Paragon of Sin

Chapter 102: Long Chen

she replied with consent, even if she only did so to starve off torture and prolong her life awaiting her partner. Wei Wuyin didn ’t know this at the time.

He disliked using his position to claim others, so he made it clear, yet she still tried to use him to survive. After all, if she didn ’t come to him, she would either be killed or enslaved – her life far worse.

Even if she was waiting for her man, to think she would do all those things…

Anyhow, Na Xinyi was definitely a black mark on his sexual relationships. The only one he couldn ’t take his time with.

If he did, while at that moment it was uncertain, the next coming events only solidified the fact that he would ’ve died.

In the cultivation world, there was no right or wrong. There was only power and principles. Morality was ambiguous due to the ability to cultivate. Even a First Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm cultivator can become a King in the right location, getting away with everything, and their word becoming absolute law.

Even the Heavenly Daos rules were cold and unfeeling to the plight of others. If he were to tell Na Xinyi that even the heavens didn ’t consider her fate a sin but gifted her to him specifically, would she become enraged and curse the heavens?

He sighed thinking about these things.

Long Chen watched Wei Wuyin, his hand rubbing his storage ring, and his eyes were sharp. He had promised Na Xinyi to get revenge on the one who wronged her, and he was right before him.

If Wei Wuyin knew that the reason Long Chen entered the Scarlet Solaris Sect in his alternate future was because of Na Xinyi, not Qing Qiumu, he would be startled. In fact, Long Chen had snuck into the sect specifically to kill Wei Wuyin in that timeline. As for Qing Qiumu, she was dead.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t avoided the calamity by informing the Scarlet Solaris Sect about Qing Qiumu ’s capture, but leaving the sect to save Mei Mei!!

His hasty actions may have been directly influenced by the Heavenly Daos thanks to his Karmic Luck Value!

Qing Qiumu saw the mood was becoming tense, so she interjected, ”Wei Wuyin is a friend, Long Chen. ” After stating that, she realized Long Chen ’s eyes hadn ’t lost its sharpness.

”Wei Wuyin, what about leaving for now? ” She offered, hoping to dispel the situation. Wei Wuyin sighed inwardly and nodded. Qing Qiumu added, ”Thank you for escorting me here. I had a nice time. ”

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled, ”I did too. Have a good night. ”

With that, he turned away and left.

Long Chen quietly watched his fleeting back, his heart wanting to strike at this very moment, but then many of his plans could come collapsing down. While he didn ’t consider Wei Wuyin his match, killing him wouldn ’t go unnoticed in the central area, where experts were all around.

Qing Qiumu admonished Long Chen slightly for his behavior, but then she grew shocked.

Long Chen only said one sentence to send her into that state: ”He ’s responsible for what happened to Na Xinyi! ”

Qing Qiumu ’s eyes clouded over as her mind became chaotic. Wei Wuyin felt nothing like someone who would do such a thing, and he was her savior. She owed him deeply.

Long Chen turned towards Qing Qiumu and saw her internal struggle to reconcile with what he said, ”I didn ’t strike because he saved you, but only once! I made an oath on my dao, I ’ll kill him for Na Xinyi! I apologize… ”

Qing Qiumu ’s shock lasted for a bit longer, but she soon regained her calm. The world was like this, and sometimes, people have masks. She had no right to ask Long Chen to stop or for Na Xinyi to throw away her grievance. As someone who knew the hatred of having yourself abused and used, she, more than anyone, would be able to relate.

Jiao Ning had kept her prisoner for over a year, extracting her heart blood and treating her like a cow. While the situation was different, the feelings were similar. Humiliation, disgrace, rage, despair, frustration, and helplessness. Those emotions overwhelm you, but the most lasting one was fear.

Na Xinyi would never be the same, never trust a man the same way as she could ’ve before. She may never find love or treat others with trust. If it wasn ’t for Long Chen ’s ways and their adventure together, it ’s unlikely she would have opened up to another man.

All those who took away the dignity of others, they all deserve death.

Turning to where Wei Wuyin walked off, her eyes felt hollow and her soul felt drained.

In her mind, she couldn ’t help but echo her sentiment: Why did it have to be him?

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