My savior lover

Mother\'s cry

Part 2.

When Mrs. Murni came out of her practice room, she exclaimed, ”Wow, the floor is really clean and smells good! ” I just smiled shyly at his compliment.

After cleaning the floor, I went back to the kitchen to iron the clothes. Quite a lot of piles of cloth in the basket. As far as I know, people iron it not every day, no wonder there are so many clothes.

While waiting for the iron to warm, I took a glass and opened the refrigerator to get cold water. Just about to take a sip of water, I was startled by a voice from behind.

”Eh, who are you?! ” asked the voice. water that

I almost spilled my drink.

As soon as I looked back, it turned out that there was a man my age who was about to get some drinking water too.

”Oh-uh, Im Vira, ” I said nervously.

”What are you doing here? ” asked the man.

”Drinking! ” I said curtly. After all, my shock hasn gone away.

”What do you mean? ”

”I, Vira, came here to replace Mothers duty to iron clothes! ” my answer while pointing at the pile of cloth that was still piling up.

”You want to iron that many piles of cloth? ” asked the man in surprise.

I did not answer the mans question again, because I was busy choosing clothes according to size so that they were easy to iron.


I began to focus on completing the task of ironing clothes. I didn notice that the man was still standing behind me while still watching my movements. I only realized this when Mrs. Murni reprimanded the man.

”Hey, Tama, why are you standing like a statue? ”

”Oh-eh, its getting some water, Mah! ” he said, pointing to an empty glass.

”Vira… if you
e thirsty, get yourself some water in the fridge, okay! ” said Mrs. Murni.

”Yes, Mrs, ” I said.

”Mama offered it late! Vira had already taken drinking water from the refrigerator! ”

”Sorry Mrs, I was thirsty, ” I said.

”Its okay, Vira, just thinks of it as your own home, ” she said as he walked to the practice room.

”It turns out your name is Vira, ya? ”

”Yes, ” I said slowly while focusing on ironing

”My name is Tama, the son of Mrs. Murni, ” he said

”Yeah, I know, ” I replied.

”Loh, how do you know? We just meet, ” he protested.

”Earlier you called ”Mama ” with Mrs. Murni, ” I explained with a chuckle.

”You are still in school right? ” asked Tama.

”I just finished high school, ” I explained. ”Then you don continue to register for high school? ”

”Don know yet, it depends on my mother! Because she is still sick, ” I replied.

”Where is your father, why do you have to ask your Mom first? ”

”Well-ah, Ive been asking for a while, just like a census officer!! ” I sneered, dodging his question.

”Hm, the ironing spirit, ya! ” he said while walking to the living room.

”Oops, luckily Tama went straight away. I don want other people to know the trouble we
e going through, ” I muttered.

After almost two hours of ironing clothes in this basket, finally ready. Sweat soaked the shirt I was wearing. This is what Mother did to keep the four of us alive.

After neatly arranging the clothes, I to the kitchen again to get some water. Then sit in the kitchen chair while resting.

”Wow, your ironing is really neat! ” praise

Mrs. Murni surprised me.

”He-hee, Im surprised Mrs, ” I said, stroking my chest.

”Oh, still young, already had a heart attack, ” she teased.

Mrs. Murni opened the refrigerator and took out a blue plastic package. Then give it to me.

”Give this package to your mother, will you?

inside there are vegetables and salted fish! ” she explained.

”Take this for your pocket money! ” Mrs. Murni gave me a green banknote in my hand.

”Alhamdulillah, thank you very much. Im sorry, Mrs! ”

”Yes carefully Street! ” Mrs. Murni escorted her to the front door of the clinic.


I am very happy to receive a package from Mrs. Murni. Indeed, fortune comes unexpectedly. Along the way, I smiled to myself, remembering Tama, Mrs. Murnis child earlier.

That man is handsome too. Unfortunately, he is a rich man, while my mother and I are just servants in their house.

Ahh, is it appropriate for me to be friends with the son of your employers son? Theyll be embarrassed if someone finds out. If you know you can get angry, I thought.

When I got home, I saw that the door wasn locked. Raka and Riki couldn see the bridge of their nose. After saying hello, I called for Mother, but there was no answer. I knocked on the door three times, there was also no answer from inside. Turns out the door was locked from the inside.

I got worried and tried to peek through the keyhole. Mother was seen lying down but almost fell on the edge of the bed. Did you faint, I thought. From outside, Raka and Rikis voices were heard, but it wasn just them, there were neighbors next door as well.

My sister called the next door neighbor to help break down the door. Turns out they had heard Mothers screams. ”When called but did not answer, said Raka.

Braak … gubrakk …

Mothers room door was kicked by a tall neighbor. Three times kicked straight the door opened. And I was surprised to see the view from the room.

Mother lay with foaming at the corners of her lips. I held the vein in Mothers hand, still throbbing.

”Sir, how is this? Please take my mother to the nearest health center! ” I asked with a pitiful face to the newly arrived RT chairman.

”Iya-a moment, I called the next-door neighbor to bring the car here! ”

Raka and Riki started crying when they saw Mother being carried by a neighbor and then put in the car. I left them both at a neighbors house. Then I took my mother to the puskesmas with the head of the RT and a neighbor who had a car.

Halfway through the trip, I realized that I didn have any money to pay for my mothers check-up. There was only the twenty thousand that Mrs. Murni had given me in my pocket.

To be continued…

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