Chapter 5- Family Heirloom

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With a special thanks to mistydaylights , lennie , Metalloid , Kokuyōseki, and DiEnA who helped me translate this chapter


“Are you cold, Sauce?”Su Yu, who was wrapped into a dumpling, blinked.

Stupid slave, how dare you to mention that idiotic name! Today, We must teach this fool a lesson!

Soft paws stepped forward and pressed on Su Yu’s chest, his amber eyes were full of anger.

An Hongche’s body was still a small milk kitten, only the size of a palm.
His round head was covered with fluffy fur, and he slept in a mess.

With such an image, how could he show a cold and majestic appearance was a thousand-year-old problem…

At least the suffering party Su Yu didn’t feel the “pressure of the superior” at all.
He smiled and looked at the little thing that was about to explode.

Su Yu, who knew cats well, knew that this fella felt that he had invaded his territory, so he was ready to beat him up.

He quickly stretched out his hand from the quilt, dragged the small furball into his arms, held down the struggling paws, and took the opportunity to kiss his furry head:

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“Okay, okay, you can’t sleep in such a big bed.
So be generous and please give me a little.”

Soft lips, still warm and moist from bathing, slowly touched the top of his head.

An Hongche was stunned for a moment, then raised his head slowly, just in time to see a white neck with a little pink in it.
This damn slave, actually, actually, kissed, kissed him…

His little golden ears pursed back, and the hairless side was already red.
An Hongche turned over and rubbed his head hard against Su Yu's undershirt.

Damn it, he actually got his head wet, letting him lose all his majesty.
How can he issue an edict like this?

Hmph, today We will let him off the hook, next time We won’t be so easily fooled.

Su Yu laughed silently as he looked at the ball of fur that was reluctantly forming a ball in his arms.

The north wind was still whistling outside the window, and because of an addition of a small body, the usual icy quilt suddenly became different.


Temple fairs don’t happen every day, but the snack street in the west of the city was always there, it’s just that business was better every two days.

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To do this kind of distinctive snack business, it was best to be fixed in one place, so Su Yu didn’t change places, and set up a stall under that big tree on time every day.

The little fatty who wanted to buy the cat didn’t show up again, and Su Yu gradually put the three taels of silver behind him.

It’s just that his mother Zhao Shi’s body never improved, which made him a little worried.

After working for half a month and saving some money, Su Yu went to the pharmacy to buy a few fifty-year-old ginseng whiskers, he then slaughtered an old hen to make soup and sent it to his first mother.

Fifty-year-old ginseng cost a hundred taels of silver, and Su Yu couldn’t afford it, but it was still in his range to buy a few ginseng whiskers.

In fact, there wasn’t much of a problem with Zhao Shi’s body.

In Su Yu’s view, it was purely caused by malnutrition.When the ancients became ill, they insisted on avoiding certain foods and would simply lie down to rest.

Even if they weren't sick before, their bodies would be so starved that they would eventually become ill.

“Yo, Boss Yu has made a lot of money recently.” A tall figure blocked Su Yu’s path, blocking out a lot of light.

Su Yu frowned slightly and looked up, but saw a man with a face full of pockmarks.
He was holding his stomach in front of the moon gate that went to the backyard.

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That red face was full of red pockmarks, and in the eyes of the ancients, was the face of a mangy dog.

The food of the ancients was bland, and the fact that they could eat at puberty and get acne was a testament to how good and greasy the food they ate was.

This greasy man was Su Yu’s cousin Su Ming.

“It’s a small business to make a living.
I will still have to rely on our elder brother in the future.”

Su Yu had no intention of getting entangled with him, chicken soup doesn’t taste good when it’s cold.

“Chicken soup,” Su Ming didn’t let him go at all, he stretched out his head to look at the bowl in his hand, and almost buried his head in it to taste it, “My mother has been tired for the past two days, and it’s just right to drink chicken soup.Our cousin is thoughtful, just give it to me.”

As he said that, he was going to grab the soup bowl from Su Yu’s hands.

Although Su Yu was tall and slender, he was at a disadvantage compared to Su Ming, who was tall and big.
Seeing that he was about to be robbed, Su Yu gritted his teeth and raised his hand sharply.

As Su Ming went to grab it, a bowl of hot chicken soup suddenly poured out and covered the head of the young master Su.

“Ouch, it’s burning me to death!”

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Su Ming suddenly jumped up, shaking his head and throwing the things off his head.

“Cousin, just tell me if you want to drink it, be careful not to burn your tongue if you drink it so quickly.”

Su Yu pretended to be surprised and straightened his clothes in a slow manner.

An Hongche squatted on a tree beside them, watching this farce quietly.

He had never seen such a straightforward and rogue approach and felt strange for a moment, not knowing what his little fish slave would do next.

“You dare to splash on me!”

Su Ming still had green onion leaves hanging on his face.
The thick chicken soup dripped down the hair on his forehead and the front of his clothes were dripping wet.

He was so angry that his face turned red, and so he threw a punch at Su Yu’s face.

Su Yu was already prepared, so he turned around and ran.
Just kidding, he’s just a cook, not a martial arts master.

“…” An Hongche was stunned for a while, he thought that this guy had some great moves, he really overestimated him.

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