Paragon of Sin

Chapter 132: Gathering - Na Xinyi

over and over, but his guilt and feelings towards what happened was non-existent.

That day, when he discovered her unique Three-Point Yin Physique, a physique that contained three complete sets of Primal Yin, and brimmed with yin energies, he had a mere feeling due to an ancient record he read about strange physiques. The yin energies of those with this type of physique were amplified and multiplied by the number of sets of primal yin they had.

So, if they had three, then their yin energies were three times more purer, thicker, and powerful.

It was his gateway to swiftly assailing and ascending into the Yin Form Phase of the Qi Condensation Realm. This realm was notoriously difficult for men to ascend, but it was due to this that he had become a twenty-six year old expert that could rival core elders. It was because of this that he survived two assassination attempts on his life by Jiu Lang!

Now, Na Xinyi had not only seemingly survived that incident, but thrived. Her cultivation base was at the Seventh Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, Sublime Qi Phase, and her aura was transcendent and ethereal with a touch of iciness.

Furthermore, her looks were completely different.

What was originally a flat chest was now bountiful and full. What was originally a flat ass was now perky and round. What was originally a pair of dull-colored grey eyes were now brilliant and attractive. What was originally short light-brown hair was now long and beautifully flowing like a cascading waterfall. Her pink lips were now full, her eyebrows thin, her skin was like caramelized jade. It was warm, rich, golden, and buttery brown, drastically setting her apart from others.

With her Yin Physique fully awakened, her changes were truly transformative that even Su Mei, whose ability to recognize faces were exceptionally inhuman, had nearly mistook her for someone else.

The four other beauties and Long Chen all followed Na Xinyi ’s venomous glare and met Wei Wuyin, who sat comfortably while leaning against Bai Lin ’s huge body.

Ming Shufeng ’s eyes were a little different from the indifference and faint curiosity in the others ’ as she saw Wei Wuyin. Three months ago, this madman kidnapped and forced her to repeat the details of Hell over and over again. This startled her. In truth, she felt that he was doing this so that when he killed her, her last moments would be knowing that she ’ll experience Hell. While it wasn ’t likely, it deeply terrified her to the point she used a rare life-saving item.

Luckily, she escaped before he could do anything. If anything, she just wanted to stay far away from this man. Despite his unearthly handsome appearance, he seemed unstable. When she learned how he played Wu Jiao, an Astral Core Realm expert to escape with her, her heart throbbed with fear. Not only was he crazy but intelligent too! These were the worst qualities a man could possess!

As for Long Chen, he was conflicted. His gaze was filled with turmoil and uselessness. He had promised Na Xinyi that he could take Wei Wuyin ’s life for her, but not only was he incapable of saving those that fought beside him, he was similarly incapable of killing Wei Wuyin.

At least, not now. He had learned from Prince Chen that, from his brother, Prince Zhen, Wei Wuyin had killed Hu Jiwei, a Godking in a single strike at the Eighth Stage of Qi Condensation. He slaughtered a Godking mercilessly with outstanding ease!

He had barely achieved victory after forming his sword and slaughter intent! While he felt he might be able to win against Wei Wuyin now, the situation was not favorable to engage in a life and death battle. He truly felt useless. With clenched fists, all he could do was look on as Wei Wuyin leisurely enjoyed breathing.

Touching his ring, he wished nothing more for it to be repaired to a sufficient level of power so that he could slaughter his enemies. The killing intent in him was immeasurable!

Wei Wuyin was keenly sensitive to intents, especially killing intent and albeit Na Xinyi was raging with negative emotions, Long Chen ’s desire to kill hadn ’t escaped his notice. It was this same intent formed when they met for the first time. He inwardly shook his head.

Long Chen wasn ’t a priority to him. Not now, likely not ever. He felt utterly no need to try to kill him. And while he had amassed a glimmer of killing intent before, he realized that he didn ’t want to hurt Qing Qiumu. Why? He wasn ’t sure. They had merely spent a few hours together.

But it was enough to not slaughter someone she cared about.

Moreover, he truly had other priorities.

”I ’ll kill you! ” Na Xinyi could no longer contain herself as she roared, her aura rising rapidly causing various images of ethereal white lotuses to bloom in the surroundings. Each lotus seemed to contain a strange spiritual strength. Her cultivation base at the sublime qi phase was being fully displayed, and her qi was Yin Qi!

It was chilly and dark, yet ethereal and attractive to all yang-possessing men.

She charged forward before anyone could react.

Su Mei ’s eyes lifted and fixated on Na Xinyi. She calmly rose and withdrew Darklight God Saber. Its obsidian source glimmered with black-colored light. She flipped the saber and the Darklight energies flitting across it intensified.

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