Paragon of Sin

Chapter 122: Ancestral King Wu Wu Jiao!

From both of King Wu ’s palms, spiritual energies gushed outwards like a flood and swiftly coalesced into a translucent fortress gate that often acted as the last line of defense for a castle. It towered twenter meters and protected King Wu entirely. The sword of true slaughter didn ’t veer as it held true, stabbing ferociously into the fortress gate.


A grating explosion erupted from the impact area. The spirits of everyone present groaned in pain, and even Wei Wuyin was shocked that his spirits responded the same. But in truth, while his four Spirits of Qi were ’Complete ’, so were the others. Their high-quality didn ’t stop them from reacting to shockwaves that targeted the spirit.

A thought from the Tree of Eden flashed in his mind: ”Dao of Alchemy! ”

When this thought entered his mind, he realized what it meant. The Dao of Alchemy, especially seventh-grade and higher products, could strengthen spirits and make them more resilient. This could also improve their spiritual strength, aura, sense, and energies. With their overall attributes enhanced, wouldn ’t they become exceptional in the future?

The Dao of Alchemy was a path, and the path, that seemed to carry the hope of reaching the Realm of Sages. Perhaps even surviving the Calamities of Hell even without it.

As this thought that would definitely define the next coming decades of struggle and life of Wei Wuyin occurred, the spiritual battle between Long Chen and King Wu came to an end.

The sword of true slaughter had taken some time, but in the end, it shattered the spiritual gate of King Wu and ruthlessly pierced towards his dantian. It seeked to shatter his spirit, crippling him! This was the lethal danger of spiritual battles! They affected the very foundation of cultivation: Spirits!

These spirits formed the brain of the Hearts of Qi, merging with the core to become a solidified Spirits of Qi. If they were severely damaged or destroyed, the only result was endless regret, desperation, and insignificance.


King Wu let out a beastly roar unbefitting a king as his everything was threatened. His spirit unleashed all of its spiritual energies, even its core most spiritual energy that constituted its body, to wrap around King Wu protectively. The reason it didn ’t just protect itself was, if he did, while the spirit won ’t be harmed, his sea of consciousness and physical body would still be affected.

Spiritual energies were the combination of physical, mental, and essence. This was a crucial aspect of the beginning of cultivation, and while its primary focus was the spirit, if the Sword of True Slaughter ’s spiritual energies truly penetrated his defenses, becoming physically disabled, mentally retarded, or become unable to absorb the essence of heaven and earth was entirely possible.

With this film of energy, the sword clashed viciously against King Wu ’s body.

”Argh! ” He felt a shock past through his body, mind, and spirit. The light of his eyes dimmed considerably as he could no longer maintain a state of levitation. He fell down like a rag doll from the sky, his body twitching uncontrollably as a bloody light flashed around his body intermittently.


He heavily crashed into the ground and caused everyone to turn their gazes to him, his body ’s impact forming a crater. This lofty existence titled as the second strongest expert of Wu Country had…had been defeated? Many people went stupid, unable to even think anymore.

”Yes! ” The little girl who floated in the sky toted her little fist in the air with a victorious and genuinely happy smile. This scene, despite the glaringly bright violet blood leaking from her lips, was abnormally cute. Some couldn ’t help but feel happy for Long Chen ’s victory.

Wei Wuyin calmly stood. His eyes moved towards Su Mei who was currently on the beast platform in wait. He closed his eyes slowly.

That person outside was an existence beyond his cultivation, but he wasn ’t going to let that stop him. He had to take action; his life and future depended on it.

”Well, I was expecting to fight an Astral Core Realm expert today. Even if it wasn ’t who I intended, I ’m well prepared. ” When his eyes opened, a calm, clear, and decisive light flitted through them.

However, fate seemed intent on interrupting his actions.

The world fell silent. This silence was a familiar feeling. Not just him, but everyone once more had their attention lifted away. This time towards the sky.

”Astral Tribulation?! ” Wei Wuyin helplessly cried in his heart. That ’s right. The aura of the world had changed, and it seemed Astral Tribulation was about to descend. This feeling was all too clear and unmistakable. It was this very feeling of the world against all things that made his heart of cultivation once more become firm. How could he be mistaken?!

However, the aura this time seemed different; it seemed stronger.

Fortunately, it seemed this act was to his favor. A figure that seemed to have been inexplicably concealed through mysterious, fascinating means was revealed. This aura was holy and unique, as if carrying the will of the heavens. It was an aura that he, who possessed the Bloodline of Sin, could similarly never mistaken.

His head snapped to that direction. A woman was a little shorter than average, but her golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes were gorgeous. Her physique was also far more impressive than Godlord Lin, with perky and tight breasts and ass contained in a tightly fitting white gown. The gown had esoteric markings on it, seemingly another language.

A faint aura flickered from it that seemed to be hard to discern. ”She was invisible? ” His heart shook as he thought of the possibilities with true invisibility. Even he couldn ’t locate her with four Spirits of Qi, Saber Intent, Mind Dao empowered spiritual sense.

If this was the case, then he had to ensure she never left his sight. Furthermore, she could have other tools. He had to be on-guard. Luckily, he didn ’t need to threaten her life. The Spirit Oath they swore before, the one where he was cheated and thus enraged, was more than enough.

That being said, he couldn ’t let her escape or give her an opportunity to evade him. He had to take her away.

He didn ’t care about the tribulation. His actions were decisive and swift without a hint of hesitation. His movements were mostly ignored, but a few noticed his actions. A few startled exclamations later, and he arrived before Ming Shufeng whose eyes were still looking up while muttering something beneath her breath.

With a movement of his hand, he touched her forehead with unprecedented swiftness. She hadn ’t even reacted to the situation when he sent Eden Qi into her sea of consciousness. With a harsh throb, he caused her consciousness to shut down. Her briefly widened eyes slowly closed as her body went limp.

He held her in a bridal carry, very careful. He ignored her delicate and incredible fragrance or her beauty, swiftly shooting off towards the beast platform.


Su Mei had already mounted Bai Lin. Bai Lin had been mostly a spectator for these events, completely and thoroughly a watcher. Only when Wei Wuyin sent Su Mei did she regain her focus, remembering their purpose. Seeing Wei Wuyin rushing off, she flapped her wings and produced a terrifying gust that both startled and sent the nearby beasts off the platform.


She lifted into the sky, her body wreathed in a pale white flame. Wei Wuyin arrived in a blink on her back. His eyes were focused as he looked at the area beyond the barrier. If that person acted, he would truly be in for a battle. With a deep breath, he viciously thrust his palm towards the Qi Array.

A fifty-meter opening immediately appeared. This was created by sheer physical power created by the momentum of his palm. His fleshy body was refined by four sets of elemental energies, draconic blood energies, and saber energies. It was beyond incredible.

Bai Lin shot forward and exited through the opening. In a split second after she left, it closed off. This was why he used his physical power. If he used qi or spiritual energies, then the array would collapse. If anything, he wanted to set up a barrier in case Long Chen decided to follow.

They seemed to be free!

With nothing but the open skies ahead, they would escape with a successful and swift abduction.

Or at least, this was what Wei Wuyin hoped for.

Unfortunately, the heavens seemed to be seething. Perhaps it was due to stealing a seer, but he felt an incomparably gloomy feeling emerge in his heart.

”FUCK! ” The feeling of astral tribulation abruptly ended for some inexplicable reason, and then he felt it. A force so boundless, so powerful, that he was already ensnared.


Bai Lin cried as she was literally frozen in mid-air. Her physical body stuck in its flying form yet unable to move a single inch. She felt as if a thousand chains had wrapped around her body. Then, she was slowly being dragged back by this force. This caused Su Mei, Bai Lin, and Wei Wuyin ’s heart to fiercely palpitate.

He turned his head back and saw a figure within the sky. The barrier that entrapped everyone had dissipated like dust in the wind, revealing the devastation and haphazard people looking both confused and fearful. These were all elites or geniuses, yet these events thus far had sent their hearts trembling endlessly.

In an instant, Wei Wuyin and the others were brought back to the wedding venue. Lin Ziyan was staring at him with shock and rage, her eyes seemingly capable of killing as she saw Ming Shufeng held within Wei Wuyin ’s arms unconscious. Long Chen, with his bloodied body, paid no attention to him or Lin Ziyan, as he stared upwards at the figure in the sky.

He was standing upon the sky without an ounce of qi to support him. It was as if the sky was the ground.

”You all cause such a raucous in my kingdom and try to escape? What do you take the Wu Clan, no, the Wu Country as? ” The voice was majestically magnificent and echoed in the hearts and souls of all those present. Fear couldn ’t help but be birthed in their hearts.

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