Paragon of Sin

Chapter 150: Examination - Wen Mingna

y likely the cultivation base was heavily factored into the test results!

”… ”

A second.

Ten seconds.

A minute.

No scream was heard and the floor remained lit, but everyone remained incredibly tense.

Ming Shufeng was more nervous and anxious than everyone present. She was a Seer and could normally catch a glimpse of heavenly trends. Similar to how she deduced that Wei Wuyin would die if he embarked on the choice to refine the Absolute Zero Ice Essence, she could normally determine the fates of others. But due to her lacking cultivation, and the fact the Myriad Nascent Dao Pagoda was constructed and tainted with karma of the Astral Core Realm, she couldn ’t determine a single whisper of heavenly trend from it.

This meant she had very little certainty that her life would be secured if she took this test. Perhaps it would be best to leave prematurely, and make her path slowly. When this thought entered her gaze, she turned to Lin Ziyan and Long Chen. She felt this was the correct choice. Regardless if it were in talent or cultivation base, she was severely lacking.

Unwilling to risk her life, she planned her departure in her mind. She ’ll embark on another path, and hopefully grow and develop without the umbrella of a Blessed. At least, for now. And preferably a female one…the threat of falling for a male Blessed drove her insane.

Lin Ziyan saw Ming Shufeng nervous and then a determined expression. She was the only one amongst the group that knew Ming Shufeng was a seer. ”Anything? ” She wondered if Ming Shufeng saw the fate, and sent her a spiritual message.

Ming Shufeng turned her ocean blue eyes to Lin Ziyan and sighed in her heart. She shook her head. If she wasn ’t beside Lin Ziyan, she wasn ’t sure if she would be able to live a good life. Not all Blessed had a happy ending, and if their fortune and fate runs its course, those behind them were the most affected. It was a heartbreaking reality.

”She made it to the second floor! ” A person exclaimed with a trace of insane excitement in his eyes. The first level was now emanating a rainbow-colored luminescent light, and the second floor became lit just like the first floor before.

This discovery reinvigorated the hopes of all the young elites, their eyes brimming with various intentions and bolstered confidence. The first youth to challenge the pagoda lasted a few measly seconds before his untimely demise. However, Wen Mingna had passed the first level after a few minutes!

This meant the criteria for ascending the pagoda varied based on the individual. What that criteria was was an unknown, but they had guesses. It could be based on cultivation base, which meant it measured the strength one possessed at that phase. If that was indeed the case, cultivating was pointless and, in fact, a detrimental action.

Those who recently ascended had very little control over their newfound cultivation, and they needed months to solidify their cultivation base before their comprehensive combat power was stabilized.

It could also be determined by age and cultivation. If so, cultivating and making breakthroughs had obvious benefits, but only if you neared a breakthrough. After all, who knew how long it ’d take you to ascend to the next stage? The test might be harder than if you took it now.

There was also the possibility it relied on other intricate factors or both of these factors. Regardless, it sparked a bright hope in each of their hearts.

”She ’s on the third floor now! ” Wen Mingna had made it to the third level in a few minutes. The amount of time it took was just slightly higher than the second floor. They were all either silently and loudly rooting for Wen Mingna to pass this examination and give them true hope. Furthermore, she could tell them about the examination.

As if hearing their encouragement and prayers, within an hour, Wen Mingna had ascended to the sixth floor! Her momentum was fierce up to that point.

”Wen Mingna is an exceptional figure of youth and talent. Blessed with a high status since birth, endless teachers, and tailored made cultivation methods and challenges. She ’s nearly the peak representation of our Myriad Yore Continent ’s talent and potential! It ’s possible she ’ll become a disciple with ease! ” A chubby youth with bright eyes and shivering cheeks spoke vigorously to the others. His words held a sentiment that many agreed upon.

Long Chen frowned, his eyes focused on the sixth floor that was dimly lit for quite a while. Na Xinyi abruptly asked, ”Where do you think Wei Wuyin lands in terms of talent within the continent? ” Her words were nearly compulsive, unable to stop her mouth from speaking.

She bit her lower lip as the eyes of the group turned to her.

Wei Wuyin was a figure of legend within the Myriad Yore Continent. In fact, he ’s a legend that had no legend. He was abrupt in his rise and has always been. He went missing for ten years. When he returned, he could slay Hu Jiwei with a single strike. He could calmly threaten and later severely maim an Astral Core Realm expert. Also, he was an Alchemic King!

Despite not having any achievements outside of the Scarlet Solaris Sect ten years prior, he was a memorable figure today, especially to these youths who personally witnessed his actions and abilities.

”He ’s the highest peak, ” Lian Yu honestly answered. ”However, that ’s now. In the future, I ’m sure Long Chen wil be the highest peak in the Myriad Monarch Sect. ”

Long Chen looked towards her. He felt a surge of warmth in his heart. Reaching out to grasp her hand, he smiled at this beauty. Just as he was about to say some words, a hellish screech echoed from the pagoda.

Na Xinyi bit her lip harder. ’But what if I want to be the highest peak? ’

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