Paragon of Sin

Chapter 10: Haven Heart Qi Method

ike poison or directly killing with his own hands, but wanted to use the hands of others to do so. If he did, the sect would slam down on him and investigate thoroughly. His entire family and clan would definitely be implicated. Let ’s not even mention the blowback would hit Jiu Lang, and she would also suffer severe consequences.

If that foreign individual had killed Wei Wuyin, the investigation would have determined that they were not responsible and it was due to a love affair. Nothing would come of it but the eventual hunting and slaughtering of that man, the woman, their entire family, and clan to set an example to the world.

Even Wei Wuyin didn ’t dare help Mei Mei because if she died after, even with her status stripped, he could still be killed or crippled under a misunderstanding. Inner Disciples had similar, but very loose protections. As long as he was careful, he could kill an inner disciple without any fuss and get away with it scott-free.

The expression of everyone grew ugly upon hearing this. This was nothing more than forcing them. However, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he looked at Jiu Lang. If she became an inner disciple, as a beautiful woman with many enemies, he could find an opportunity. Or maybe he wouldn ’t even need one, others may just obliterate her for him.

He laughed coldly in his heart. Having already decided to participate, he didn ’t have any internal struggles.

”All those wishing to withdraw, please say so now. ” Elder Bai had a mirthy smile. These young geniuses were now faced with a near-impossible choice. How could he not have some jealousy in his heart over their talent and relish in their misfortune?

The struggle was revealed in all of their eyes except Wei Wuyin. When Elder Bai saw Wei Wuyin with a calm expression and a faint smile, he was deeply shocked. This child truly might have utmost confidence in his talent.

”… ”

In the end, no one withdrew. Shu Yang and Shu Yin were close to withdrawing as they argued back and forth, but settled on agreeing.

”Good. Let ’s go. ” Elder Bai led the way to Scarlet Dao Temple as everyone followed.

After a long walk, the ten of them finally reached the Scarlet Dao Temple. Despite its name, it wasn ’t scarlet in color, but a dark-grey. It looked like a simple monastery of a religious group. The only exception was at its doors. The characters for ’Scarlet ’ were embedded in the left door and ’Dao ’ in its right.

They walked in. When they entered, a young woman stood at the center of the hall dressed in an azure robe. She stood next to a monolith that was completely golden with characters carved onto its surface. It stood eight meters high and three grown men had to wrap around it to go from end to end. Its thickness and height wasn ’t its only impressive features, but the gold material it was made of.

It emitted a dense aura of heaven and earth, and the area around it seemed to have a higher quality of Essence of Heaven and Earth. If one cultivated directly beside it, their cultivation speed would definitely increase several-fold.

Wei Wuyin looked at the woman beside the monolith. A single word came to mind: Gorgeous. She stood there straight with blue eyes like the ocean and long, brunette hair that flowed to her back and split at her shoulders. Those strands of hair seemed to be perfect, and they led one ’s gaze to a deep and bountiful cleavage.

Her height wasn ’t impressive, being average, but her slim, bottle-like frame, incredible curves, and flawless jade skin left one breathless. Wei Wuyin had seen beautiful, but not this beautiful.

Her long, thin eyelashes and phoenix-like eyes that seemed to carry the truth to immortality was far beyond anything he ’d ever seen.

It wasn ’t just him who was shocked by the woman. Shu Yang, Tao Gui, and He Long were also speechless with intense eyes. He Long was the worst of the four, his pants grew tighter and revealed a modest tent. Despite being a sword-wielder, his bearing was torn down before true beauty.

Elder Bai had led them in, but his head was down and he immediately said, ”I ’ll leave them to you, Godlord Lin. ” He hastily left without hesitation.

Wei Wuyin broke free from his stupor and his eyes flashed with vigilance and shock. ”Godlord?! ”

Those who could be called Godlord by title were insane experts, those who ’ve far exceeded the Sixth Phase and entered the Eighth Phase, Infused Spirituality! It was the last great watershed of cultivation in the Qi Condensation Realm.

The others reacted just as intensely. They knew that those at Godlord level were characters that ruled the Five Great Sects and Wu Country. In fact, there was only a single Godlord in the entire sect and it was the Head Elder, otherwise known as Ancestral Elder by title. Even the Vice Sect Leader, Sect Leader, and Prime Elders weren ’t in this realm.

However, the head elder of the sect was a male, this much they knew, so who was she?!

Her beautiful phoenix eyes swept them. It was as if all they had was unconcealable from her gaze. She lingered on Jiu Lang for a second, causing her heart to jump and feel insecure. She instinctively folded her arms around her chest, revealing her own bountiful mounds.

Luckily for Jiu Lang, she moved her gaze away and looked at Wei Wuyin. There wasn ’t much lingering as she swiftly moved on.

He Long made a step and walked forward.


Suddenly, he kneeled on one knee. ”I, He Long, have never seen someone so beautiful, more beautiful than the moon in the sky. I have given my life to the sword, but I realize that the Grand Sword Dao pales in comparison to you. For what have I been cultivating for if not for this moment. I wish to ask for your hand in marriage. ” His words were sincere and provoked silence and odd looks from everyone.

”This… ” Wei Wuyin was taken aback. Did he not hear Elder Bai ’s words? He had said those words purposefully so they knew not to offend a beauty out of lust. Her cultivation base was so profound, a breath could turn them into dust.

Inwardly, he couldn ’t help but have some praise in his heart. He Long had some courage to propose with a weak cultivation and young heart. His potential hasn ’t even been fully revealed but he took his shot.

Not many would.

A few expected the woman to send him to the afterlife, but what happened next shocked them even more.

”I will accept, if… ” those four words were like thundering waves battering their minds. Her voice was also beautiful and soft, but held a unique power that could uplift the spirit.

”If you can reach the fifth level of this cultivation method. ” When her words finished, they all looked towards He Long. His gaze was focused on the monolith as a faint hope emerged in his chest. He got up and nodded with confidence, ”Then, It ’s a pleasure to meet you my beloved wife. ” A confident smile was on his face.

”This guy…is he an idiot? ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother anymore, but he wouldn ’t lie and say he wasn ’t tempted to take his shot too. In fact, he may as well do so since he was going to cultivate the method regardless.

Tao Gui and Shu Yang also stepped forwardly simultaneously and heavily kneeled on one knee. They also proclaimed their desire to marry this Godlord whose name they didn ’t even know outside of Lin. Shu Ying, Shu Yang ’s twin sister, had an odd expression on her face. A trace of jealousy and disdain flickered in her eyes.

Jiu Lang, Lang Yi, Yan Zhu, and Qu Gui watched this and contempt emerged in their eyes. This was pathetic to them, and jealousy was also in their eyes. To see such beauty before them left them feeling inferior. They pushed all their negative thoughts towards those boys.

Wei Wuyin helplessly smiled as he withdrew his thought of doing the same, and looked at the monolith. He couldn ’t help but grow curious about its origins and the method within. A method that, if cultivated to a high enough level, allowed a Godlord character to be willing to marry someone they didn ’t know.

However, the next words of the woman was like a nightmare from hell, dousing their ambitions. ”Any of you who doesn ’t cultivate to at least the second level, I ’ll cripple you for your words. ”

”… ”

The three were shocked and their hearts shook with fear, but Wei Wuyin interjected, ”Why worry about the future? Your goal is the fifth level, right? ”

His words were like a lifeline in a cold lake, bringing them to shore. Indeed, since their goal was the fifth, why worry about anything lower? They would reach that easily!

The Godlord glanced at Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin saw her glance and turned respectful, no longer daring to speak out of turn.

”I ’ll begin and explain the rules. No one is permitted to speak during, ” she said before turning towards the golden monolith. ”This monolith records an ancient qi method, one whose origins exceed ten thousand years. It is called the Haven Heart Qi Method, and it ’s a cultivation guideline that has seven levels. The goal of the method is to develop an additional Heart of Qi. ”

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