Vee stopped her motorbike in front of a cafe that was not too crowded, she immediately got off and went inside looking for Heeras whereabouts. Seeing her friend waving her hand, Vee smiled and nodded her head then quickened her pace.

”Ive ordered a matcha latte for you, ” said Heera when Vee was sitting in front of her. Vee just nodded her head again. ”Are you working today? ”

”I do have work, but I take the night shift, ” said Vee as she took out his cell phone from her pocket.

”Why do you always take the night shift? Wait, isn it Sunday? ” asked Heera who remembered something.

”So what? ”

”Isn Sunday your day off from work? Your painting isn finished yet, is it? ” Heera asked making Vee take a deep breath and scratch the back of his neck that didn itch.

”I don have any ideas yet, ” Vee answered flatly, remembering her failed attempt to finish her drawing.

”Want me to help you? ” Vee who heard that immediately chuckled with a shake of her head. ”Why? You don believe I can do it? ”

”I do believe it, believe that you will destroy my painting! ” replied Vee with an annoyed face and made Heera grin.

”Okay, now you are the one who has to help me. ”


”Why is Vee so angry? ” asked Gia who felt guilty for making Vee angry and just left. ”Is he someone from her past that she didn want to talk about? ”

”I don know either. ” The two of them fell silent for a few moments.

”I have to go. Don forget to apologize to Vee for making her angry, Ill call her to apologize too, ” said Gia, getting up from her seat as she grabbed the bag that was on the table. Ruki, who heard the managers words, held her wrist tightly. ”What do you want again? ”

”Do you have Vees number? ”

Gia nodded hesitantly. ”I have, but I won give it to you, ” she replied with a forced smile as she let go of Rukis tug and stepped out of the house. Ruki couldn help but chuckle roughly and glared at Gia as if he wanted to eat her right now.

Ruki got up from the sofa and stepped into the room, he lay down on the bed with his eyes looking at the painting. He smiled faintly as he remembered his past when he first met Vee. He had never wanted to remember what happened in the past, except when he was with Vee. At that time Vee was only five years old, no wonder the woman had forgotten about him.

”I like you, Vee. How can I get you to like me? ”


Vee was silent with a straight look ahead, her hands continued to stir the drinks on the table. Heera who was making a report turned to look at Vee with a long sigh while holding Vees hand to stop the stirring. ”Why? Youve been daydreaming a lot lately, Vee. ”

”I was just thinking about something, ” said Vee without turning her head to her best friend.

”Whats the problem again? Tell me, who knows I can help you. Did your aunt decide to increase the rent for you? Thats why you have been working nonstop, right? ” asked Heera to which Vee shook her head. ”You haven paid tuition yet? Are you fired? ”

”No, thats not my problem. ”

”So what is it? Don make me worry? ”

Vee slowly turned to look at Heera who was sitting in front of her with a sigh, she couldn tell the problem she has with Ruki. ”Ill tell you when its over. ”

”Is there something you
e hiding from me? ” Heera asked with a suspicious look and Vee immediately shook her head quickly.

”Not one bit ”

”Vee, weve known each other for years, you can lie to me anymore! ”

”I met Raul, ” said Vee who told another problem.

”Raul? That bastard ex of yours? ” asked Heera who looked surprised when she heard the words of her best friend.

”Yes, he is. ”

”He didn ask you to come back did he?! ”

Vee shook her head with a faint smile. Thats actually what she was thinking. What if Raul suddenly asked her to start over from the beginning? If Vee wants, to be honest, Vee herself doesn know how she feels right now. She initially hated the man very much, but when she saw him again, all the hatred instantly disappeared just like that. Vee doesn know what to do when she has to face Raul again.

”I want to order mangoes, do you want it? ” Heera asked making Vee wake up from his daydream. She only replied with a nod. Heera got up from her seat to order mango.

Vee was reminded of Rukis words that she was allergic to mangoes and Vee was the second person to know about this. Can his words be trusted? It could be that Ruki deliberately said that to tease her, right?

Soon, Heera returned with two plates of mangoes and placed them on the table. Vee, who looked like he wanted to ask a question, looked doubtful and afraid that the woman would be suspicious of him. ”What do you want to ask? ” Heera asked openly and made Vee grin.

”Is my expression readable? ” asked Vee not realizing it. Heera just nodded her head and made the woman grinned. ”Im just… curious. ”

”About what? Don tell me you
e curious about Raul coming back here? ”

”No, this has nothing to do with Raul. ”

”So what? Do you have a new crush? ”

”Im just curious why Ruki doesn want to solve the problem and chooses to hide somewhere, ” said Vee choosing to make small talk.

”Hmm? Since when are you curious about an actor you don like? ”

”Since the news keeps popping up on social media! Moreover, there was news that Ruki was harassing— ”

”Thats not true, Vee! Ruki can do that! ”

”But that night they were in the same hotel, Heera! ”

”I know, but you can jump to conclusions that fast! We don know from Rukis agency side yet, ” said Heera, who didn accept it when her best friend believed the fake news.

”Rukis agency is silent, does that mean its true? ” asked Vee who deliberately provoked Heeras anger. For her, it was very nice to see his best friend trying to defend the idol she liked.

”Lets just wait! I believe its all a lie! ”

”Okay, forget about those obscure rumors. Now I have something else to ask, do you know if Ruki has allergies or trauma? ” asked Vee who finally chose to keep asking.

”Trauma? Allergy? What do you mean? I don know. As far as I know… Ruki doesn have any trauma or allergies. Why do you ask that? Don tell me you
e on the side of Rukis ex-agency, are you still looking for his weakness?! ” shouted Heera with bulging eyes.

”Hah? Are you crazy? How could it be! Im not on anyones side! Why did I become a spy to find Rukis weakness? I still have a lot of work to do, Heera! ”

Heera breathed a sigh of relief and hit Vees arm. ”Don scare me! I thought you were a spy! Moreover, Ruki is being sought by many journalists! ”

”Im not that stupid, Heera! Have you finished your report? I have to work. ”

”Already finished. Want me to come? ”

”I have a motorbike. Then Ill go first. ”

”Vee, theres one thing I forgot to tell you, ” Heera said holding her best friends wrist.

”What? ”

”Haze will come to your house tonight, he wants to borrow something. So don come home too late. ” Vee took a deep breath and nodded her head then walked out of the cafe leaving Heera alone.

Heera watched Vee, for some reason she felt there was something strange about her best friend. Did Rauls presence affect him? After all, she had been trying so hard to forget him, and now she was back in Vees life. Isn that very annoying? Moreover, Raul is an asshole who has hurt and left Vee like that.

”I have to do something so Raul doesn disturb Vees life anymore! Why did he have to come? I can see my best friend sad just because of a bad boy! ” she muttered, clenching her fists and sipping her drink. She grabbed the cell phone that was on the table, then tried to call someone.


”Does Vee have a boyfriend? ” Ruki shook his head quickly, its impossible that Vee has a boyfriend, whats more, the woman doesn show that she is dating at all. She is too busy working and studying to make it impossible for her to date. ”But can they date on campus? ” he muttered again who was still thinking about Vee when she was with the man earlier.

Ruki wanted to know who the man who had brought Vee home was, but he was afraid that the woman would get angry with him and would kick him out. Just today he became a friend. Ruki took a deep breath as he took the phone that was on the nightstand. ”I can stalk Vees social media, there must be a moment about him and that guy! ”

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