Click clack the sound of her heels echoed in the hospital corridor as she made her way to the meeting hall, she glanced at her wristwatch and saw she has few minute left. Few nurses pass by her and stopped to greet her and she replied them with a smile and hastened her footsteps. She got to the meeting hall and took a deep breath before opening the door and she walked in elegantly, with one of her hands in her pant trousers. The other directors that were already sitted in the meeting hall turned to face her and she bowed her head slightly, putting on a smile she said, ”good morning ” and went to her position to have her seat. Then the door burst open again and a man in his seventies strolled in, he was putting on a White and black suit and was accompanied by a young and tall masculine man who stood by the door with his hand behind his back and the directors stood up and bowed their head to greet the head of the hospital. He took his seat and the directors sat back.

”lets begin the meeting ” he said and the directors adjusted their posture on the chair.

”I will start with head of cardio thoracic department, Dr Eliza ” he said and Eliza bowed her head slightly, ready to listen to what he had to say. ” I heard you have a patient who doesn have the capacity to pay his bills and youve decided to run a charity organization ”

”am only doing my duty as a doctor, his family members are trying their best to raise funds sir ”

”what is his illness ”

”he his suffering from Heart Arrhythmia, a rare case of Brugada ” she said and silent whispering ensued in the meeting hall before it was brought to a stop by the head directors voice, ”thats a serious case you have there doctor Eliza ”

”it truly is sir,my team and I will perform cardiac ablation to implant ICD ” she said and the directors began to mummur again. ”the cardiac ablation surgery have a lot of risk Dr Eliza ” one of the directors spoke and the hall went quiet again. ”the success rate is 50-90 ” he concluded

”at least I have to try, am a medical doctor ”

”he his going to die anyway and he doesn even have money to pay his bills, tell his family to leave him and let him go in peace ” the head of the hospital said ”

”I won do that sir, I will try my best as a doctor ”

”good luck ” he said.

Finally, the meeting ended and Eliza made her way to her office. As a cardio thoracic surgeon, she tries her best to give her best care to her patient no matter their finical status, a persons life matters .She got to her office and her patients where already sitted on a long wooden bench in front of her office waiting for her and she greeted them with a smile, her student doctors who were attending to some of the patient ran to her and bowed t

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