After the class structure, until the picket schedule was completed, Mrs. Siska asked to make groups of three students per group. Mrs. Siska made a lottery and the students took one by one. Then get group members.

Clara teamed up with Syaki as well as Smith. They gathered to listen to Mrs. Siskas directions. Clara took a stool and moved closer to Syaki and Smith.

”Okay everyone, please discuss something that motivates you to study especially for facing graduation soon and each group unites the voices of the group members! ” said Mrs. Siska.

Some students still asked many questions for Claras group did not ask many questions. She sought the opinion of Syaki as well as Smith on this task. They also discussed it, occasionally seen Smith smiling slightly when he saw Clara. The girl who just broke up with her boyfriend. But Clara didn realize it was Syaki who saw it.

”Eh new student, why are you smiling to yourself? ” asked Shaki.

Smith looked, ”Its okay. I didn expect the first day of school to have such a group of smart kids, ” answered Smith.

”Don act like you
e new, this Clara has always won class fromthe tenth grade, but she doesn look at anything at this school, ” Syaki whispered to Smith and Clara heard it.

”You guys, the lesson is talking to someone else. Focus, focus! ” Snort Clara. Indeed she is known to be cheerful but for lessons, she does not like it when someone deviates

”Yeah yeah sorry, Clar, ” said Syaki while glancing at Smith.

”You are Syaki, so the class president who can be used as a role model, ” added Clara.

Hearing Clara shouting to Syaki, Mrs. Siska approached Claras group. ”Whats all this fuss about? ”

”Its okay, maam, just a small problem, ” said Syaki.

Clara didn answer Siskas question because she was annoyed with Syaki and Smith. Bu Siska left them and asked that there be no more commotion.

Clara then continued the discussion with Syaki and also Smith. Siskas time has run out. They were also asked to present the results of their discussions in turn in front of the class.

Claras group went first, Clara didn think that Smith could explain so flexibly. Doesn look like a new kid who is clumsy in his new environment he doesn look like a new kid.

Seeing Smith, Clara was so amazed that she didn realize it was time for her presentation, ”Clar, Clar! ” call syaki

”Oh yes, ” Clara just realized then she started to present the results of her discussion. Claras explanation is as good as Smiths. Mrs. Siska applauded Claras group and appreciated their performance. ”Well, Claras group can set an example for other groups, ”

Several other groups also came forward and presented the results of their respective discussions, and some of them also responded. Their activities last until recess. Mrs. Siska also ended the activity by greeting and informing them that after the break there would be a schedule distribution for them and immediately started the lesson.

The twelfth grade is already urgently needed to immediately complete different material with juniors who are still going through character education for 3 days. Clara is now only focused on exams, although previously she was the student council president who actively helped in character education activities, her term of office has ended. She no longer serves anything.

Sometimes the juniors ask about student council activities. Clara is the first female student to serve as student council president. Because there had never been a female student council president before.

But Claras humility led to them being elected student council president. At first, Clara refused because she felt that she could not lead. However, with the full support of friends and teachers, Clara finally agreed to become the student council president. During the break, Clara just sat in front of the class to observe the surroundings, Ayla did not appear to accompany Clara because she went to the canteen while Clara was reluctant to go to the canteen.

Smith saw Clara was alone and tried to greet Clara, ”Hi, Clar, ” Clara turned, ”Yes. ”

”I heard you were the student council president before, ” said Smith trying to start a conversation.

”Yes, ” answered Clara briefly, apparently she didn want to talk much to the new kid

”Hmm, maybe we can be friends. ” Smiths face slightly pitied he reached out his hand to Clara.

Clara just watched without taking Smiths hand. He sighed, ”I want to be alone. ”

”Okay. Maybe next time we can talk Clar, ” Smith also left Clara, he didn want to feel like a bother.

Indeed, Clara is a humble girl, she is not ashamed to help her friends who are in trouble or teach her friends who do not understand the lesson so many of her friends like her. But he didn like small talk like Smith did. Even though Smith as a new student just wants to be friends with Clara but to chat about unimportant things she chooses to be quiet or leave.

Not long after Smith left, Ayla approached Clara who was watching her junior who was in student orientation.

”Hey! ” Ayla shouted.

Clara turned her head, ”Ah, you just startled Ay. ”

Ayla doesn like it because its pretty much rote. Aylas favorite subject is math which is usually a scourge for other students. Even so, Clara and Ayla help each other if one of them has learning difficulties. Its just that Clara is different from Ayla who wants to share with anyone when she needs her help. Ayla only wants to share what she wants with friends. However, Ayla supports Claras willingness to share and help.

Kriiing… kriiing… kriiing…

The bell rings for entry. All students go to their respective classes to start the activity. Claras scheduled class was Biology and the teacher entered the class immediately.

Clara and the rest of the class are getting ready to start the lesson. Clara is very excited to start the lesson, she listens well to the material given by the teacher. Likewise, Smith, also pays attention to the material from the teacher, occasionally glancing at Clara who is focused.

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