Behind the wire netting, Tajika-san’s younger sister wields a huge hammer with unimaginable ferocity given her slender arms, while Tajika-san defends herself against the blow with a massive shield.

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A resounding metallic sound subsequently echoes through the surroundings.

Neither of them could handle this equipment with pure physical strength, so they are likely employing some kind of divine power related to their strength.

On top of that, there may be some kind of power at work in the equipment as well.
Judging from the volume of the sound, if the equipment was not reinforced in any way, it would probably break.

“The only thing is, it seems that the amount of power they are using is a lot less than mine.”

[Well, even though they have a contract, the contract between me and Akira is at a very different stage.
Even if I say they are using God’s power, from my point of view as a God, it is only a small part of it.]

“It would be a grave problem if God was to give them so much power that they could not sustain their own existence.”

[That’s how it is.]

I murmur to myself as I observe the match between the two of them, and Ys reacts as if it’s no great issue.

Nevertheless, since the outcome of a battle is not purely dependent on one’s degree of strength, it will be left to a third party to judge whether I or the two of them are more successful when it comes to an actual fight.



[What’s wrong?]

“(No, I somehow just got a bad feeling…)”

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[I didn’t feel anything in particular though?]

And this is where the younger sister directs her gaze towards me, and at that moment I sense something unpleasant, even though I do not understand concretely what it is.

However, since Ys didn’t seem to feel anything in particular, I should assume that it is my own imagination.

I hope it’s nothing…

“(In any case, it seems that my basic specs are far superior to them, after all.)”

[I don’t think it’s fair to compare Akira, whose power is equivalent to that of a single God, with other human beings.]

While musing on such thoughts, the training progresses smoothly, and as other candidates fight using the power of the God they have contracted with, I am reminded of how far detached from human beings I have become.

In comparison, I feel like I am engaging in battle with a cannon while ordinary humans are fighting with swords and bows.

[Nevertheless, since my power is immense, it is imperative that you learn how to wield it.
Power is only a tool.
Whether or not its performance can be properly drawn out is up to the user, and not to mention that if it is used incorrectly, it can harm those who should not be harmed, including me.]

“(I understand that even if you don’t tell me.)”

[That’s good then.
So, let’s get down to the specifics.]

Ys then asks me to bring out the ice, and I comply by doing so.

[Apply all your strength to your index fingernail.]

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“(Nail? Whoa!?)”

[I knew it, it has grown to look just like mine.]

Having confirmed that no eyes are on me, I begin to concentrate my strength on the tip of the right index fingernail.

The nail that I have focused my strength on grows long and its tip likewise becomes sharp and knife-like then.

When I touch it to test it out, it feels like this could be used as a normal weapon.

Since I do not want to stir up any more trouble, it is the right call for me to be on the alert.
Even with God’s power, an ordinary person’s fingernail could not alter to this amount, notwithstanding how little the change appears to be.

“(And the nail will grow longer and harder? And this by itself may serve as a weapon?)”

[Of course it can be used as a weapon, but if it is the same as my claws, it has another role.
Try piercing the ice you just picked up.]

“(Wow, this is interesting.)”

You did it.]

I touch the ice with my fingernail.

After that, the ice that is connected to the point where the nail contacts the ice shatters at once and immediately melts into water, which converts into vapor until there is no trace of the ice left.

Apparently, Ys’ claw contains the power to disintegrate the ice it touches.

This means that if I can combine my right eye’s ability with the ice ability and freeze it, it will be a surefire way to kill or injure an opponent.

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[Next is the left eye.
Shut your right eye and apply strength to your left eye.]

“(I get it.)”

I shut my right eye and exert power into my left eye.

Now, if my right eye has the ability of ice and my nail has the ability to shatter it, then…

[Cast the remaining ice on the ground some distance away from you now, and then release your power towards that ice.]

“(I understand.)”

My left eye’s ability seems to be exactly what I had anticipated.

I throw the unshattered ice into an unoccupied area, and after confirming that there are no flammable objects around, I release the power of my left eye.

[Yeah, the left eye is fine too.]

“(It seems so.)”

The ice briefly transforms into the fireball that Hono-san had unleashed before turning into ice when the power of my left eye is released… and then it vanishes quickly as if it never existed.

“(So the power of my left eye is the cancellation of the power of my right eye?)”


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Ys returns an affirmative to my words.

The power of my left eye is the power to restore what has been frozen by the ice ability of my right eye.

Therefore, the ice that the fireball was transformed into would have returned to its original flame after the power is released.

However, the reason why the fire went out immediately following the release is that the supply of power had already been terminated and there were no combustibles in the surrounding area.
It is a wise move to make sure there is nothing in the area.

“(So what other powers are there?)”

“I could explain it to you right now, but… it seems we’re running out of time.”

“Gather round!”

As I raise my head in response to Ys’ words, I notice that Instructor Suzunari seems to be gathering all the candidates, including me, in the wire netting.
It seems that the time for practical training is over.

Since I have no need to be late and conspicuous, I start to move obediently for the assembly.

As for the rest of Ys’ power… well, I’ll ask her again when there is time.



The right eye is capable of turning into ice, the left eye is capable of unfreezing it, and the claw is capable of shattering ice.

So in essence, after being frozen, you can either restore it to its original state or crush it and kill it.

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