Chapter 6- Recipes

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Back in the house, the golden hairball had already fallen asleep with his limbs spread out in the middle of the bed in the shape of the 大 character.

The tip of his tail, which was covered in white fur, would occasionally sway in the air, sweeping over his territory.
The kitten’s coat color was very special.

Usually, yellow cats have some markings on them, but this fella was pure yellow from head to toe, with only the belly and the tip of the tail colored white.

“I haven’t fed you tonight, what did you eat?” Su Yu poked his bulging belly, which was obviously full.

An Hongche turned over slowly and leisurely, stretched his long waist, and sat up with a yawn, shaking his tail.

He raised his head and stared at Su Yu’s face for a long time, and then reluctantly moved into the bed a little more.

Su Yu immediately accepted the charity from the Lord Cat, then climbed onto the bed and occupied the land he sacrificed so much to give up.

Taking advantage of the situation, he took the cat who was licking its paws into his embrace and sighed:

“Sauce, you’ll never guess how our Su family became the founding fathers.”

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An Honggche glanced at him and continued to lick his paws in boredom, what was there to guess.

In the twenty-seventh year of Chengping, the Taizu fought in Mangzhou and was stranded on the road.
A fish seller named Su came to offer him three carts of live fish, and the fish was so fresh and delicious that Taizu praised him and gave him a title.

“This is not loyalty at all…” Su Yu buried his nose in the cat’s thigh and grunted listlessly.

An Hongche looked down at him quietly with a smile gradually appearing in his amber eyes.
He slowly bowed his head and licked Su Yu’s temples.

How can this stupid thing understand that the person who can bring fresh fish to the royal family was the most loyal subject.

The small barbed tongue licked his face, slightly itchy.
Su Yu was a bit flattered and didn’t dare to move, obediently accepting his Lord Cat’s sudden caress and unknowingly falling asleep.


That day, Zhao Shi had told him a lot.
His uncle and his father weren’t born to the same mother.
His uncle’s mother was the secondary wife after the death of Su Yu’s grandmother, so he could only be considered half a son of the first wife.

Therefore, his status was on par with Su Yu’s, so the matter of the title had not yet been settled.
But the daily physical work had exhausted Su Yu’s energy, and he didn’t have the energy to play any kind of house fight.

When it was past midnight the moon was in the middle of the sky, half-dreaming and half-awake, Su Yu seemed to feel a pair of cool thin lips gently touching the corners of his lips.

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He tried hard to open his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything clearly.
He vaguely felt it was a beauty.

Struggling to open his eyes in the morning light, he still felt the soft feeling.
Su Yu quickly lowered his head and found the sleeping Sauce curled up in the crook of his neck.

This guy was very domineering, his long tail wrapped around his neck, and one front paw was still pressed against Su Yu’s chin, so he wasn’t allowed to move around in his sleep.

Su Yu looked a little confused by the quilt on his body.
He seemed to fall asleep directly on the quilt last night, how did he get covered by the quilt?


“Soft fish, soft fish, freshly grilled soft fish!”

Loud shouts spread all over the road leading to the Bodhi temple.
The squid was called soft fish in this era.

The grilled squid that came from Su Yu’s stall sold well, and many people arrived to try something new.

“It’s not so good.” Some people ate a skewer and thought that the taste was fishy and didn’t taste good.

“Of course, the one you bought doesn't taste good.” A frequent customer saw it and pointed to the small stall under the big tree, where the authentic Su Ji Grilled Soft Fish was.

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These days, seeing Su Yu’s good business, many people started to follow suit.
The squid was considered worthless seafood, and the cost was very low, but recently hawkers in the capital have been rushing to buy them, so the price of squids has doubled.

Su Yu stared at the several grilled squid stalls across the street and wasn’t worried about being robbed of business because without cumin powder it was difficult to make the grilled squid tasty.

What he was worried about was that those nasty squids would get a bad reputation, such infamy would hinder his plan of opening a “Chain Store”.

“Meow!” Sauce’s cry brought back Su Yu’s attention, looking up quickly he saw a young man in luxurious clothes grimacing at his scratched hand, his chubby face full of grievance.

Because of the large number of customers, Su Yu didn’t have time to collect the money, so he placed a wooden box on the table.
The buyer would first throw the copper coins into the box then take the squid.

The chubby young man was probably scheming to eat the squid first, but he ended up being caught by the money box “Fortune Cat” and was scratched.

“A total of 30 copper coins.”

Su Yu rubbed the cat’s head, but the smile on his face disappeared.
He knew him, it was the young man who wanted to buy his cat half a month ago.

The little fatty was helpless, and after fumbling for a while, he finally took a silver bead from his purse.

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“It’s too precious, I can’t afford it.”

Su Yu quickly stopped Xiao Pang from throwing the silver beads.
The beads were at least two taels in weight, and he couldn’t exchange his daily income for even one.

Xiao Pang scratched his head: “I forgot to bring money today, there’s no need to give change.”

“How can I do that.” Su Yu immediately gave up, what if this person used this as an excuse to ask for his cat.

He pushed the silver beads back, and also took back the roasted squid, not planning to sell it to him.

Xiao Pang quickly snatched back the oily squid skewer and took a bite without saying anything, then he quickly stuffed Su Yu with a small jade plaque.

“Come to my residence to get the money.” After saying that, he held a handful of squid skewers and disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

“Hey!” Su Yu couldn’t stop him and frowned as he looked at the jade plaque in his hand that was only two inches long.

The jade plaque was made of sapphire jade, and the front side was carved with an exquisite qilin that had tiger eyes and dragon whiskers, with its feet on auspicious clouds.

This thin slice of sapphire jade alone was enough for a barrel of squid rings(meter link).
Except for a line of inscriptions on the back that were too small to be recognized, there was only one big “趙 (Zhao)” character.

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