Since I had the week off and it was just Tuesday I didn go back to the other world yet. I spent three days enjoying life.

”Blue lets go ”

”as you wish ”

”Boss you back!! ” said Marron

”yeah lets go to the shopping center first then pick up a mission ”

”kay! ”

”hey, the boss did you know? Yogos boyfriend set her up two days ago, she was ambushed, and her legs were broken, Mana and Haro barely managed to escape with their body intact ”

”huh! Well, its not any of our business ”

”by the way what do you want to buy? ”

”protective suit, particle gun, hovercraft, and energy crystals ”

”cool ”

”Ill get some equipment for you too don worry ”

”cool, I love you boss ”

”** of I have no interest in women ”

”hehe ” the shopping center was really crowded heck they even sold men there.

”Lets go pick up a mission ”

”kay! ”

”boss how bout this one the reward is very generous ”

”hmm? Let me see ”


Save the captured alpha team from a group of cannibals.


Three particle gun cartridge.

”Well take it ”

”yes boss! ”

e signing out! ”

”oh, you guys chose this mission? Be careful a total of four teams have taken this mission already but they all became food for those sickos ”

”got it! ” I replied as I got in my hovercraft

The mission location was the town next to base it was a 3 hours drive, when we arrived about 5meters away from the target building I stopped the craft

”get off we
e storming in ” forgive me for not having any great plan, I have this much power why waste time planning when I can just freeze them to death when I was about to do just that Marron stopped me

”boss you can just up and freeze them all, there are still hostages in there! ”

”**! Then you go in there and be the bait draw out ass much of them as you can I will sneak in the back door and handle the remaining. ”

”aye aye boss! ”

A few minutes later I could hear Marrons screams all the way from where I was hiding I peeked out to look seeing the amount of people chasing I have to say she is quiet good at pulling agro. I silently snuck in through the back of the building.

”**! The hell do you think you are doing bitch! ”

”its not me! ”

”** you! Your pointing the gun at us and still say its not you? ”

”Im telling you its not me, ** it I can control my body! ”

I decided to test out my blood bending skill on the remaining cannibals inside and I must say this skill is very good at causing chaos. As they were busy fighting each other I went around looking for where the hostages or should I say where the reserve grains where being locked up.

”blue can you find them for me? ”

”that will not be possible as there is no surveillance camera in here ”

”whelp, Ill have to find them myself then ”

After a while I could hear the sounds of footsteps coming towards my direction, (shit they stopped fighting each other) it can be helped I still need a guide anyway so its perfect timing I stealthy caught a skinny looking lady and dragged her into a room.

”hello there, I need some info from you ”

I said with a smile on my face as I took control her blood, Although I can control the blood I can control their minds so threatening her was the only way she gave in quiet easily so I simply tied her up and left he there. If she didn tell me I wouldn have known that there was an underground basement the worst part is that the entrance to that basement is inside a goddamned toilet, holy! So glad that it was an empty toilet I put my hand in and felt for the entrance button, it was easy to find.

With a click the toilet shifted to the side exposing the entrance beneath it, I heard the muffled sounds off people shifting about, there was no light in there so I took out a flashlight from the system space and flashed it into the basement as I went in. Holy Cow! if this wasn a gory scene this would totally be a sight that causes nosebleed. Apart from the pile of dead bodies there were a bunch of naked men piled up in a corner they huddled together looking at me in fear.

”don be afraid! I came from the Cross base to rescue you guys. First find some clothes to cover yourselves ” they looked terrified so I went to look at the pile of dead bodies on the floor, thanks to blue my vision was blurred so I couldn see the sight well but one thing was for sure, these pile of dead bodies belonged to the alpha team that we came here to rescue. I took a photo as evidence to show the base so ass to collect my reward.

”blue I feel strange, its kind of a strange pull ”

”…follow it ”

I followed the pull and arrived in front of a wall, the felling was getting stronger and stronger my heart started betting fast, so fast I thought it would fall out of my chest my hands started shaking I felt nervous and exited at the same time. I placed my hands on the wall and froze it then shattered.

The feeling and the sight I saw and felt right at this moment is something that I would never forget for the rest of my life. A young boy that looked to be about 17-18 years old was dressed in blue denim looking shorts with a cute crop top his long golden hair draped all the way down to his hips his beautiful discolored eyes staring at me with shock confusion and joy I felt my mouth go dry my heart felt like it was about to burst open I was flooded with so much emotions that I didn know what to do with myself I felt so happy that tears streaked down my cheeks. I walked forward untied him and hugged him tightly as though I wanted to integrate him into my body, at that moment I heard a snap and a transparent screen popped up before me.

Host: Anna

Soulmate: Yuki (found)

Age: 20

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Gender :Melta Male

”Ding! The system has fulfilled its mission, the host will be left will two dimensional rings, the system will now begin unbinding. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0 the system wishes you a happy life ”

I didn have time to say anything when I heard the sounds of the women upstairs rushing into the basement, I lifted Yuki up in a princess carry and ran out of the secret room.

”follow behind me!! ” I said to the other boys then looked down at Yuki that laid quietly in my arms I could feel his body trembling I patted his head to comfort him. I didn need to wait long before the women stormed into the basement, the surprising thing was that they had Marron all tied up

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