”Never mind. Thats all for now, lets study first, ” said Clara while looking at the teacher. As usual, Clara is always focused on lessons, even though the topic of Aylas conversation is sometimes serious enough to be discussed.

Ayla frowned. Then turned to Smith who was paying attention to the teachers explanation. The figure of a new student who was adopted by people was in his town.

Even though Clara had a lot of questions about Smith in her heart, she tried to stay calm and didn want to talk about it during class. During the lesson, the teacher asked some questions to the students and Smith tried to answer it turned out that the answer was correct, and occasionally Clara added an answer.

Claras class now has 2 students who excel and Clara likes this because the competition in the class is getting hotter. This made Clara more active in studying and competing healthily. Winning is not the main goal, Clara is just trying to do her best for her family who fully supports her education.

in Claras home.

”Mom, did you know there was a new student at my school, but he turned out to be an adopted child from an orphanage, ” Clara said while hugging a cup of warm tea in the living room.

”Oh, really? ” asked Claras mother who seemed in disbelief.

Clara raised her eyebrows for a moment, ”Yes, he said he was like that yesterday when the story he was adopted when he was in middle school then he went to Claras school and entered Claras class too. ”

”He must have been so devastated because he didn have parents and was finally happy to have parents even though they were adoptive parents, ” Claras mother tried to guess.

”Yes, its a pity, Mom. He is said to be a victim of a natural disaster when his babys parents died while he survived, so he was taken to an orphanage. ”

”Children like that usually have a strong heart like steel, they will be able to face lifes trials. So, Clar, mom advises you, that if you still have mom and dad up to now you should be very grateful! Look at your friend who doesn have parents! ” Mother Claras message.

Clara nodded she was still enjoying a sad night. Look at the sparkling stars in the sky. Gratitude for having parents is the thing he feels the most right now. After a day spent at school and tutoring, now Clara just wants to enjoy the evening on her terrace.

Claras sister looks home from futsal. Ridho is Claras sisters nickname. He is currently in junior high school, his hobby is playing futsal. He has a body that is not too tall but has a pretty handsome face.

”Oh, sis, what are you doing there alone? Watch out for it, ” Ridho teased Clara

”Ah, you come in and take a shower, you know! ”

Ridho also left Clara. Ridho does not excel in academic achievement like Clara. He prefers football or futsal. Every child indeed has their interests and talents.

This does not reduce the mutual support and motivation between the younger brother and sister. Several times Ridho took part in competitions and Clara accompanied him and won once and that made Clara so proud of her only sister.

It also makes Clara grateful for having a sister to share with, even though sometimes they like to fight over something, but thats the beauty of brotherhood. Clara wondered if she were Smith if she never imagined having siblings and being able to hang out as she does.

The night went by quite a bit slower than usual. His mind was reminded of Smiths story today. Although Clara doesn believe it for sure, it could be that Smiths story is real. Next time he wanted to prove himself Smiths story.

Claras mother looked at Clara who was pensive alone on the terrace. ”Why are you still outside Clar? ”

Clara turned her head, ”Hey mom, yes, I still want to stay here! ”

”Come in, its late, its not good for the health of the wind that night, ” said Claras mother.

”Yes, Mom, Im in. ” Clara left her seat which had been accompanying her on the terrace while carrying a cup of tea that had dropped to a degree Celsius.

Clara went to the kitchen and finished her cold tea and washed it. She was already feeling quite sleepy. But his stomach felt hungry. She took a few slices of bread and then she toasted it for a while. Tossed it with pineapple jam and Clara devoured it well.

Claras father went to the kitchen and saw his daughter eating bread at night, ”Not sleeping, Clar? ”

”Not yet, Im still eating bread after this I go to the room, ” Clara answered holding a piece of warm bread.

”How is school? ” asked Claras father as he took a drink and sat down in the chair in front of Clara.

”Its fun. Well, especially now that there is a new student who is a smart kid, my friends say, is Claras rival. ”

”Well, thats good, so you can be more enthusiastic about learning! ”

Clara nodded and smiled. Claras father then said goodbye to go to the room first and left Clara. Claras father always asks how Claras school is doing, how is Claras feeling at school, and so on.

Claras father doesn demand that Clara has to always win, but the most important thing is that Clara can always be happy in her school. For the matter of achievement for Claras father is a bonus.

Claras father works in a company in the electronics sector Claras mother. Claras father and mother met when they worked there now they are still working there.

The economic situation of Claras family can be said to be sufficient. Although not a wealthy person but Claras family has never been lacking. A simple family who likes simplicity. They don have a car but when they want to spend the weekend together they usually rent a car to travel.

It was considered enough than having to have a car like most people. From the relatively high price of the car as well as the annual tax, not to mention maintenance costs. Renting a car is considered the most effective option for them. No need to think about things, just pay the rent.

After finishing enjoying her bread Clara headed for the room. He saw his sister watching television. ”Eh, its late, go to sleep quickly! Be careful tomorrow if you
e late for school! ”

”Yeah, yeah, Im going to my room, Im sleepy, ” answered Ridho, who was watching television.

”Well hurry over there! ”

Ridho turned off the television, ”Don turn it off, ” Ridho walked to his room with a little mumble which Clara didn hear.

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