”Ding! World information has been collected would the host like to read it? ”

”…zzz ”

”host! Host! Anna! ”

A few hours later

”Anna wake up!! ”

”….oh, blue your back ”

”…yes. Do you wish to have the information transferred? ”

”yep! Bring the pain ”

”as you wish ”

yep it hurts

”ahh!!!! ”

”host stop screaming you will attract the zombies! ”

”Fuck! Why don you try going through this without screaming ” I condemned blue for a whole hour to pass the time and ignore the pain.

One hour later.

”Fuck this world is awesome!!! ”

reasons for my excitement? Uh, there is a lot but for now, the main point is that this world works in the reverse example the men are the ones that give birth while the women were on top of the food chain, until the zombies. The technology of the world is at least hundreds of years ahead of earth, so making a fortune in my world by using the supplies from this world is very possible (this was my actual goal for coming here).

The Apocalypse is a natural disaster so there is nothing like making a cure and saving the world although the people of this world don know that they all think its some kind of virus, its not, it is happening because their world is evolving so the inhabitants of the world are forced to evolve along with it, like seriously everything here can **ing kill

”blue if said soulmate is from this world how the heck are we going to have a…well normal relationship? ”

I will have you know that the women in this world are very similar to men in my world except that they don have a penis lol, how do the men get pregnant well that is easy to explain but also hard at the same time when they have sex they absorb the semen from the women using some sort of gland on their dicks and the rest of the process is the same as that of the women in my world oh and by the way when a couple gets married here the woman is the husband while the man is the wife (to be honest I paid more attention to this part of the information than anything else)

”host there is enough energy to perform one enhancement or modification. I suggest modifying your body to that of a female from this world that way when the host collects more energy it will be easier for the system to create a suitable ability for you. And to be honest, your current body is even weaker than the men of this world ”

”…blue can you not be so painfully honest all the time, I was planning on modifying my body, to begin with, besides if I don I highly doubt I will survive very long in this world. ”

”should I begin? ”

”wait! One question after I modify my body will it affect my daily life in my world? ”

”no it won , you will simply look more beautiful? ”

”….there was a question mark….for the sake of riches lets do this! ”

”as you wish ”

”**! Blue is there a single thing you do to me that isn painful? ” I passed out. screw this scummy system!! When I woke up and saw myself in the mirror I was shocked ok that is not a word but hot damn!

”Blue, give me my body statistics ”

”as you wish ”




20(stop deceiving yourself your not 19)


Half earthling Half melta


190(the only thing good about you is your height)


60/100(read more books there is still hope)


(You think too much give up)

Physical fitness

80/200(you are now faster, stronger, and more agile than a level one zombie be happy)

”Fuck! Blue what is with the unnecessary comments ”

”….. ”

My height shot up by a lot the average height of a Melta female is around 170-185 and for men it is around 165-170 the system wasn wrong my height is the best thing about me, oh by the way the people in this world are referred to as Meltas its the same as calling us, Earthlings. I have been in this mansion since morning its well for me its been since morning but because of the time difference when I arrived here it was afternoon its already nighttime here…..Im starving

”blue I need food! ”

”there is a nutrition store 1km from here ”

”** if I had known I would have put some foodstuff into the system space. Blue map out a safe route for me ”

”as you wish ”

what is a nutrition store you ask? Well, its almost the same as a provision store or a mart the only difference is that in this world all the food is either compressed or artificially made nutritional packs, they focused so much on technology that they ignored things like food clothes, and all those other basic things, and now thanks to the apocalypse most that tech has been rendered null and void, they screwed themselves over thats for sure.

Thanks to the apocalypse they are now learning to grow their food since most of the compressed food and nutritional packs are either expired enough to kill or none existent if their hand-grown food doesn mutate and kill them off then that is already very lucky and if the bacteria in their water doesn mutate and kills them then that is insanely lucky, so the most important thing in this world is food and water, although the people in this world can gain abilities during the apocalypse finding a water user or a plant user is very very rare.

”Host the safest route has been mapped out. ”

”this? This is what you call safe route? ”

on the virtual map that blue showed me there were a lot of red dots

”blue are you trying to get me killed ”

”negative, if the host uses this route you will be able to collect life orbs to increase the energy of the system and also get to the nutritional store without much time wasted…..all the zombies there are at level one ”

”what was with the long pause? ”

”host, have you looked at your body stats? ”

”…ok lets go ” I picked up the pole-looking thing and headed out.

”Host! don aim for the head! Aim for the heart! ”

”say that earlier! ”

”the host you were given all necessary information about how to kill a zombie you can blame me ”

”…well I didn really look through it much ”

”… ”

”huff, huff ” finally after almost getting killed a bunch of times I arrived at the store.

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