Today Im sure, Henry will like my present ”

Siha, a woman who attracts men by just one glance.

Last time he didn like it since it was cheap but this one…I have bought this with my months whole salary. ”

She has loved Henry since she first came to this new city. Siha came with a business but in love, she forgot about it and didn contact her parents. which she regretted the most now.

I remember when we first met…. ”

It was ××××, autumn season with a strong breeze blowing. I came out of the airport and bumped into you, You helped me with my luggage, even said everything about this city which was so unfamiliar, you showed me this city

. Its our third year anniversary, Im just so excited to see you.

But why didn he contact me from last week, maybe he was busy with his work. ”

Siha stopped when her eyes went on Henry, she stood in the corner to give him a surprise.

She tilts her head to look and was shocked to see a woman hugging him so intimately.

Is he planning a prank….right….that must be the case….he would never hurt me.

Siha calmed herself in her Mind.

When she walked forward to go near him, he suddenly kissed that woman.

Siha hides back behind the wall and was shocked. Her eyes couldn believe that.

She wanted that to be a dream but it was not.

What if that poor girl will find that you are cheating on her ” That lady, Natalia..a model who works in a small industry.

Henry gave an evil smile and said That useless woman is nothing but a poor woman. ”.

After hearing those heartless words Siha couldn stop her tears. She ran from that area.

It was pouring hard, Siha looked at the gift that she bought for him,

I don like money but me ”

She threw that gift in a dustbin.

Siha came back to her apartment, because of that gift she didn pay. And today with a stroke of bad luck, the landlord came to ask for the rent. Siha apologized to him and asked him a time. That landlord became angry and shouted at her that made all her neighbours and other renters lookout. She apologized to all of them.

If you can pay then get out from my apartment, you think you can live for free ” That landlord said.

Siha took her another phone from inside her room. which belonged to the real Siha, not the ordinary, poor woman.

She said him with a cold expression, This whole building is mine now ”. Siha banged the door of her room on the landlords face. She had purchased the whole apartment, not only this but the whole in the area.

He started to bang on it with his hand.

Hey, you poor, Im not in a mood of a joke ” He shouted.

Siha sighed and ignored him.

She went into the bathroom and was having a bath.

In her other phone, Henry was calling.

Siha didn want to answer it but then she did.

Baby, you didn come to see me today, you know Im so heartbroken, don you remember what day it is today ” He said from the phone.

Heartbroken.Your a**

She said in her mind.

Siha chuckled and said Lets meet tomorrow ”.

After saying those words, she hanged upon him.

Meanwhile in Henrys place.

Hmph…that woman, from where she became so arrogant ” Henry said from his apartment.

Oh..come one baby, leave that bitc*, She doesn deserve you ” Natalia said to him while wrapping herself on him.

Thats right baby~ ” Henry pushed her down on the bed.

On the other side,

Siha was drying her hair. She received a call from her father.

She answered the call.

Hello, ” Siha said, controlling her emotions.

Finally, you ungrateful brat, do you even know how your father has gone through in your absence, and whats with offing your phone and living as another person ” He said and nagged her on the phone.

Siha burst in tears.

After hearing her sobs, her father asked.

Whats wrong my love, were you angry with me, Im sending a chopper right now. Your mother and I miss you so much ” He said.

I miss you mom and dad ” Siha said with whimpers.

I will come after setting my business here, I will pay them back who looked down on me ” Siha said wiping her tears.

…Did something happened my child ” Her mother asked since the phone on her fathers side was in speaker.

Nothing mom, Take care of yourself and dad ” Siha said and hanged up the phone.

Siha opened her laptop and started to investigate the companies which could not even last a month.

She barely slept.

The next morning, Henry was at her door. But she had already left early in the morning. Even if his love was impure but her love for him was the purest. She was even ready to sacrifice her wealth.

The chopper which was sent by her father had arrived, maids and servants lined up and bowed to her when she came. With an aura of a noble lady.

My lady, the chopper is ready to take off ” Sihas personal assistant, Theo said. He is not only her personal Assistant but also her bodyguard.

Im sorry, Theo..for these past three years ” Siha said and took off her glasses.

She sat inside the chopper.

You must have suffered, My lady ” Theo said.

Siha gave a bitter cold smile and said These past years are the unforgettable memories of mine ”.

What in the world happen…why did my lady become so cold, she was not like this. a cheerful and joyful lady who only knew how to smile and laugh.

Theo said in his mind after hearing her words.

Siha received a call from Henry in her other phone, she threw her phone from the chopper and said This is not the right time to make you regret, I will wait for that day to arrive. Love can turn to hate as well ” She smirked and closed her eyes.

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