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Part 4.

”Besides, why, trying to kill himself?! ” Ask Maya

”Im sorry to have troubled you! ” Mother said flatly.

”Maya … watch your mouth! Its not polite to talk to parents like that! ” said Aunt Nur.

Sis Mayas lips immediately pouted upon hearing her mothers screams. Aunt Nur took over the steering wheel, she drove the car to my house.

The whole way we were silent, not saying anything. Mother closed her eyes, occasionally wiping away tears. Mother still needs to adjust to this situation.

She is still shaken, the jewelry for our life has been stolen by Dad. Even though the jewelry was my mothers savings, to pay for my schooling.

Everything has happened, time can not be turned back. I can only pray, may God give me the patience to face life. I always say that prayer after every five daily prayers.


Alhamdulillah, arrived at the front of the house. As soon as the car stopped, I got off first and supported Mothers weak body, from afar, Raka and Riki ran and hugged Mother. The tears of emotion from my two sisters sounded heartbreaking. They must have thought Mother was beyond help.

”Come on, don cry anymore! Mom, its okay! ” Mother said to my two brothers.

Aunt Nur wiped the tears of my two sisters. She also cried seeing this situation. I invited Aunt Nur and Kak Maya into the house.

”Auntie and Sis Maya sit down first, okay! Let Vira make hot tea, ” I asked.

”Don bother, Vira! Warm water Just for Auntie! ”

”I want cold iced tea please! ” Asked Sis Maya

”Just a moment, Sis! Vira first look at the ice cubes in the refrigerator! ” I answered.

”Oh-you guys have a fridge too, huh? I don think so there, ” she sneered.

”Maya! Watch your talk! ” scolded Aunt Nur.

Fortunately, there are still ice cubes left, enough to make iced tea for Sis Maya.

This cousin of mine really likes to talk without thinking about other peoples feelings. Unlike her sister, Kak Mila, she imitates Aunt Nur.

A glass of warm tea and a glass of iced tea is ready to be served. I carried it into the living room on a tray. Earlier, Aunt Nur asked for warm water too, I brought it for her as well.

I gave warm tea to Mother so that her body would not limp anymore. Sis Maya immediately took a sip of the sweet iced tea greedily. It seemed that he had been thirsty for the past three hours. Until the rest of the drink is only a quarter left.

”Sister Safitri … from now on, don think about Brother Reza anymore! Lets just say hes dead! ” growled Aunt Nur.

”Don torture yourself for the sake of that bastard! Remember there is a child who truly loves Big Brother! ” Aunt Nurs advice.

”Yes, Nur! You have a lot of faults with them because you think too much about yourself. ”

”If our parents were still alive, they would be very sad to see my brothers family like this, ” said Mother.

”Never mind, Sis! Now start a new life with the children! ” Aunt Nur keeps going to strengthen Mother, they are two brothers who love each other. I was amazed by the nature of this mothers only sister.


Since the incident of the suicide attempt, Mother began to change. She likes to be alone in his room, sometimes heard sobbing at night. My two younger siblings often complained about Mothers irritability for no reason. I feel that way too.

Aunt Nur still often comes to check on Mothers condition. Sometimes we bring groceries to help with our kitchen shopping. Coincidentally, Aunt Nur and Uncle Iwan have a basic food shop in the market. They have two children and their lives are very well off.

Its very different from our mediocre situation. I still regularly come to Mrs. Murnis house to iron clothes. Because the mothers condition is not fully healthy as before.

Homework, I do it too. Mother just lies weak in the room. Im afraid he will do it again. Thats why Raka and Riki also take care of Mother at home when Im going to Mrs. Murnis house.

This afternoon the schedule for ironing at Mrs. Murnis house, I have ordered Raka and Riki to play at home.

”Mom … Vira left, ya! ” I said as I knocked on the door.

”Yes, Vir. Be careful on the road! Tell Mrs. Murni, the day after tomorrow Mother is working again! ” she ordered.

”Yes, Mom, ” I said.

”Sister go first, yes, Sis! ”

Raka and Riki nodded their heads, their eyes never leaving the television showing their favorite cartoon. Just out of the door of the house, my friend Triana came.

”Hey, don you usually come here? ” I asked surprised.

”Vir … tomorrow morning registration for public high schools is open! ” she explained.

”Shhh, don make your voice so loud. Ill hear you later! ” I said while putting the index finger to my lips.

I pulled Trianas hand away from the house. Now school matters are the most sensitive thing for Mother. Thinking about the cost, he almost killed himself.

”Do you pay to register or not? ” I asked while walking hand in hand with Triana.

”My friend said registering didn pay, just fill it up form, bring a photocopy of your diploma and a passport photo! ”

”Hm, is the school fee expensive? ”

”Well, I don know. Usually, public schools are cheaper than private schools, ” Triana explained.

”Vira, I have a solution for you! ”

”What solution? ”

”How about the ironing fee to pay for your school! ”

”This fee is to pay for the school fees of my two younger siblings. While Moms cooking fee is for the four of us to eat! ” I explained. Triana immediately fell silent, confused about what to say.


”Hey, Vira! Nice iron, ya! ” Tamas voice startled me.

”Yes, ” I said without looking away from the piled pile of clothes.

”Yeah, but you
e great too, ya! You can iron that many clothes. Your strength is like a wonder woman, ” he praised.

I ignored Tamas chatter who kept praising me. This thought instead focused on Trianas words earlier. I really want to go back to school again. But do not dare to talk to Mother about this matter.

To be continued…

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