Paragon of Sin

Chapter 155: Bestowed Status

The building wasn ’t tall, colorful, or dazzling by any means, but it was exceptional! It was two-stories with two floors and shaped like a rectangle laid flat. Its black walls were unassuming and unappealing, and it lacked any esoteric markings or artistic designs. In truth, in terms of appearance, it was rather ordinary.

However, when his eyes met this rather ordinary building, his heart knew it was no such thing! That was because its entire existence was structured entirely from solidified alchemical energies.

The. Entire. Thing.

From its doors, windows, to its walls, ceiling and floors. Even from up high, Wei Wuyin could tell this was a building entirely constructed using the ability of ’creation ’ to an extreme. He had heard that, if a cultivator ’s strength reaches a certain extent, that energies, qi, or astral force can gain true permanence. What permanence meant was its ability to interact and exist in the world like true objects, only vanishing when destroyed or corroded by time.

”Incredible! ” This single word of praise summed up his entire thoughts that were drowned in awe. While this might seem like an irrelevant gesture, or even a waste of effort, to have a building constructed from alchemical energies would have endless benefits to alchemists. It was the constant exposure that could enhance one ’s control or affinity to alchemical energies.

This is like a person swimming in water year-round would be far more attuned with the movements of water. Take this and incorporate an alchemist ’s ability to control alchemical energies, needing to use it to concoct products effectively, and you have a natural training center that can help improve an alchemist ’s skill.

Wei Wuyin ’s arrival upon the pegasus wasn ’t ignored or concealed. In fact, quite a few people sent their gazes his way and some directly stilled after seeing Wei Wuyin. News had traveled fast, and many knew that a youth had appeared with an unofficial Alchemic King status.

Furthermore, out of the three main mountains for disciples, the Extreme Creation Mountain had no prior Sky Nobles or Heavenly Kings. This had lasted for a thousand years, so how could they not be shocked? Wei Wuyin was the first Sky Noble in a thousand years!

And this was due to the skill vs time vs talent factor in the various paths Creationists take. Typically, they ’d require half a millennia before having a chance to become an Alchemic King. This meant all Alchemic Kings, everywhere in the Myriad Astral Territory, were beyond the age of five hundred. Furthermore, many of them were in the Astral Core Realm.

While they didn ’t have Alchemic Natal Souls, they did have a high cultivation base and can infuse their astral force with alchemical energies to supplement the success rate and refinement times of their concoctions. This was why no official Alchemic King thus far, amongst the few hundred Alchemic Kings, were at the Qi Condensation Realm.

”Isn ’t that the unofficial Alchemic King? I can ’t believe he ’s descended from the Sky Layer so quickly! ”

”I know, right? He should wait until he reaches the Astral Core Realm and then establish himself, otherwise he might be pushed in all sorts of issues. ”

”Pfft, what do you know? He likely already has a faction he ’s a part of. Otherwise, wouldn ’t he just be a big piece of meat to the others? They would come tearing and clawing for that meat! ”

While he landed, his enhanced hearing allowed him to eavesdrop on many verbal conversations. He noticed the surrounding disciples, be they Null, Nascent Dust, or Mortal Common were animatedly discussing him. Their tones were filled with curiosity, guess, and even concern. A few were intrigued and he felt spiritual fluctuations as If they were transmitting messages.

’Right…Sky Nobles can join factions. Usually, they join Heavenly Kings or Imperial Sages, supplementing their own strength. ’As he recalled this nearly forgotten detail, his eyes flitted with a contemplating light.

He knew that since he descended, then others would surely send their representatives to invite him to join them in their faction, but he intended to form his own, so that was a direct conflict with his desires.

’I wonder if anyone will try to impede me if I refuse them? ’ This thought caused a particularly cold and interested smile to tug at his lips. He was filled with expectation. ’Who will be the chicken? ’

There was an old idiom that said: one has to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, and he felt like seeing how well this applied in practical situations.

He jumped off the pegasus and briskly walked towards the Alchemic Dao Pavilion beneath the whispering and interested gazes of these disciples.

A few female members couldn ’t help but whisper to themselves, ”Wow! He ’s so handsome…can one even be that good-looking?! ”

”… ”

”He ’s… ”

Wei Wuyin realized that they couldn ’t even finish their sentences as they stared, one was even staring at him like a piece of meat. He could ’ve sworn he saw droll at the edge of her lips. He didn ’t mind this; in fact, his looks were given to him by his mother and father, so he was proud of it.

He walked into the door, feeling the aura of alchemical energies immediately upon entering.

”Greetings, Sir. ” A Mortal Common Disciple seemed to be established here as a greeter, immediately walking forward and catching his attention. It was a young woman with short brown-hair and a short stature. Despite her actions, she was a legitimate cultivator at the Astral Core Realm.

He didn ’t inspect her too closely as he asked, ”Where do I turn in products? ”

The woman glanced at Wei Wuyin ’s attire and softly smiled after realizing he was an alchemist. From his age, she felt he was at least at the Expert Alchemist level. ”It depends. Are you turning in an issued mission order or seeking Imperial Merit? ”

”Imperial Merits. ”

She nodded and proceeded to use her fingers to illustrate directions to reach the Imperial Appraiser. This was a special position that alchemists can hold to appraise the grade, tier, quality, and purpose of the product. Those who were truly exceptional can even deduce the concoction techniques used on the product down to the type of cauldron to the cultivation base of the alchemist.

It was a praise-worthy occupation that requires the keenest of eyes and senses.

He thanked her and was about to leave, but the young woman hurriedly spoke.

”Wait, sir! The Imperial Appraiser on this level will only accept sixth-grade or higher products. If you submit anything lower, he might use his authority on you in frustration. ” The young woman earnestly warned. It seemed she was worried that Wei Wuyin hadn ’t known this detail. After all, he seemed new to this Alchemic Dao Pavilion. Very rarely do people ask her for directions. Instead, she would be given inquisitions in regards to active missions or if certain products were available so as to save others from a long and tedious walk.

”Oh? I understand, ” Wei Wuyin realized that each Alchemic Dao Pavilion had their requirements as to the level of standard. Her good intentions weren ’t lost on him, and he smiled.

This smile caught the girl off-guard as her heart nearly skipped two beats, but it most certainly skipped one. ’How did I not notice how…how… ’Her thoughts stalled as well.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know why he had this effect on certain women. He knew Wu Baozhai had been similarly affected, but she regained herself rather swiftly. It wasn ’t as if in this cultivation world good-looking features were of any actual benefit, unless you were a woman.

After all, even if he was handsome beyond imagination, what woman would give herself to him if he lacked talent, strength, ability, or backing?

Only when these factors were added did his facial features actually matter. Anyways, he withdrew a small jade bottle with a fluid ounce of liquid within and grabbed the young woman ’s hand beneath her disbelieving and admiring gaze. He gently placed the bottle in her hand and said, ”Thanks. ”

After, he left without another word.

As she watched his departure, she was still in a haze. Her heart was fluttering for seemingly no reason and her face was growing hot. Wei Wuyin ’s touch had sent literal butterflies through her entire body and caused her mind to pause.

”What did he hand you? ” A male greeter walked forward and said with a pouting expression. From his eyes, one could see the light of jealousy and a hint of anger.

”I… ” Just as she was trying to reclaim her calm, a figure arrived through the door with immense presence, startling her. Her eyes were drawn away and noticed a hulking figure with muscles on top of muscles. His tanned-skin, thick eyebrows, square-jaw, and thick black beard gave him a wild and ferocious appearance. This coupled with his glaringly scarlet robes were exceptionally intimidating.

His eyes swept briefly towards the two greeters, and they were sent into a stunned state from his forceful gaze. ’Gu Hao?! ’Their thoughts were synchronized as their expressions changed immediately. The hulk of a man, Gu Hao, snorted coldly as his eyes swept the area as if looking for someone.

Gu Hao ferociously stomped away and took an entirely different direction than Wei Wuyin.

”He ’s going to the mission board? But he ’s not an alchemist… ” the male greeter said suddenly.

About two dozen more disciples arrived simultaneously, seemingly interested in the events that were likely about to unfold. A few hastily followed Gu Hao while a few others tailed slowly with soft steps, clearly a little fearful.

”What the hell?! ” The male greeter was shocked by what was happening. He moved to grab a Nascent Dust Disciple, using his Astral Core Realm cultivation base to force him to stay behind. ”What ’s happening? Why is Gu Hao here? ”

The Nascent Dust Disciple was startled after being restrained and seemingly captured against his will, but he didn ’t dare show complaint on his expression. The interrogation sent his heart into a panic as he answered with trembling haste, ”The potential Alchemic King and only Sky Noble of our mountain just arrived here! Gu Hao is…he ’s… ”

The male greeter immediately came to a realization, not needing to hear more, he released the disciple to scurry away and pondered with an intrigued expression. ”It seems our mountain is going to get a little lively, huh? ”

The female greeter was silent. ”Maybe…not? ” Those words were spoken with uncertainty.

”Huh? Why? ”

”Well…I think he went to the Imperial Appraiser, not the mission board. ” The female greeter said with a hint of disbelief.

The male greeter looked towards her with disbelief. ”How do you know? ”

”Because…I think he just gave me this… ” She lifted the bottle with a firm grasp, nearly treating it like a precious treasure. Within was a fluid ounce of blue liquid that gleamed with ghastly light.

”Is that… ” the male greeter focused for a moment. When he examined the bottle, he didn ’t find anything special with it at first, but upon closer inspection, his eyes widened abruptly.

”Th-tha…that ’s… ”

The female greeter fiercely nodded while clutching the bottle, ”Yin Spirit Tears, a seventh-grade elixir! ”

Just as those words escaped her lips, the bottle vanished from her grasp as if it was never there. Before she could react, there was a young woman dressed in white robes that were examining the bottle with a focused gaze. She had thin eyebrows, an oval face, with soft peach lips and a tall stature. She was nearly six feet six inches, towering many males in the world.

Her long legs were slightly revealed as her robes had a well-done cut at one side that reached to her upper thighs. It was quite alluring and revealed her exquisite whiteskin. Her green eyes brightened slightly as she gave a small exclaim of surprise.

”It really is Yin Spirit Tears! He can already concoct this?! I…can ’t let that muscle man beat me to him. ” The young woman said as she vanished, taking the Yin Spirit Tears with her.

”… ”

The two greeter glanced at each other for a moment and then simultaneously said:

”She stole it! ”

Their hearts were sent into panic as they rushed to catch the young woman, their eyes flared with rage and a hint of madness. That was a seventh-grade elixir! How priceless was that? You bitch, give me back my elixir!

But they went in Wei Wuyin ’s direction while the young woman followed after Gu Hao, so they weren ’t even chasing her.

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