Cal headed down stairs after getting dressed,

Seeing his mother cooking in the kitchen he sighed, and his mother turned around

”Cal, your going to be **ing late! You mistake!! Get the hell out of my house. If you even think about failing Ill throw you out faster then you can say sorry! ” Cals mother, Vanessa, never wanted cal but was forced to take care of him, due to this she never showed him anything and the only reason he has a decent room is because she was again forced to, cal opened his mouth to speak, but his mother started talking ”what are you waiting for? GET OUT ” cal looked down and started walking out the door, ”yes maam.. ”

he said as he opened the front door, walked through and closed it behind him with a loud bang.

[ 20 minutes later ]

Cal got to school and started walking to his class room, room 208 A, a few students stopped him in the middle of the hall way, Greg.

”What do you want Greg? ” Cal said, clearly unsurprised

”Wellll just wanted to say hi. And good luck on your test youll need it… ” Greg said in a stretched out tone before chuckling and waking away

”What a idiot.. ” cal thought before walking to his classroom.

The door opened and creeked as it closed behind cal, who walking into his classroom and took a seat in the back, then put his head down and waiting.. he was well over early today..

( the next few chaps will be longer to make up for the extremely short ones )

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