He walked few steps ahead of her while she walked behind him and she saw how broad his shoulders were and it made her wonder if he had brothers, well she wants to think he does, when she was dragged to the throne room, she saw two women sitting by the kings side, one to his left and one to his right, she was sure it was his wives, the queens, so she wants to believe that he isn the only child.

Back to the throne room, she looked around her sorroundings with the corner of her eyes and something seems to be off. The four men were gone and the two women were back to the kings side, sitting in the same position they had sat earlier and another set of new faces now occupied the seats that belonged to the four men. a guy and a lady sat on the left side and there was an extra empty seat beside the guy while on the right side, two guys and a lady sat, there was also an extra seat right beside the lady. She was right,he had other siblings, she could see from their attire that they were princes and princesses. She knew this things, thanks to traditional movies.

This time around, she wasn brought to stand before the king and like she had watch in traditional movies, she moved to the middle of the throne room and stood before the king and went down on her knees and bowed her head, her head almost kissing the ground, she said, ”Long live the king ” and a satisfactory smile appeared on the kings face and the faces of his queen.

”arise ” the king said and she hastily did. Araromi who has been on his feet went over to the empty seat that was on the left side of the throne room where two of his other brothers sat and took his seat. Then he beckoned on her to sit on the empty seat that was beside the lady. He looked at her then nodded at the seat. Surprised, she turned her head to look at the king who nodded his head in confirmation and her heart jumped with joy. Her injured knee has been aching badly and she was glad she was going to seat not knee with her head bowed. She slowly sat on the stool and looked at the lady who was seated beside her and she offered her a smile but instead of returning it, the princess looked away, an air of arrogance surrounded her and she laughed inwardly. She shifted her eyes from the lady and rested her gaze on the guys that were seated beside the lady and she offered them a smile and they smiled back. It is always the princess who always had a problem, she thought, even in the traditional movies she watched, they were always the one with problem. The guys were handsome though, but not as handsome as prince Araromi, they were no where near him. Her eyes began to scan the Throne room, she moved her eyes away from the two prince and rested it on the two princes that sat across her and among them, was Araromi .She noticed that the prince that sat beside prince Araromi was almost has handsome has Araromi himself and they looked so much alike then her eyes moved to the princess that sat among them and her eyes widened, she was a beauty to behold, her brown eyes twinkled like a shinning star and she had a smile on her face unlike the other one who looked like something she can describe,she was also a pretty woman but not as pretty as this second princess, finally, she moved her eyes away from the lady and looked at the other princes again and they weren as handsome as Araromi and the prince that sat beside him. Then her eyes shifted to look at the queen and they both had a smile on their face. The one on the right side was a beautiful one and she was a bit chubby and when her eyes shifted to look at the one at the left, she found herself opening her mouth again, she looked almost like the beautiful princess that sat across her, though the princes were all handsome and the princesses were both beautiful, she concluded in her heart that the two most handsome princes and the beautiful princess belonged to the the queen who was sitted on the left side of the king and that they have gotten their beauty from her and that the rest of the princes and the princess belonged to the queen sitted on the right side of the king and it kind of balanced, to both, she accorded two male and a female, its balanced, she thought. The quietnessof the room was interupted by the kings voice, though it wasn her first time hearing it, she still trembled at how much power the voice held. ”Welcome to the palace young lady ” he said and she bowed her head slightly like she watched in traditional movies. ”Meet my handsome princes and beautiful princesses ” he said and stretched forth his arm and moved it among his children. ”I thought it won be appropriate for me to bring someone home without you knowing and am sure you all have heard about the strange lady that was found by the river today ” he said, directing his words to his children and they nodded their head in unison .After hearing from her, I discovered she had an accident and she doesn remember anything again, so she would stay in the palace for the meantime, probably till she recovers and except she is a spy like I first suspected and if she is, then she knows the consequences ” he said and threw a quick glance at her and so did his children.

”Welcome to the Oyo empire, young lady ” the woman sitted on the right side of the queen said and smiled and she hastily bowed her head in appreciation without saying a word.

”Iwalewa ” the king called and the princess that sat across them instantly went on her knees. ” Iwalewa ” she muttured under her breath and no doubt, the name suited her.

”your royal highness ” she said.

”you and your sister Adeshewa, he said and pointed the horsetail-fly-whisk he was holding in one of his hands at the second princess, ”take the girl round the palace so she can get familiar with the palace ”

”we will your royal highness ” she said and sat back on the stool.

”but before that ” the king spoke again and he had been doing most of the talking since she was brought into the palace. ”we will have to give her a name since she doesn remember her name, at least we have to address her with a name ” he continued. Then someone in the room spoke, his voice thicker than when he first spoken to her, ”Ewa(beauty) ” he said, lets call her Ewa ” he repeated and her eyes narrowed to look at Araromi who had a mischievous smile on his face. She met his gaze and the smile he had on his face scared her, it made her shiver inwardly, what is it with this handsome prince, she thought.

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