The test

Cal went to take a seat on his desk, he was sitting in the back row, nobody sat next to him, No friends, No one, just him. He put his head down and started daydreaming..

Huh.. maybe I won even be able to pass.. then all the studying will be for nothing, mom will kick me out and Ill be left all alone he thought, from the outside, he looked like he was sleeping, his head was on the desk and his eyes were closed, but his mind was in turmoil. Panicking, trying to remember the tiniest things that he spent the last two months, learning, studying. Hoping he would do good when the day finally came, when test day came , when he would take the test that would decide his whole future.

Soon, you could hear footsteps, along with a loud chattering from all around the room, Cal lifted his head and looked around. Everyone already got here, huh? He asked himself inwardly. Then the door opened again and Mrs. Smith came inside the room, walking between the rows of students, and stopping at the front before turning around.

”Alright everyone, listen up, you know what today is, and Ill be explaining how everything will work, got it? So first, you will be taking your test, to see what you learned through out your last year of middle school, if you fail, you will have to be held back, and must wait another year in order to get your system, if you pass, you will be able to get it now. Simple. Okay? ”

”Yes mrs, smith- ” almost the whole class said with a few exceptions being Cal, and some others in the back rows.

”We wasted enough time, haven we? Lets get started. ”

Screens appeared in front of everyone, with their names, ID number, age and personal information already filled out, and soon the room became quiet as everyone started answering.

[ Loading… 10%…15%…25%….32%…37%….46%…52%…60%…79%….82%….98%…100%]

[ loading complete.]

[ Enter item number here → ]

[ typing…]

[ C…5….3..6..0 ]

[ loading..]

[ item number listed, loading information]

[ Name : Cal ]

[ Age : 14 ]

[ Item number : C5360 ]

[ Test Type → higher difficulty ]

[ 3→2→1→ start! ] ..

[ TIME LIMIT : 2 hours and 30 minutes..→ COUNTDOWN STARTED ]

[ loading questions: Complete ]

[ 1→ please explain why systems are important:…]

[ answer submitted ]

[ time left—> 2 hours..10 minutes..]

[ …]

[ final answer : submitted. Time remaining 2 minutes 5 seconds ]

Cal was done, after 2 hours all the questions were answered and he put his head down and closed his eyes.. sleep, so he thought?

A few minutes later the teacher walked up to him, and banged her hand on Cals desk. ”Huh- ” Cal opened and rubbed his eyes, and lifted his head to look at the teacher, Mrs Smith. ”Item C5360, what did I tell you about sleeping in my classroom? ” She looked angry, and just like everyone else, he was only called using his item code. Am I even a person..? He looked at his teacher ”sorry Mrs.Smith .. ”

He said before looking down, his teacher smiled as she said ”Item C5360, I did not give you permission to talk, you are an item, a servant, you do what you are told, understood? Now you can talk. ” Mrs. Smith was even more angry.

She raised her hand and.. slap. Her hand bolted across Cals right cheek, it was red. Cal looked down and stuttered a bit before closing his mouth, saying nothing as a few tears rolled down his cheek. ”I told you to answer me, didn I? ” She walked back to the front.

Cal looked down again, he didn put his head down this time, just his eyes.

All his classmates were laughing at him, all of them, none of them were items, or were going to become items, they were normal, humans, while cal, wasn . Not like it was my choice to become an item, not like I had a choice.. he thought.

All of his classmates were talking, ”hah! Item, who knew the pretty boy in the back was an item?! ” One of the kids in the front said. ”The second hes available Ill make sure hes mine, hes too cute! ” One of the girls said, but they were all laughing, items as they called him, were never treated like humans, they were treated as objects, trash, whose only purpose was to serve another. He was the only item in his class.

[ 1 hour later ]

Testing has finally ended, and the teacher started talking again. ”Okay so, now that everyone has finished. ” She cheeked her phone ”we
e the last class to finish, huh.. anyways, everyone, line up. ”

All the kids in the class got up and started lining up by the door, then the teacher opened the door and led them to another room, the gym, but it had seats in the middle, and a stand [ podium type ] in front of all of them, there were already students there, siting and waiting. Mrs, Smith pointed towards a row of seats for her students to sit down at. And they did. Cal went to sit in the back, and then, the principal started talking.

”Welcome everyone, so today is the last day we will see you here, after this, you go to high school, or start your life as a item ” he said the last part of the sentence in a hateful tone ”aside the point, today you will get your systems, you get them based of your personality type, how and why you behave that way, and simply, based on who you are, as a person. We will start with class. 093 ” he then started calling kid, after kid to come get their system. Until it was Cals turn.

”Item C5360, please come get your system. ” Cal was embarrassed, being called a Item in front of the whole school. The principal looked at him and gestured for him to come up to him, and reluctantly he did. A second later he was up on the stage as he looked around nervously, and then at the principal. The principal pointed towards an orb in front of him ”as you all know, once you touch this orb, your system awakens, you have the ability to get one from birth but this orb, helps awaken your system. ” He explained.

Cal went up to the orb and touched it….

[ Purple → common system. ] it said.

Cal looked down. Knowing there was no chance to escape his cruel fate, as he went back down to his seat. He thought about it, and a purple screen appeared in front of him. It had a few sections and a title

[ Main menu ]

[ information ]

[ Tasks ]

[ Levels ]

[ Abilities ]

[ shop ]

[ contact ]

He thought about the first choice, information. And it turned white before moving to a new page. The new page [ part ] was purple, and it had text from top to end, with a large x in the corner.


[ System Information ]

[ System color : purple, the color of a system is for decorative reasons and is in most cases, the users favorite color. ]

[ system rank : godly ( hidden as common ) ]

[ Name : moonlight void ]

[ the moonlight void system is a god ranked system, made by [ 3RR0R ] and it can be used in many ways. This system is operated by its creator, who you will be able to speak with. It can give multiple high ranked abilities, the only downside is that only one individual may procure this system at a time, it is therefore a unique system and once a host is chosen, it cannot be changed. Currency of 5e system can be attained through completion of tasks, these are moonlight/void shards and both are used to attain items within the shop or abilities section. And can be used to buy items to help level up said abilities or physical traits. ]

Cals eyes widened what the.. He thought of the X in his mind and went back to the main menu page. And tapped on

[ tasks ] the screen flashed and went onto the tasks tab

[ tasks : 2 available ]

[ task 1→ return home and inform your mother of your common ranked system.]

[ rewards → 20 moonlight shards / 20 void shard / 20 XP → time for completion : 1 hour.]


[ task 2→ level up, used to get more tasks, rewards, and adds level specific items to the shop ]

[ Reward → 10 points. ]

[ points can be exchanged into any of the two currency types as needed. ]


Cals eyes darted through the text that was on the screen, he looked at the tasks again. That seems easy, right? Hopefully- cal though,

Unknown to him, everyone had already awakened their system and the principal started talking. As cal thought about the screen going away, it did and he looked at the principal, who was just finishing his speech ”- and thank you all for your time, dismissed! ”

Everyone started to get up and walked out the door, Cal was walking out towards the back of the large crowd. Time to go home already huh? He walked out of the school and started walking home.

[ 20 minutes later ]

Cal reached into his pocket and got his keys, put them in the door and click, the door opened and he walked inside, closing the door behind him. ”Couldn you stay at school for another hour brat? ” Vanessa turned around, glaring daggers at cal.

”No.. ” cal looked down, shaking his head. ”Tch, so, what system did you get? Huh brat? ” Vanessa got up and stretched and went to the kitchen ”are you going to tell me or what? ” She looked at cal again.

”I- I got common.. ” Vanessa turned around ”what did I expect? Tch, get ready, tomorrow you
e leaving, you
e an item, and you
e going to meet your new master tomorrow. Now get to your room, now! ”

Cal started walking up the stairs and opened the door to his room, closing the door behind him he changed into a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants, and went to bed.

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