•off the bus•

4 buses being followed by a group of 5 people and the leader was making an announcement.

”lets go we finished our work. ”

as soon as they heard that the 4 people touched their necklaces.


All disappeared with the sound of the wind occupying the empty space.

the only one left was the leader.

”start report.

Planet ZX21365.

owner of this Universe: Red

planet owners: Mereos

reincarnated school built.

students arrived at their destination.

level of students: medium-high.

best student: Peran.

End of report. ”

as soon as he sent the report before leaving he turned to the buses parked in the school entrance.

”good luck the first batch is always the one with the most deaths ”

a sad look and yet he had a smile on his face.

”good luck! ”


•inside the bus•

a 13 year old boy with raven hair and eyes as bright as the stars in the sky. he had just come out of his capsule and found himself in a completely white suit.

it covered the neck down everything was covered. plus the black wings that grew enough to cover his body like a cape was without that white suit covering him.

looking around for familiar faces he found a boy with white hair who was talking to a boy with black hair and red irises.

the black haired boy was the baby with red hands that before only covered his hands now were red up to his elbows.

the white haired boy didn change much anymore now he had transparent wings on his paper thin back. he even had red irises. and black sclera. apart from the wings he hasn changed much.

looking for the baby from the ceiling. he found it floating outside its pod. her black hair with white spots. aside from the hair he looked like an ordinary human aside from the fact that he was floating.

as soon as the floating boy met my gaze he started screaming.

”mr flying kick help me!*

”tramp think Im a taxi?! ”

even screaming I flew to get him. he, me and the other two are different from these ordinary humans so we will suffer or be exalted. so its better to form our own group in advance.

as soon as I picked it up I realized that it was much lighter and that it had apparently normal skin but when I touched it it had the texture of wood.

Pretending not to notice anything I said.

”Grab my shoulders. ”

as soon as he grabbed it I realized it felt like I was carrying an empty backpack it was so light.

I dove towards the other 2 boys and glided when I got too close to the ground.

as soon as i arrived i heard a surprised young voice.

”Wow, your wings really work for flying and my wings only work for a longer jump. ”

it was the boy with the white hair.

”what is your name? ”

as soon as i heard that i wondered if i was going to keep my old name or what the parents of this body wanted.

”… ”

”…Hello Reo to mister flying kick! ”

I already know what I want to be called in this life.

”Peran ”

”what? ”

”my name is Peran. ”

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