Clara smiled and headed to her room. Arriving in the room he saw the lesson schedule for tomorrow. He prepared the scheduled book. Now and then he opened the book to review to see what he learned last. He didn want to feel blank when he entered tomorrows class.

Clara learns with pleasure moreover she can share with her friends makes her always remember her lessons. He wants to be able to study abroad in the future. Thats still his goal.

To achieve his goals, of course, takes hard work and strong prayers from himself and his parents. So right now all he could do was study every day without feeling tired. When he is tired he rests just as much as he did tonight on the terrace of his house.

For almost an hour he read books and reviewed several subjects for tomorrow until he finally felt quite sleepy. Then Clara tidied up her books to put in her bag.

In addition, he checked other equipment as well so that no one was left behind. He doesn want to do anything halfway. Because half the goals he wants to achieve may also only be half.

”Clar, it looks like you
e going to abdicate, ” said someone who was beside Clara as Clara stood in front of the library.

Clara turned her head without looking at a student from another major named Raini.

”Youve always been on top now your rivals are coming to depose you, ” Raini taunts. Since Clara served as student council president Raini as her rival did not like Clara. Whatever Clara does is always looked down upon by him.

”Why should I feel down if I don feel up? ” Clara responded casually to Rainis words. Ayla who came also said something that referred to Clara, ”Who are you, Rai, who wants to disturb Clara again? ” Ayla was emotional when she heard Rainis words to Clara.

Raini is indeed quite intelligent but she is not as famous as Clara who is known by all students and teachers. He felt jealous of Clara, who was always glorified at school until now.

Raini is quite jealous of what Clara has achieved as an outstanding student, then she became the first female student council president and is well known by all students. Even many men want to be her boyfriend but Clara never pays attention to it.

”Don be arrogant Clar! There will come a time when you will fall, ” snorted Raini, who was quite angry.

Clara did not answer Rainis words she just looked at Raini who was emotional and she smiled faintly.

”You are rude, you laugh at me, ” Raini pulled Claras hair so hard that Clara felt pain and fell in front of the library. Many students who saw Rainis treatment and Ayla criticized Rainis actions. Ayla helped Clara to get up, ”Clar, are you okay? ”

Clara nodded her head. You can see the tears pooling in his eyes as if he was holding back the pain from the hard hair he received.

Seeing so many students crowding a teacher approached and looked at the situation, ”What is this? ” asked Mr. Arman ”Why is there a commotion at school? Who is the culprit? ” Mr. Armans face is quite scary when he is angry, especially when something like this happens.

”Clara mocked me, sir, ” shouted Raini

”Lie sir, I saw Clara being mocked by Raini. While Clara didn answer then Raini grabbed Claras hair and fell, ” said Ayla while helping Clara to stand up.

Seeing the crowd that was there Smith also saw what was going on. He saw Ayla still holding Claras hand and saw Claras eyes were cloudy.

”Is that true? ” asked Mr. Arman, ”Now you two come with me to the office! ” Raini and Clara who were accompanied by Ayla went to the teachers room to be asked for an explanation. Smith followed behind him and passed through the crowd of students.

Clara enters the BP room with Ayla. ”What exactly happened? ” asked Mr. Arman

”He mocked me, sir, ” Raini said with a sharp look at Clara, ”You have to be fair too, just because hes an outstanding child and then you just blame me, ”

”You don talk much now its Claras turn to grab her hair. Come on, Clara, say it! ”

Clara may be quite shocked by what just happened she still can answer the question from Mr. Arman, ”Come on, Clar! ” Mr. Armans orders.

”Sir, please don force Clara, she looks shocked because of Rainis treatment of her after all… ” Ayla didn finish yet. Ayla said holding her hand, ”Okay, sir, I will explain the chronology beforehand. I apologize to Raini, who might be offended but I will try to tell. So I was going to the library then in front of the door, Raini greeted me she said I was going to abdicate and I answered why do I feel like Im failing if I don feel at the top Then Raini told me not to be arrogant and I didn answer her words and I then smiling but suddenly Raini grabbed my hair as she was offended.

”Is that so, Raini? ” asked Mr. Arman firmly.

Raini lowered her head, and the sharp look she had given earlier now changed, ”Yes sir. ”

”So you
e the one here whos at fault, right? You should apologize to Clara, ” said Mr. Arman after interrogating Clara and Raini.

Pak Arman asked Raini to immediately apologize to Clara or else she would be punished.

Raini refuses to apologize, she doesn feel like apologizing to Clara because she feels quite hurt. Raini chooses to be sanctioned rather than having to apologize to Clara.

Rainis actions also received criticism from Mr. Arman. Pak Arman asked to stay there while Clara was invited to return to class. Clara then stood up from her seat, ”Even though you don want to apologize, I already forgive you Raini, ” Clara left the counseling room as well as Ayla.

”Just a minute, Clar! ” Smith called Clara who was approaching the school gate.

Clara stopped and turned around, ”Yes. ”

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