Paragon of Sin

Chapter 100: Meeting Her

o kids receiving the belt for stealing cookies, but still had the half-eaten cookies in their mouth as they returned.

”Hahaha! ” He laughed wildly.

They made a soft,whimpering-like sound and re-entered his body and sea of consciousness.

He shook his head as he carefully kept the nine pills and looked at the surrounding area. When one creates seventh-grade pills, various phenomena occur. The most notable was the aurora borealis that lingered nearby like mist. It was also vanishing, but the thickness would still last an hour due to the high volume of pills he created.

He sighed as he started to recover. Only after the manifestation faded did he remove the spiritual ward that prevented leakage of energy and inspection. Stretching, he felt refreshed. Having officially reached the King Alchemist level, he felt the desire to treat himself.

”I should ’ve brought Jiao Ning or Bai Fei, ” he licked his lips slightly as he remarked.

It ’s been a month since he ’d last enjoyed a woman ’s touch. As a man of principle, he disliked sleeping with those he had authority over, or stood in a position that influenced their decisions. For example, there were maids waiting at the snap of the finger as long as he just said the word. While it wasn ’t their explicit job, they weren ’t in a position to reject him for fear of a bad fate.

The thought of doing something like that was unappealing.

Jiao Ning was originally a mutual exchange and Dai Fei had offered herself. He held no power over their decisions or lives, and as long as he didn ’t make any menacing threats, he was fine with accepting them.

In fact, he preferred women who knew what they wanted. Mei Mei, Xing Fu, and Bai Fei were all women who knew what they wanted and went for it. He respected that greatly.

”But my position is special… ” He felt a headache.

”Lord Wei, ” Su Mei called out.

Wei Wuyin turned towards Su Mei, inspecting her state, he smiled. ”You ’ve established a good foundation. ” He could feel her yin-yang energy was purer than normal. While it couldn ’t reach Yin-Yang God Sphere levels, it was remarkably close.

She was also cultivating a Divine Heart of Qi, so her strength was not to be underestimated.

”Have you thought of your Heart of Qi attribute? ” He asked, walking towards her.

Su Mei nodded, ”Saber Qi. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded. Saber Qi was not a bad choice, but it required saber intent. She hadn ’t developed it yet, so she ’ll need to work hard. Regardless, she ’ll possess a Divine Heart of Saber Qi when she matures. Her strength will be extraordinary.

Not only that, she had already condensed metal qi. He had Elemental Origin Energy, and with it, he could bestow various elemental energies to his allies, increasing their chances of birthing the qi. This benefit was boundless and one of the reasons Wei Wuyin decided to embark on the Elemental Qi path.

With enough time, she ’ll birth the other elemental energies as well. With Saber Qi backed by elemental energies, her strength would be top-notch within her phase. While it may seem as if she was following his steps, that wasn ’t by any means a bad thing.

In fact, it made her own path easier, as he could offer guidance and support where needed.

Of his four hearts, he knew his Divine Spirit of Saber was the weakest. As for the strongest, he wasn ’t sure.

Elemental Origin, Draconic, Saber, and Eden were Material, Beast/Bloodline/Myth, Ethereal, and Mind respectively. He wasn ’t sure of Draconic, but he knew it wasn ’t either of the three, Ethereal, Material, or Mind.

He also knew his saber intent could elevate, thereby enhancing his saber energy quality and purity. He just didn ’t know what was after saber intent or how to develop it further.

Su Mei felt a surge of fervor in her heart due to Wei Wuyin ’s praise. She was going to go for excellence.

Just as Wei Wuyin was about to give her further instructions on cultivation, his eyes flashed. He turned towards the north and he frowned.

”I ’ll be back, ” he calmly said before vanishing like a shadow. Su Mei couldn ’t even catch his figure as he left. Her heart nearly jumped.

So fast!

Wei Wuyin was fast. Bypassing the various spiritual formations within the Royal Palace with a single dash, he arrived outside the Royal Palace and his eyes focused on a nearby public street. His eyes were sharp, saber intent flickering within.

”Jiu Lang? ” With narrowed eyes, he felt her aura. That aura was unmistakable. She contained a unique wood essence and yin aura that made her unforgettable.

”She should ’ve been enslaved by the Elven Race, likely dead by now. Especially after what she did! ” He clenched his teeth as he felt murderous desire swell up in his heart. Regardless of whether he was far, far above her in power, he will not blink in slaying her in the most horrific manner imaginable!

In his years in the Scarlet Solaris Sect, she was responsible for many of his troubles and even his friends and allies fell to her machinations. He hoped to cripple her and send her to the dirtiest brothel he could find, and have her service men for free for years!

Others may not know the things she had done, but he was acutely aware. He was far too aware!!

With eyes filled with murder, he waltzed towards the street and silently followed her trace aura. He followed it slowly, allowing himself to feel the chase and build up his many cruel ideas. When he approached a corner that entered an alley, he turned to see a young woman shrouded by a veil and standing with her back to him.

An unfathomably pure and chaotic desire to commit all sorts of vengeance emerged in his heart. He was not above anything when it came to Jiu Lang!

He clenched his right fist tightly enough for creaks to resound from his bones.

”Why are you following me? ” A serene voice filled with a natural flavor resounded. It was unfamiliar to his ears.

”Huh? ”

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