My dear customers,

The millionaire (Part II)

On a fine morning one day, I found a black Limousine parked right in front of my shop.

”Am I dreaming right now? ” Naturally my eyes were popped out of their socket as they happened to see one of the most famous and expensive car in this world. My body was subconsciously walking towards the rare beauty before I even realised, and soon ended up crashing to the glass door. Ugh!

Despite hearing the loud noise and huge pain on my forehead, I didn bothered to remove my face off the glass since the sight in front of me was unbelievable!

There was absolutely no way a rich billionaire would visit this isolated lane away from crowding neighborhood of Downtown. There were many shops in this aisle, but apparently they were all closed since their owner either shifted to a better place or joined the illegal buisness of Downtown gangs located just behind this lane.

My shop was at the outskirts of this infamous slum called Downtown, thus it marked as a boundry. And being surrounded by old buildings who were now decaying under the plants, it made it even difficult for us to be noticed. Not that I made any efforts in the first place but still.

The fact that a Limousine would manage to find this place, it truly amazed me, but also left me a bit suspicious.

I noticed a man in black first coming out in view followed by others as they discussed something together in a circle at front of the car.

Are they here to checkout the place and build a brand new mall here?! No way! the random thought raised my anxiety as I now observed the men scattering themselves into different groups and scouting the area.

I looked back at the dusty sky-blue cushion only to discover Kenyon was gone! Dammit! Not again when we
e in times of crisis here.

Left with no other options, I dusted the chips crumbles off my shirt and stroked my hair before putting the black cap in order to greet them first. But little did I knew that suddenly popping in front of them out of nowhere would cause so much havoc in their group.

It had got to the point, that within a blink of an eye, tens of guns were pointing at me from all four directions. But being someone who has their body rusted over years, it took me sometime until one of the bodyguards brought his gun closer to my temple.

The cold touch of metal tip made shivers ran down my spine and my hands automatically spring up in the air.

”I didn meant any harm, I swear! ” Which was literally true since all I did was just to walk out of my shop. The enormous black wall lowered their guns as they heard my weak and distorted voice. This was my first time seeing a real gun, naturally I was scared shitless at the moment.

The one at closest to me too lowered his gun and took a step back while waving his gun. ”Follow me. ” He said in his heavyweight voice, and like a small rat trapped for no apparent reasons, walked behind his footsteps with gaze focused on the floor.

He must be the boss of this herd. I presumed.

For a while, some bodyguards accompanied me at the other side of the road as they gossiped about someone. Their way of mimicking that persons style and their remarks followed by clearly showed how much they loathed that person.

From what I can tell she is a woman whos got an obese body inherited from her parents. She loves to show off her belongings but the one which she treasures the most is this pet of her, which is a pig?

Why would someone raise a pig? If I were her, I wouldve already barbequed it on my birthday, or wouldve used it as pork meat. A week? No, I would then be free from tension of food expenses. A single fresh loaf of bread costs four dollars, can you believe that?! Just what the hell is our government doing nowadays.

But my series of complaints were put to an halt as I was called by the same bulky guy who was standing near the car. His commanding voice also brought the lousy bodyguards back to attention.

I rushed my footsteps, and was told to stand aside in silence. Still confused, I did as he said and bowed simultaneously when they all did. The rich billionaire was finally making his entrance.

Not his actually, her, as even before the door fully opened I could hear a very high pitched voice who sounded extremely annoyed at someone. She was bickering over something but I couldn hear it properly for strange reasons.

I slightly tilted my head to see a young chump standing straight at a distance.

”Noise cancellation skill huh? ” I whispered under my breath as I raised my body too upon copying others.

Noise cancellation skill is a branch of sound magic, which inturn classifies under the major category of Wind Element out of the five. While the first element is Wind, the rest are Fire, Water, Earth and Bio(living), the one in which I come in.

After the last asteroid hit on earth around eighty years or so, a strange mutation was introduced in this planet. Just for airhead people/commoners sake the government decided to call this as Magic since the mutation gave us supernatural powers later on.

Even though the classification system looks straight copied from any typical fantasy Manga, trust me, the diversity in skills are so incredible that it even amazed a lazy man like me.

Coming back to the reality, I took a close look at the owner from a distance, and I must say…

I am gonna be a f**king millionaire!!!

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