My savior lover

Two choices

Part 7.

Even though my aunt and I are only an hour away, it feels far away. Because Ive never been separated from them since I was a child. Wherever you are always together. I rubbed this face roughly.

I remember the words of Sis Maya who always just talked about my family. Would I like to live with them? Indeed, Auntie and Uncle Iwan were kind to my family, but their children were not like that.

Do they agree that I stay at his house? Duh, so dizzy, I fell asleep holding my school uniform.

Took … took …

”Viraa… you
e sleeping, aren you? Its already sunset! ” A knock on the door startled me.

”Uh-oh, yes, Mom, ” I stuttered.

”Its evening already, isn it, Mom? ” I asked as I opened the door.

”Yes, ” said Mother.

”The uniform is folded, why is it? just put it down? ” Mom protested.

I immediately took the uniform that fell on the edge of the bed. Then fold it neatly and put it in the cupboard. I glanced at the round object on the wall of the room, it was already half past seven in the evening.

I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself and then abducted. After the prayer, I pray, please give me luck so I can graduate from the state school. But Mother and Aunt Nur didn know that I had enrolled in high school. If they pass that school, it will be a surprise for them.


Today is the announcement about the graduation from public high school. Triana and I had arrived at school with excited hearts. If you don pass, how disappointed you will be because both of our grades have met the standard.

As soon as I saw the participants who signed up, I didn feel confident. How not, who come here using cars and motorbikes. I was coming by bus.

They wear neat clothes and are expensive. It can be seen from his cool style wearing shoes and a watch in hand. Its like this if you are desperate to enter a favorite school. Compete with the rich kids.

My friend Triana is also a wealthy person, for some reason she always thinks about my fate. Even though his father could take him on a motorbike, she refused, because she wanted to go with me by bus.

”What time is it, Tri? ”

”Its almost two in the afternoon! ” she answered. ”That means the announcement will be out soon, ” I said.

”Are you afraid you won pass, Vir? ”

”Im more afraid if Mom gets angry! Because I told Mom to only go away for a while! ” I explained.

”Well, the picket teacher came out! He was pasting the names of students who graduated! ” Triana said, pointing towards the office.

Im getting nervous, my stomach feels queasy. Sweat soaked the shirt I was wearing. Immediately the atmosphere was noisy, participants pushed each other to take a close look at the names that passed.

”Vir, you just sit down! Let me see your name, whether its written on the paper or not thats it! ” Triana said.

I nodded my head, confused by the commotion. Not five minutes, already heard sobbing in the corner of the room. There was a beautiful girl who was sobbing in the corner of the room accompanied by her mother.

Hmm, the girls name must not be on the notice paper, I thought. From afar I saw Triana was still looking for our names. Because there are three papers stuck to the wall with a total of three hundred students for three majors.

I moved away from the crowd, sat on the edge of a small garden holding Trianas backpack. In fact, if I didn graduate, I would have gone to school too. But in private high schools, because in public schools registration has closed.

For Aunt Nur to send me to school, it must be very easy, because she is a rich person. Her two children are already working, its no longer a problem. Oh well, Id better go home. From afar Triana waved at me.

”How did it go, Trii? ” I asked.

”Thank God, we both passed, Vir! ” she answered as she hugged me.

”Hah, really? ” I asked in disbelief.

”Thats right, you can lie, ” she said.

We walked hand in hand to the picket table, Triana showed me my name and the order of grades. Feelings of emotion welled up in my heart, my eyes began to warm. Hurry up wipe the corner of this eye, with your hand.

”Furthermore, the names that pass must be re-registered and have a medical test! ” Triana explained.

”Lets go to the re-registration room! ” take me.


It turns out that this happiness is not perfect. After re-registration, we were directed to the UKS room for a medical test. Well, this medical test must pay.

While I only bring the right money for the fare only. Triana also brought money but had already paid for the medical test. If the two of you collect the fees, its still not enough to pay for the test.

We sat quietly in the corner of the room, thinking. How to get money quickly to pay for the medical test.

”Nah… I have an idea! ” Triana screamed while snapping her two fingers.

”What idea? ” I asked surprised.

Triana whispered something in my ear, pointing at two men sitting on a motorbike. As soon as I saw it, they seemed to be seniors in this school. Since then, he has disciplined the crowd of students. Triana pulled my hand to meet the two men earlier.

”Excuse me… Brother is a student in this high school too, ya? ” asked Triana familiarly.

”Eh-oh, yes, Bro! You just surprised me! ” said

white man.

”You were looking at the announcement, weren you? ” asked the friend next to him.

”Yes, Bro! We both graduated! ” I answered. ”Wow, congratulations, ya! ” they said.

”You guys hurry to the picket room to re-register! ” said the white man.

”Yes, Bro, just finished, ” I said.

”Theres only one more condition that we haven fulfilled, Bro, ” Triana told them.

”Loh, why not filled? ” ask them almost simultaneously.

”Because you have to pay for the medical test, Bro! We only have money left for the cost of going home! ” explained Triana at length.

The two men looked at each other, they knew the medical test was just a formality made by the school. But it is made a requirement to enter this school. Hm … waiting for their answer, like waiting for Mom to give me pocket money.

To be continued…

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