My dear customers,

The Millionaire (part I)

”Theres this foolish bird who once lost her way,

I asked her again, but she had nothing to say.

With time on my hands, I approached to play,

But the scared little bird saw me and flies away.

La, lala,lalala, la, la~ ”

*Hey! Would you stop singing that lame poem already?! Its hurting my ears! ”*

His barking voice interrupted my self composed magnificent and elegant poem which I wrote this morning while having green tea in my backyard.

A smooth sigh escaped my mouth as I looked at the empty space behind me.

He was gone. Again.

I wiped my wet hands with a towel hanging nearby on a shelf and walked through the maze of cages, or shall I say the home of those wholl slit your throat the first chance they get their eyes laid on you and will later rip you apart pieces by pieces until you are comparable to their bite size…

Scared already?

I was too at the beginning, but not anymore. Because what God have blessed me with is to stay along with these monsters and protect them from the real beasts outside walking freely as if they own this world.

Although I don know if this is unfortunate, but I belong to that species too. And to make me the worst kind amongst them all is what the title I recieve from this world, Beast tamer.

Sounds like I am a circus trainer, isn it? Well, atleast it did to me when for the first time I recieved it at my Identification Test Senior-category (ITS).

Anyways. Back to find that sonuva b*tch who disturbed my beautiful flow. I need to find him fast before the shop reopens.

…Sigh, I hate to do this, but I literally have no choice now.

”Kenyon~ I know you
e hiding in that fifth row.

Do you want Muffin to know that our shop opened late because of you? Huh?~ ” I tried to speak as softly as possible despite having a husky voice.

No response huh? Fine. Have it your way.

”Alright, enough with the hide n seek. I promise Ill let you go on a date with Muffin (someday), so please come out already. We are seriously getting late. ”

I wouldn have been so annoyed if he wasn my buisness partner. I need him to do atleast some work for this damp ugly shop, which we bought together when I graduated from college. How many years has it been? Ten? No, probably twelve… Shit! I am already in my thirties now.

I turned on the ceilings light as daylight entering through the windows and entrance wasn enough. Much better.

My eyes ran over six rows of neatly placed cages and fish tanks placed accordingly to their sizes and it finally stopped when a faint sound of someone clicking their tongue in the fifth row alerted my ears.

Did it work? I hope so cause I can hear others voices reporting about his movements now I confirmed his movements via thought transference with other animals and returned to my desk.

While he is dragging himself to come here, I should clean up my mess.

As expected, I once again forgot to clear up the clients files off my desk. Ugh! Since when did the pile got so huge?!

Running out of time, I didn take seconds to stuff those papers into the first drawer, which too was already occupied with previous months clients documents. But being an expert in this, I pushed the pressed bundle effortlessly and closed the rusty drawer with a loud thud.

Well, I am a huge procrastinator. I won lie about that.

The thought that my metallic desk has gotten rusty and needs to be replaced with a new one did crossed my mind everyday, but inflation is getting so high nowadays that even normal tables are being sold at the price of gold. Plus, I am already broke so…period.

Sometimes I wonder where did I go wrong? Even though I had the answer right in my head, I didn bothered to say it out aloud except for the tired sigh.

For the last time, I opened my phones camera to check my appearance. Thick black dark circles underneath my swollen eyes staring at the skinny pale face with untrimmed beard. My dark red wavy hair had gotten frizzy over the days and there was this very old black cap which I bought secretly in my highschool days.

My hair has reached shoulder length over the years and God knew how old this white shirt was since I could see the stitchings with a different colour near my pocket. The same worn-out dark blue jeans which had turned light over my thighs and shein.

Luckily its still in fashion so I don think people will judge me for that, but what should I do with these overused sneakers?! They are in the worst state in my entire outfit, not to mention the socks I am wearing underneath with a missing thumb piece.

But you know what? Despite looking so cheap, I still adore this attire. It matches with my vagabond-type personality, plus makes me believe that outer appearance isn everything. My sucess will shine more than my appearance.

Not that I am successful yet but still! I know its true.

I gleefully tilted my phone to make some poses at a different angle for a nice picture but my moment of pleasure didn last long as my good for nothing partner finally arrived.

”You suck. ” those were the first words he managed to say with his face clearly stating how cringe I was looking now in his eyes.

I looked down at his well built body then stared at mine. The difference was obvious. No wonder customers only came here to see his face.

Especially those pesky annoying teenage girls who would always linger around him like ticks and would cuddle him as tightly as possible since they considered him Cute in their eyes. Tch! Annoying brats…

Ofcourse they had to ask for my permission first since I wouldn allow my buisness partner being distracted from his buisness. But after some bribery, Ahem! I mean after some support donations I would let them pet him for ten minutes.

Pet him?!

Yes, this macho guy who is so intelligent that he raised this small company alongside with me is a DOG! No he doesn possess any magical powers unlike us, nor was he a runaway subject of a crazy experiment. He was an abandoned Husky dog whom I picked from streets in the downtown area.

Damn! Never once in my life I thought that weak and miserable puppy would turn into this model. All he needs is skull printed bandana and a pair of black sunglasses, and hes ready to go for the next idol star audition.

Too bad hes stuck with me now.

He might be a genius in comparison to rest of his community, but he still can oversmart me, hehe!

”Alright! Enough with the nonsense. Lets open our shop. ” I suppressed my smile as his annoyed face bought me to reality.

Though he may be irritated because of the calm smile I always had on my face, there was this another reason why he felt so irritated at moment like this.

And that was, we rarely got to see any customers visiting our store.

Bad location can be a major cause for this, but the few passersby who happened to step in this remote place would also try their best to avert their gaze of this shop because of its horrible outer appearance. I am pretty much sure they wouldve guessed this place to be rather a black Voodoo shop in poor disguise of a pet shop.

But thats where things get interesting.

So yeah, heres my journey of riding this train wreck along with a genius dog and lets explore the world with our crazy passengers alongside with us.

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