Mystical Alchemist

Chapter 1 The Devil

A young man, not past his 20s lurks in the alleys of this lightless street. Patiently waiting for someone, he is memorizing a line from a famous book.

”Assumption is a mortals chiefest enemy ”

An infamous line that was originally fabricated from the famous novelist Shakespeares ”Macbeth ” which was once primarily ”Security is a mortals chifest enemy ” but for whatever reason he recomposed the line and found an elusive similarity between the two. Whatever these lines meant the man took it very seriously, he has been saying the former everytime he goes out to kill someone.

The man found it to be hilarious that the line truly resembled most of the situation he always gets himself into, and so he can help but simply laugh at the subtle realization of this.

”Assuming bastards they are alright. ”

The man looked very pale and skinny perhaps due to malnourishment and body deficiencies which are also the factor as to why he isn as tall as other people. A thick ragged hoodie covered the thin physique of the man making his body proportion seem out of shape or rather unusual and in the darkness he seemed to be the omen of death, lingering around the slums no matter how long it takes to take someones life away.

Never did the killer liked being stepped on by other people, but being an individual of unfathomably low status made him get discriminated always on a daily basis by elites of the city. He killed every single one of the people who have always made his murderous urge seep out in the most horrifying ways possible, causing mass panic in the urban area. Thus the legend of The Black Reaper was born.

Multiple attempts have been made trying to apprehend the criminal that is causing the terrifying murders in the city, to execute the assassin publicly as to show justice and security to the civillians of the city.

The criminal was yet to be caught even after all the years spent trailing the tracks of him and the countless studies of his murders and methods. To this day this man is still holding the city by its neck making the already terrified citizens grim even more in his existence alone.

This particular target of his have always been in his bad side the day they were fated to meet each other, he tried to be patient with the man but it seemed like an impossible task with the mans absolutely disgusting lowly demeanor and just manners in general, its like this man is a walking taunt for the killer.

He even got into a fight with the victim, and it is at that unfortunate day that the killer has suffered a scar that was embbed in his left chest painfully throbbing everytime his heart beats, making his existence even more of a pain.

I can wait to put a whole through your chest like you did mine you piece of shit.

Today is the day that he will finally realize his revenge on the man, kill him in cold-blood, make him regret that they had ever met one another, and lastly make his death as agonizing as possible.

After waiting for quite a long time to say the least, his target has finally walked towards his domain like a bug willingly going into the maws of a venus flytrap.

The man cracked his neck, and stretched his entire body tensing up his muscles seemingly readying himself up even with the constant stinging pain of his scarred wound.

As the victim walked pass the dark slums the reaper was in, he started stalking him. With a manageable pace that the victim is walking with the killer simply adjusted his pace to be of the same speed gradually increasing it everytime a second passes.

The victim seem to catch on the upcoming threat and sped up, panic obviously setting in.

However before the victim could go out in the streets where theres people the killer simply lunged himself towards the unfortunate victim closing the huge gap in their distance in just a second.

Making the victim stumble down his knees and roll to the ground for a short amount of time the killer pinned down the man upfront revealing his dirty and messy face under the hood, cold and lifeless eyes and a menacing stare resembling that of staring at nothingness.

The face of the man filled with dread as he realized that this young man that is preparing to kill him was in fact someone he knew.

”Altair? ”

Altair stared at the man with his eyes filled with no remorse and simply grinned.

”Hey fat bastard! You finally called me by my name didn you? ”

Altair is used to being called names by people of higher hierarchy and to be called his real name simply means that fear finally starts enshrouding the heart of these people.

The victim tried to resist, however Altairs appearance betrays his physical capabilities.

”Oh what? Thought I was weak or something? ”

He continued to pin down the man and limit his mobility effortlessly. With a knife in his pocket he took it out and glanced at his victim.

”It truly was shit meeting a pig like you, again. I really did not want to do this for another time but you people with more of everything in this World really are just testing my damn patience. ”

Privileged people have more capabilities to truly live in this World, but why do some of them make it so that the World will be hell for some people? This is something Altair can truly understand, and if it will always be like this then he might as well do something to ease his hate towards them, even for a bit. Murder.

With his left hand effortlessly holding the man down to his position and his right hand raising his knife up he is finally ready to finish off the man.

That is when suddenly the victim laughed at Altair even in his seemingly dire fate, then, a sudden static screeched and the man spoke.

”It is confirmed. ”

Altair looked at him with a bit of a perplexed look, however he did not let his confusion get the better of him and it only took him a second to react still not stopping him from wanting to kill the man.

And as he gestured to finally put a hole through the mans chest, the pedestrians that looked like just random walking citizens stared towards Altairs direction and pulled out a gun.

With the sudden realization that he will be shot he froze in response.

”Altair, The Black Reaper, charged with multiple murder cases we are here to arrest you under the name of the law, surrender or be shot. ”

Altair stopped his intents for a while and stared directly at the police officers with a lax expression smothered all over his face.

”Law my ass. ”

The knife pierced through the chest of the man and blood splurted out of it, Altair simply bathed in it. The man cried like an animal for help but Altair continued cutting him down in every part of his body.

”No! No! It was only my job! THEY PAID ME TO DO IT- ”

Without paying the man any attention he continued slicing him sticking the knife in his chest again in a more barbaric manner multiple times, cries of the man resonated in the wide alley, alerting the whole neighbourhood to glance at the situation and escape from the horrifying scene.

And then a shot was fired.

Gunshots after gunshots Altair could feel the bullet pass through his body and yet he failed to care. The bullets piercing through his frail body and cries of the man did not spark even a bit of remorse inside Altair nor the willingness to stop his savagery. After stabbing the man countlessly he continued to slam the knife down his victims head, feeling a bit of resistance he realized that the knife did not completely pierce through the skull of the adult and so he repeated the motion and gruesomely pierced through his brain.

The man fell silent, he was now dead.

The what seemingly looked like police officers responded with bullets, hitting Altair in every vital point of his body. One bullet managed to put a hole through his eye sockets and one managed to obliterate his jaw and yet the man still stood his ground.

He can feel the coldness and the nearing death of his body now however the officers continued to shoot him.

Altair was quick to realize and immediately knew who these men are after taking a closer look at their faces.

They are assassins from the Syndicate, dressed up as policemen possibly to make it so that killing him a criminal himself would not be a problem to the public eye, afterall policemen are the ones who uphold the law and so it does not matter if violence is present, all that matters is a criminal, a killer is stopped, be it dead or alive.

Another desired outcome should also be accounted for, if the World witnesses the sheer brutality of the men that are responsible of keeping order in society it would awaken the rebellious souls of the people making them turn on the government, which in turn damages both the reputation and the power of the government and in turn allows the Syndicate to capitalize from the chaos and possibly gain political power by masking up as a benevolent organization that is fighting back against government and police brutality.

Altair realized this. Afterall he was once a part of the Syndicates finest assassins, the Worlds most terrifying people.

He was no longer able to talk because of the damage on his jaws and so he only pointed the knife towards them letting the men know that he is aware of who they are and that he will slice all of them apart indifferently just like the dead man laying in his own pool of blood covered with the most brutal cuts, even if it ends up on him dying ba

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