there early. ” I said while getting up from my seat.

”Alright, Jay. Ill be sleeping in, so you be safe on your new day alright? ” My dad said while walking toward me. He gave me a kiss on my cheek with a smile. ”I know you will find your mate soon; I have faith in the goddess. ”

”Yea! Youll find that girl in no time! ” My mom said pumping her fist in the air. I just gave a small nod with a fake smile and walked out of the room.

”Weve talked about this! You can assume that he is straight. It is the twenty-first century, there are plenty of same-sex mated couples, so you need to knock that off or Im kicking you out of the bed. ” I heard my father scold before I shut and locked my bedroom door.

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