”lets sign in first ”

signing in is when you use your identity card to check into the base if you want to leave on a hunting trip you have to input the number of days you will be out for, the identity card also works like a bank card the number of life crystals you give will be registered into your card as money and when you sign in you have to pay some cash, if you stay out two to three days longer than you input on your card before you left the base you will be registered as dead but if you come back earlier than registered then they don care as long as youve got supplies for those that don have any identity card they either purchase one or live outside the base. The value of life crystal is like this

Level one LC

One hundred pans (one hundred dollars)

Level two LC

Two hundred pan

Level three LC

Five hundred pan

Level four LC

One thousand pan

Level five LC

Three thousand pan

Level six LC

(hasn been seen before)

”okayyy!! ” the identity card they gave her is one from the black market so its safe but not very safe.

”Whats in the bags? ” asked the security woman

”oh, just some gold bars we got for fun ” Yogo answered,

”so the mission was a bust? ”

”yeah, fake news, we almost got ourselves killed ”

”well your house has already been put under Milkys name as you asked for ”

”huh? ”

”what? ”

”the hell! ”

”I saw this coming, ” said Marron

in case you
e wondering who Milky is, its the name of Yogos boyfriend that scammed her. All of them had different expressions each of which I must say was fun to watch.

”Err he said that you gave it to him before you left so he went to the office to get the house put under his name, ” the gate woman said

”I never said that ”

”well everyone knows how much you dote on him so we all believed it, you can always to the office and change it back you know ”

”**! That was our group house! Where do you expect us to get enough cash to get back that house? ”

”it took us three months to be able to buy that house you know ”

”see I warned you that Milky ain worth shit but did you listen no!! ” yelled Marron

”um well you guys should go in there are still people waiting to sign in ” they had no choice but to stop arguing with each other and go in. ”Hey before we separate can you tell me where I should go if I want to sell supplies, ” I asked them

”Ill take you there, ” Maron said

”kay, let go there first ” I already tossed all the gold bars from one bag into the system space and filled the bag with some canned food, I also took off the wrapping paper.

”Here they do fair exchanges and its safe too ”

”thanks ” we walked in and were greeted by the man at the front desk.

This was my first time seeing a man in this world, he was very cute I think about 160cm he was only allowed to work because he awakened an ability.

”Welcome I heard youve got some pretty rare stuff, lets move to a private room first ” we were greeted by a fat blob no wait that was a person.

”Here! ”

I placed four cans of canned fish on the table before I could continue speaking there was a loud crash from behind me when I turned to look there was a young man behind me who had dropped the tray he was carrying on the floor. Yep, he was a beauty he was wearing shorts so I could see his sexy legs because he was wearing a crop top I could see his smooth stomach

”gulp, blue I think Im being affected by this world ”

”….host you have always been a perverted horn dog. You
e not being affected by anything ”

”…cough! These are what I want to exchange ”

”This…this is! Please wait a minute let me get the boss ” the fat blob said as she ran…rolled out a few minutes later she came in with a macho looking woman

”Dear customer what do you want to exchange these for? ” the boss woman aka Lana asked

”I need a secure place to live, not too big but not too small and I want it fully furnished ”

”yes yes, no problem we will arrange it immediately. Um, miss do you maybe have more of these? ”

”two more, but they are for me ”

”oh no problem but if you lay your hands on anymore maybe you could bring some here for an exchange ”

”Mhm ”

”that…wait here as we arrange a house for you, just give us one hour ”

I glared at her and she immediately changed her tongue thirty minutes later, I was given a house. It was put under my name and it showed on my identity card.

”Anna! I mean boss hehe if it is not much can I join you? I won cause any trouble for you, I am a first-level wind user so I can help out a bit ”

well I do need someone to take care of the house for me when Im gone so its not a bad deal

”I have two conditions ”

”yes anything ”

”…one, don betray me, and two you listen and do as I say without question. Okay? ”

”yes no problem ”

”fine go get your things and move in, Im going out for a bit I left some food in the house itll do you for the duration of my absence ”

”yes, boss ” this womans face-changing skill is even better than mine.

”Blue lets go ”

”as you wish ” hehe its time to convert this gold into cash muwahahahahaha. I came back to earth ”first thing first I need to take a shower ” I went to the public bath on the way there I received many stares.

”Yes? ” right now at this moment Im at a very shady-looking store

”blue are you sure this is the right place? ”

”if you want to sell the gold for a good price then yes this is the right place ”

”I have some goods to sell open up ”

the man-sized me up before opening the door holy crap everyone in here is a goddamn gangster

”yo look what we have here! ”

”yo lady what you looking for here ”

”…get your boss I got something for him ”

”bitch who do you think you are ” taking advice from the blue I slammed the bag of gold on the mans legs and let it open revealing all the gold bars inside.

”Holy! ”

”now will you call your boss ”

”Im already here, ” a man said as he walked down the stairs he pointed at the guy that was having his foot crushed by the bag and told him to bring it to a private room as I followed behind him

”all of this? ”

”Yeah, all of it ”

”you got a secure account? ”

”yeah total it up and transfer it to this account ” after our discussion, he sent the money to my bank account and I left I knew I was being followed so I turned the corner and frosted them all, theyll live. ”Holy shit!!! So much money lets calm down first ” now I don have to live in the dorm first I rented an apartment then went shopping I bumped into my classmates but they didn recognize me.

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