Paragon of Sin

Chapter 134: Gathering - Exchange

Su Mei was a diligent soldier with a firm heart and mission. Regardless of the past relationship Wei Wuyin may have with Na Xinyi, if she turned her scorn and fury towards him, she had no issue ending this problematic woman with a slice of her saber.

Her cultivation base circulated as saber, darkness, and light qi erupted in synchronized fashion. They integrated into the Darklight God Saber and gave it a fierce sharp power.

Na Xinyi saw red, and Su Mei was an obstacle. To her, Wei Wuyin had not just taken her purity under the threat of death or ill-fate, but killed or captured her friends in the Violet Moon Sect. They were her juniors, seniors, brothers and sisters; they were her family!

「True Yin Art: Yin Spiritual Storm!」

How could her emotions not be enraged to the limit? Her delicate, flawless palm struck out backed by her Yin Qi. A gathering surging storm of ethereal and chilly wind raged forth with unprecedented intensity. This storm caused the spiritual senses and spirits of all those observing to go wild.

What was this power?

Su Mei was similarly affected. She felt her spiritual sense tumble about and become distorted as she tried to gain information of this storm ’s strength. Her eyes twitched slightly as she felt her spirit become agitated.

”Spiritual Qi? ” Her heart shivered slightly. Spiritual Qi was a byproduct of Spiritual Energies Infused with Qi as a perfect whole, when the Heart of Qi merges with the Spirit, becoming the Spirit of Qi. It was the sign of a Godlord.

But clearly, from Na Xinyi ’s aura, her cultivation wasn ’t at that level yet, but her Qi contained an exceptional spiritual strength.

”No. It ’s Yin Qi. ” Su Mei was quick to deduce the origin of such an irregularity as she initiated her own defense.

「Tenebrous Spiritual Spell: Dark Spirit Ward!」

Her Divine Heart of Qi became shrouded in spiritual energies as the raging storm was blocked from affecting her spirit. That being said, her spiritual sense was still hindered and distorted within the storm.

Na Xinyi didn ’t bother about Su Mei ’s quick defense. The stage was set, and her actions next was her true assault. With a wave of her sleeves, the storm exploded in intensity before shrinking, becoming a condensed sphere the size of palm within her hand.

「True Yin Art: Devastating Yin Sphere!」

”Take this! ” She gracefully pushed this sphere forward. As it traveled, the ground was split and torn, and the spiritual strength was suffocating and cold. It was incredibly fast and exuded immense spiritual strength!

Su Mei was the target of this, but she didn ’t reveal any fear. Saber in hand, she hacked downwards with quiet ferocity.

「Tenebrous Art: Severing Darkness, Splitting Light!」

Brilliant light and darkness erupted from the edge of the saber carrying an untold sharpness. A sharp energy ray of darkness and light twisted together into one and met the sphere head on.


The two exploded and produced fierce gusts and turbulent winds. Everyone present was an expert, and while this battle was intense, none of these people were weak. Multicolored wards formed around the bodies of everyone as they calmly watched the battle. They didn ’t even bother stepping back or clearing an area for their battle.

These were top-tier experts from their juniors to their elders, and while Su Mei and Na Xinyi were exceptional, they were far from being a legitimate threat. Their arts were simple and direct, lacking an exquisite means of an expert. One could clearly see the youth within each strike as they engaged.

Su Mei swung her saber valiantly, sending darkness, light, and saber qi flying in offense. Even when Na Xinyi struck, Su Mei kept pressing forward with an assault, neglecting defense. This was truly the way to attack, but it lacked a certain finesse and sharpness to it.

How do you put it….

It was as if she was imitating another ’s style.

Her arts were merely energy waves, piercing comets of energy, or sharp lines of energy. It lacked a versatility and didn ’t truly invoke the characteristics and benefits of light or darkness.

Na Xinyi ’s actions were a little better, but that was mostly due to her natural endowments and affinity with Yin Qi. Her actions were very basic and mostly consisted of one-dimensional offensive and defensive tactics. While it could be due to her intense rage, after a certain number of exchanges, she should ’ve gained a sense of herself. Yet she still wallowed in basic actions.

It was like they both had very little experience as Mortal Gods. Mortal Gods contained the ability of creation, and they could dominate the world with brilliant and phenomenal means. Their spiritual spells can invoke heaven-shaking shifts in mental focus, memories, even one ’s intent.

This was more like an amped up battle of those at the Fourth or Fifth Stage.

This was why none of these figures, even the top talents at the Mortal God level, feared these two ’s attacks. They were like infants trying to swing a broadsword or a child with a warhammer.

Darkness, light, saber, and Yin Qi wildly raged into the air in continuous clashes yet none of them was capable of finding a victory. It wasn ’t that their strengths were equal either. In fact, Na Xinyi had a definitive advantage due to her spiritual strength capable of suppressing Su Mei, but she couldn ’t capitalize on it.

So they were in a stalemate of fragile, one-dimensional attacks unable to break their opponent ’s qi wards or assaults.

Wei Wuyin and Long Chen were quietly watching this. They were both talents that cultivated through their phases relatively quickly, and therefore relied on their innate strengths to overcome their opponents. If it was in terms of skill, they would utterly be unable to match these experts with hundreds of years of killing experience.

This was clearly seen because Long Chen was unable to fight King Wu despite having the ability to access an ability of an Astral Core Realm cultivator.

By the 100th exchange, both sides were incomparably exhausted. Su Mei and Na Xinyi ’s sweat was dripping like rain from their bodies, but they didn ’t suffer a single injury.

”Stop. ” Wei Wuyin spoke. When he did, Su Mei retreated to his side with panting breaths. When her black eyes focused on Na Xinyi, a battle intent surged into her heart. She wanted to fight until a conclusion, but she knew that was unlikely.

Na Xinyi ’s rage had withdrawn somewhat as she realized she was incapable of handling a single servant of Wei Wuyin. She was madly enraged at herself for the weakness she possessed.

”You did amazing. You just need a little more combat experience. With it, you could kill her with a single strike. ” Long Chen walked over and said in comfort. To him, Na Xinyi was a genius that will overtake the world one day. A measly Su Mei would soon be outclassed and easy to kill. When he claims Wei Wuyin ’s head, he ’ll allow her to regain her pride today.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes sharply narrowed.

Shockingly, the words Long Chen spoke seemed to calm the fury that engulfed Na Xinyi ’s heart. Her eyes turned towards him and became calmer, gentler. One could see her feelings through that gaze.

Wei Wuyin ignored these two. Inspecting Su Mei, he frowned. Her spirit was slowly infected by yin qi and it seemed to be inducing chaotic changes. If it continued, it ’ll cause ramifications that could impede her cultivation progress. After all, she needed to merge spirit with her heart of qi to reach the next level.

Su Mei heard what Long Chen said, and her eyes became wintry and murderous. She brandished her saber and her remaining qi started to gather into her saber. There was no problem killing this woman now, why wait for another day? She took two steps with the readiness to see Na Xinyi ’s pretty head removed from her slender neck. How glorious would that be?

”I said stop. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words intensely resounded. Su Mei stilled. Her qi retreated and she returned to his side.

”Here, ” he withdrew a clear bottle that contained cyan-colored liquid. ”Drink it and recover. ” As her Lord, his words were absolute in her heart, so she listened diligently. She grabbed it, uncorked the bottle, causing a unique, soul-stirring fragrance to permeate. She downed it without hesitation and sat down to cultivate.

She knew her spirit was being invaded by Yin Qi, and she had to push it out and recover from any possibly lasting damage.

”Spirit Ton Elixir! ” Lian Yu, one of Long Chen ’s female companions, exclaimed slightly. In a venue filled with experts, everyone heard her words, especially since they were focused on their every action like watching a show.

Long Chen, Wu Baozhai, Lin Ziyan, and Ming Shufeng started simultaneously. Spirit Ton Elixir? Is that possible?

Lian Yu saw Na Xinyi ’s glance at her curiously. It seemed she was the only one among them that was ignorant of what Spirit Ton Elixir was.

Lian Yu said, ”Spirit Ton Elixir, a top-tier, sixth-grade elixir meant to nourish, repair, and rejuvenate the spirit. Consuming just one can increase the chances of reaching the Eighth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, Infused Spirituality, by fifty-percent! ”

While many knew what the Spirit Ton Elixir was, it was a top-tier, sixth-grade elixir! Even at the height of its time, the Eden Earth Sect perhaps provided one a decade. It was capable of nearly ensuring the birth of a Mortal Godlord! After all, it ’increased ’ chances so that didn ’t include one ’s chances prior! Very few would use it to repair the spirit!

To these geniuses, a single Spirit Ton Elixir was a certain ascension!

Yet it was being casually used to repair Su Mei ’s spirit? They felt their hearts quiver at the immense waste. Some old monsters were contemplating taking action, but considering they were on the Wu Country ’s front yard, it was best not.

Furthermore, it was already consumed!

Ah, the waste!

Wei Wuyin ’s gaze was calm like a windless ocean. To him, a King Alchemist with a superb success rate and concoction speed, this elixir wasn ’t worth much. It was merely a low-quality version, and he had dozens of better ones. And, if he was going to help Su Mei breakthrough into the Godlord level, he would have her consolidate her foundation to the maximum and her cultivation base rose with her combat ability.

Considering the fiasco they just witnessed, it seemed he was still too hasty in letting her progress. He ’ll need to first have her learn more advanced methods befitting those who possess the ability of creation. She had no experience fighting other Mortal Gods, and when this was fixed, her combat prowess would rise to another level.

As he was thinking this and the crowd was in a state of inquiry over the existence of the Spirit Ton Elixir, no one noticed the ardent blaze within the depths of Su Mei ’s eyes. Within this blaze was an unfathomable darkness that seemed ready to explode. It was dusky, dark, gloomy, and all-engulfing, containing an Intent to endlessly consume.

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