Paragon of Sin

Chapter 169: Qi Essence Phase! Zenith Mortal State!

Those spiritual senses felt boundless, supremely powerful, and borderline omniscient. He had no protections strong enough to prevent their inspective desires, and he was thoroughly inspected! They likely not just saw his cultivation standard, but even his nude form was completely exposed!

Wei Wuyin helplessly smiled. He felt violated somewhat, but what could he do? The only solace was that his Alchemic Natal Soul and Draconic Natal Soul remained hidden within the depths of his sea of consciousness and fleshy heart. They couldn ’t, no, they wouldn ’t inspect those areas.

If they did, there was a very high chance that his entire body would explode from their spiritual energies and strength contained within their spiritual sense. Unfortunately, this was just the sheer difference from their cultivation realms.

He was a measly Eighth Stage Qi Condensation cultivator while they were all at the middle-phases of the Astral Core Realm. He could only accept their will and intent, and hoped for the best.

After all, his trump card against them had just been thoroughly expended. All that preparation went towards supporting Bai Lin, and thus he was vulnerable. While this made him feel even more naked than he likely was beneath their senses, his heart was confident and true.

He stepped out of his Sky Palace, and twenty-eight figures arrived! They floated amongst the sky while their appearances were concealed by various colored mists condensed from their spiritual energies. This prevented them from being inspected by others, and gave them an elusive, grand, and mysterious feeling.

But Wei Wuyin merely smiled, he stepped forward and directly cusped his fists and bowed towards a single person. ”It ’s a pleasure to see you again, Grand Sage Tuo. ” The title Grand Sage was shortened for Grand Imperial Sage, and it denoted their ranking within the sect.

This person didn ’t stand out. In fact, his spiritual mist that shrouded his body was even faintly weaker than the others. Almost immediately, a few of the others exclaimed softly, obviously turning their gazes towards that particular mist.

”Hahaha! How frighteningly acute. Those eyes of yours are so extraordinary, yet you haven ’t even cultivated that technique yet. ” A familiar voice resounded as the mist took the initiative to disperse, revealing an old man in dull grey robes. He stepped forward and flashed in front of Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin merely smiled in reply. He hadn ’t noticed the old man based on his eyes, but his ears. The spiritual mist directly stopped various smells as they were affected by the spiritual energies, and he obviously didn ’t have a strong enough spiritual sense to penetrate the mist, but there was something a person couldn ’t change, and that ’s the unique sound of their breathing.

Not their cadence or their volume, but the sound made when air was pushed out from the nose and inhaled. It might be a strange and odd thing to recognize, but it was like air exiting a specific windpipe. It was so unique when one could notice.

The old man ’s breathing was insanely distinct. The moment he arrived, Wei Wuyin noticed him upon that first breath. His senses have been endlessly empowered by his True Dragon Bloodline to superhuman levels, beyond most cultivators. In truth, when he first found out the acute and powerful hearing of his, he was quite disturbed.

This was especially so in the Royal Palace. Imagine the heaving and pounding sounds of those next door. It was quite excruciating and disturbing to notice this. He could even discern false and real sounds, and that had to do with the sound released, unintentional and intentional was just as distinct as footsteps.

The old man was named Tuo Bihan. He was the renowned Grand Imperial Sage and only Emperor-class Alchemist within the Myriad Monarch Sect. The other two were within the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, but their loyalties weren ’t fixed to the sect and developed elsewhere. Furthermore, their cultivation bases were nowhere near as high as Tuo Bihan.

”Alright, there ’s no need to conceal yourselves. Aren ’t you all here to see this young man who has caused quite a commotion? ” Tuo Bihan smilingly said, his eyes calm and gentle like water. Wei Wuyin knew that this old man had no ill-feelings, and even though he acted and nearly devastated the sky layer, the old man cared very little.

Of course, this could be pragmatically looked upon as ignored due to one thing: Value. It was an elusive concept but it meant that Wei Wuyin ’s worth far outweighed this matter, likely by hundreds of times, perhaps even more.

Wei Wuyin understood this, but he didn ’t directly start acting arrogant and unruly after understanding this fact. He had never been one to act against his nature or rely on something as ephemeral as other people ’s expectations.

The other twenty-seven figures were hesitant, but in the end, they dropped their concealments and revealed themselves to Wei Wuyin entirely. They were all quite young, beautiful, handsome, and exceptional figures.

He was startled to realize that, besides Tuo Bihan, everyone else looked to be in their early to mid-twenties. Even the males kept their appearances youthful, and as an Alchemist, he could easily see evidence of seventh-grade pastes. Pastes were quite a unique category for the Dao of Alchemy and usually related to the physical body, or applying the seven traits of alchemy to the physical body. This included transformation!

Pastes included all sorts of healing, medicinal, relaxation, age-reducing, hygienic, and more abilities. Most cultivators kept their youthful looks through applying these constantly, clearing away wrinkles and damage to their skin from oxygen and solar damage. Their bright white teeths were similarly the result of pastes.

He knew that pastes were the most commonly concocted product, and the easiest of the four types to do. These twenty-seven were all alchemists, architects, or forgers, and he didn ’t recognize any of them, but he knew of them all! They were not just King Alchemists, Architects, or Forgers of the Extreme Creation Mountain, but they had exceptionally high cultivation bases, and were more talented than standard elders.

They were all Prime Imperial Sages! The twenty-seven Prime Imperial Sages that resided within the Extreme Creation Mountain!

Those other Alchemists, Architects, and Forgers he met were those of a lower cultivation base, talent, success rate, refinement speed, and overall the bottom of their ranking! They were promising and deep within the folds of the Myriad Monarch Sect, but they didn ’t have absolute power like these people!

A young-looking, sharp-nosed man dressed in pure white, his outfit wad scholarly and filled with an endearing air, spoke with a hint of wariness. ”Grand Sage Tuo, this isn ’t just a little bit of commotion, but an entire incident that threatens our livelihood. ” It seemed his status was quite high as he immediately pointed out and corrected Grand Sage Tuo ’s words.

”I agree, ” a thin woman with a willowy figure and barely any feminine assets said. Her words were said half a beat after the young man. It was clear that she would agree regardless of what he said.

Wei Wuyin was very sensitive to various heavenly influences, and he had the distinct feeling that these two were Dao Companions. Just as he thought that Grand Sage Tuo was going to rebuke the two, he instead just quietly nodded.

”The commotion is a commotion. I didn ’t say it was minor or major. I ’ll let you all decide that after hearing what the young man here has to say. ” Instead, he stepped aside and directly gave Wei Wuyin the platform.


Wei Wuyin was briefly startled but didn ’t halt for more than half a second as he stepped forward. There was no spiritual communication between the two and he acted absolutely naturally.

”Greetings Prime Imperial Sages. It ’s truly unfortunate that I ’ve caused you all to awaken from your cultivation, but in truth there ’s a legitimate and completely sane reason as to why I did what I did. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words caused them all to pay extra attention, and he could tell the two couples had discontent in their eyes already.

”… ”

He went silent as he swept his gaze over each and every one of them. This silence caused one of the Prime Imperial Sage, a black-skinned demon with white eyes and flames for hair, to urge: ”Hurry and explain. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s smile widened into an exceptionally bright grin, ”It ’s simple really. When I was born in the Myriad Yore Continent, I loved gazing at the night sky and the stars within, but due to the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s three suns, it was too rare. I grew frustrated and could no longer hold back. I just wanted to see the stars, so I used over twenty thousand seventh-grade Volcanic Eruption Pellets to see it again. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

The demon nodded. He withdrew a transmission crystal and sent it towards Wei Wuyin. ”If you need any help seeing the stars again, don ’t make such a mess. Simply ask. I can easily bring you to see them. ”

”… ”

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Of course. ”

”My name ’s Fyuu Hu. You can send me a message anytime. ” Without hesitation, he turned into a comet of light that broke through the gaping hole that led to the eighth level.

”Ah, kids these days. You didn ’t need to be so impulsive, ” a motherly sounding voice filled with nurturing and care echoed. A brown-skinned woman with a buxom figure and exceptional curves. Despite her tone that made her feel very warm, her figure could ignite even the most frigid of men. She similarly withdrew a crystal and sent it over.

”Don ’t cause too much trouble, okay? ” She warmly smiled before she flashed off.

The companions were startled, because these two were merely the beginning of those who simply said a few words and left after expressing their intent.

”The stars. Ah, I remember I broke a sky palace in my young days due to desire. Oh, how grand the times. I don ’t blame… ”

”…Here. I ’m located in the eighth level, the pink sky palace. If you want to visit, you can do so anytime. ANY. TIME. ”

After a while, some weren ’t even talking about stars, and directly invited Wei Wuyin to their Sky Palace, and some of these old women that neared a thousand years old were shameless beyond imagination!

”I have quite a nice collection of fine wine that I used to brew when I was younger. It ’s worth an astral stone a cup, beyond delicious and an experience you shouldn ’t deprive your youthful years of. While drinking it and gazing at the sky, you ’ll truly enjoy an unforgettable moment! ”

Before long, twenty-five sent their invitations and Wei Wuyin stored all twenty-five stones with a casual air and smile. The only three to remain were the Dao Companions with unsightly expressions on their faces and Tuo Bihan.

Wei Wuyin said, ”Prime Sages, thank you for your concern. I hope that you won ’t fault me for acting wilfully this one time. If it happens again, I ’ll be sure to be mindful not to make such a mess. ”

Their expressions became even more unsightly after hearing that, even faintly becoming ugly. They were both Creationists, so how could they not understand what happened? These Prime Imperial Sages had obviously decided to avoid offending this little monster!

Twenty thousand seventh-grade pellets?

This little silver-eyed devil elevated his status to unsurpassed levels with a few words, causing them all to decide that it simply wasn ’t worth offending him or even expressing their discontent!

The young man ’s left eyelids twitched. He blew a fucking hole through three sky layers! He scorched tens of miles in each layer without care! In fact, his heart was even more pissed cause his Sky Palace was directly beside the explosion and caused it to be blown to smithereens! How could he not be unhappy?

But his female counterpart was smarter, calmer, and understood the implications. This young man just revealed an unnatural fact and achieved a feat they couldn ’t accomplish. He penetrated the last layer of the sky! Only Realmlords should be able to do so, yet he did it, and with twenty thousand pellets!

If someone said he found these pellets stored somewhere, they would all call utter bullshit. How could they not sense his spiritual aura in each wisp of fire energy?! He personally concocted this!

She smiled, changing faces quickly, and said: ”Heavenly King Wei, it ’s not best to cause such a commotion over a little matter like this. If you want to see the night sky, we have free access to Void Gates and can go anywhere we please. I even know of a unique spot that has a great angle to view the stars. If you want me to take you there, simply send us a message. ”

She said ’us ’ deliberately as she withdrew two crystals and sent them forward. Leaving one more beautiful smile, she grabbed the scholarly man and directly left.

Only Wei Wuyin and Tuo Bihan remained. They looked towards each other, and their eyes were shining but with different thoughts, yet almost simultaneously they both let loose odd laughter.

”Here I thought you wouldn ’t be able to handle it. Not only did you handle this matter, you thoroughly sent them packing, currying favor and leaving to avoid you having a negative opinion of them. ” Tuo Bihan walked forward and pat Wei Wuyin on the shoulder, his gaze locked onto Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes.

”Your actions this time were quite risky. But don ’t worry, we know why you did what you did since the beginning. ” Tuo Bihan directly admitted and Wei Wuyin felt that was the case. Their senses directly descended when he arrived on the eighth level yet none of them took action.

It seemed his thoughts were too complicated, and that trouble was reduced to a soft wad of air with utter ease.

”That crane of yours just experienced her first awakening. I ’m shocked you actually got her through the Sky Layer. If you had taken the Void Gate, her awakening would ’ve not been this thorough. I ’m actually really, really shocked you accomplished this. Others have tried to do what you ’ve done, especially those Beastmen with that bloodline, yet they all fail. And those who ’ve taken the easy path are never reborn. ” Tuo Bihan explained as he gave Wei Wuyin a thumbs up. It seemed those words leaked secrets of the phoenix bloodline!

Wei Wuyin had already felt that was the case, so hearing its confirmation made him happy.

With a sigh, he looked at the gaping holes.

Tuo Bihan shook his head, ”Don ’t worry. Our Myriad Monarch Planet isn ’t so weak. In the event of war, the upper Sky Layer is the first line of defense. We have substitute layers made by astral arrays. They could last for hundreds of years, but this will likely fix itself in two or three days. ”

”Regardless, you were quite impressive. It seems the circulating title below the Sky Layer has some truth in it. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s frowned slightly. Title below? What title? Saber Ascendant? A light of hope emerged in his eyes. Was it catching on?

But alas, the title was not that.

It was the Prince of Everlore!

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