Chapter 5- Family Heirloom

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With a special thanks to mistydaylights , lennie , Metalloid , Kokuyōseki , and DiEnA who helped me translate this chapter


Fortunately, the chicken soup was stewed in a pot, so there was some left after spilling.

Su Yu filled another bowl and called the maid from his mother’s yard to bring it over, to avoid being cut off again.

Zhao Shi had already heard about the small disturbance in the front yard, and took Su Yu’s hand and looked at it for a while, for fear that he would get burned, then seeing that he was fine, she sneered:

“Those filthy things are getting more and more arrogant, let them jump around for a few more days.”

“Mother, this son can earn money now.
If uncle inherits the title, you can go out with your son and live together.”

Su Yu took out a few pieces of newly exchanged silver from his sleeve and put them on the kang table.

The squid sold very well these days, and he basically kept the amount of three buckets a day, so he exchanged a large number of copper coins for silver and saved them.

Zhao Shi looked at the few small pieces of silver on the table and weighed them in her hands.

They were worth about five taels, and after pondering for a moment, she said:

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“Do you still have more of those things you sold these days?”

She knew that Su Yu went out daily to set up a stall to sell cooked food, but she didn’t expect it to be so profitable.

“Would you like to try it, mother? This son will go and grill a few skewers.”

Su Yu smiled, got up, and walked out.
This grilled squid was actually the most popular among women.

Every day, there were women from wealthy families who sent their servants to buy squid.The moment they bought the squid, it was a handful.
However, he neglected to take it for his mother to have a taste.

Zhao Shi didn’t stop him or reject the money of his filial piety.

She just slowly finished the bowl of chicken soup and instructed Chun Cao to open a box.

When Su Yu came back with a few skewers of grilled squid, he saw Zhao Shi sitting on the main seat holding a yellowed booklet in her hands.


The golden kitten jumped briskly on the eastern wall and arrived at King Zhao’s residence in a short time.

Yu Laosi was listlessly collecting fish at the small side door.
Last month, he didn’t know what happened, there was a big hole in the fish tank.

A full tank of fish was eaten by wild cats, causing him a great loss, he estimated that he won’t be able to turn over for half a year.

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When he came over, he saw a few cats on the wall and couldn’t help spitting.

An Hongche flicked his tail and jumped from the wall into the royal residence, feeling his way to the main courtyard familiarly.

In the courtyard, there were flowers, birds, waterside pavilions, and pavilions that were luxuriously built.

A young man wearing a light blue robe embroidered with a five-clawed silver dragon was sitting in a small pavilion in the courtyard, with a table full of delicious wine and delicacies in front of him.

This person was the Emperor’s younger brother, King Zhao.

“My lord, these are fresh scallops that have just been fished, my lord should try them.”

An enchanting-looking woman was diligently preparing the food for the lord, digging out the meat from the shell with a delicate silver spoon, dipping it in the sauce, and delivering it to the man's mouth.

“My lord, eat this, this little yellow croaker roasted with perilla fruit is made by this concubine herself.”

Not to be outdone, another beautiful and lovely woman picked up a piece of fish and carried it over.

“Hmm, it’s delicious…”

He didn’t know which one to eat, so he put the two together in his mouth, and his face, which was already slightly fat, was suddenly bulging.

He inadvertently looked up and saw a golden furball sitting on the top of the tree, and he immediately choked.
“Cough cough cough…”

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“Your Highness, your Highness!”

The two women panicked and hurriedly handed him water to drink.

The golden kitten looked at him coldly, with amber eyes full of disgust.

“It’s alright, it’s fine!”

King Zhao waved impatiently, “ All retreat for this king, you are getting in the way.
How am I supposed to eat with all of you here?!

Everyone didn’t dare to make a sound, and they filed out with their heads lowered.
The courtyard soon became empty.

An Hongche swaggered over, jumped onto the stone table, and sat down in the middle.

He acted as if he was the only one in the world, and squinted at King Zhao, who had eaten so much that his mouth was full of oil.

King Zhao’s features were very pretty and handsome.
However, because he was fat, he looked a little less dignified.

Facing the palm-sized cat, for some reason he felt somewhat guilty, so he rubbed his hands and said:

“That… Have you been doing well these few days?”

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The moon was in the middle of the sky, Su Yu walked back to his yard holding a yellowed book, but he was still lost in thought.

Today, after Zhao Shi tasted his grilled squid, she solemnly handed over this family secret book to him.

Su Yu also had doubts, the Su family did a meritorious deed for the founding of the country, how could they be so poor that they had no savings?

There must be some kind of family heritage.

When he took over this ancient book, countless thoughts flashed in his mind.

This may be a secret book of the art of war, and after reading it well, you can unite the world;

Maybe it’s an inner strength secret method, and after practicing, you can be invincible in the world;

It was more likely to be a treasure map left by the ancestors, which details the hiding places of thirty-six treasures…

With inexplicable excitement, Su Yu opened the first page of the ancient book and saw four big characters:

“Su Ji Recipes!”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched as he put away the family heirloom, then read even more jerkily the history of the Su family’s fortunes.

… There was a difference between dreams and reality after all, and it was quite big…

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