Paragon of Sin

Chapter 176: Preparing Against The Shadows

In fact, there were numerous factors that affected the Astral Tribulation ’s strength, and Mortal State was merely one of them.

It was best to walk the side of caution lest he commits an irrevocable and irredeemable mistake.

”It ’s time to settle my debts. Bring all the requests from the Extermination of the Grand Axis Faction. I ’ll handle them all now. Then, I want you to send a message to the sect leader of the Rainbow Crane Sect. The best I can do for Mei Mei is ensure a safe path of cultivation from the shadows. ” Wei Wuyin gave Su Mei her assignments and she nodded in understanding, leaving to execute his orders.

After being left alone, he rubbed his chin softly. ”I have forty years before the Second Calamity of Hell; I need to look beyond that, however. My goal is to create the most supreme foundation for cultivation, with sufficient cards to ensure my life for any and all obstacles. The Calamity of Hell is an active danger to my life, but its a danger that I ’m acutely aware of. The true dangers are the ones I ’m mostly ignorant of, the ones in this world. ”

The San Clan, the Alchemist Association, and other hegemonic forces and enemies that would seek to hinder Myriad Monarch Sect ’s rise by any means necessary. His existence had spread widely, and after learning about his title that was widely circulating—Prince of Everlore, he felt an unprecedented shadow of lethal danger lurking.

He had never been one to venture out without sufficient cards in his hands to ensure his life. While his cultivation base was a priority, and definitely the most reliable card in his entire life, it was also his current limitation.

’My first goal is to cultivate this Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity. ’


Two Months Later.

Since acquiring the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity Method, Wei Wuyin had spent quite a while deliberating whether the risk and difficulty of cultivating this technique was worth it or not. In the end, he felt that it should be. This cultivation method felt as if it was connected to him in a profound and inexplicable manner, and since the old man had recommended it, there was likely a reason for that.

The Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity might ’ve been placed on the first floor of the Martial King ’s Dao Pavilion, but it was by no means easy to cultivate, but its overall abilities were rather vague.

It wasn ’t divided into levels, and when cultivated, its either a complete success or a horrific failure with insane consequences. Once cultivated, there was no more need for improvement because it ’ll happen naturally as you cultivate and improve your mental, physical, and spiritual energies. This could be likened to the Haven Heart Qi Method. While it was divided into step by step directions for cultivation, after completion, there was no further need to seek any improvement of the overall technique.

The technique ’s primary ability was a spell called the Gaze of a Celestial Spirit. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t unfamiliar with ocular-based spiritual spells, having cultivated quite a few before, but this spell could be considered somewhat different, because it wasn ’t a ’spiritual ’ spell but simply a spell. Unlike ocular-based spiritual spells, this spell focused all senses into the eyes, spiritual, mental, and physical into one.

According to it, one can even view various forces with their eyes, like the world ’s mana, ’revokers of reincarnation ’, and the intricate laws of the world, but this was dependent on cultivation level. He didn ’t know exactly what ’revokers of reincarnation ’ meant, but it could be referring to fabled ghosts or souls that aren ’t accepted into Hell.

As he knew about the matters of Hell, he realized many myths such as ghosts, spirits, and phantasms likely exist.

The other three abilities were called the Eye of Illusion, Eye of Truth, and Eye of Immortality. They were simply named, but boundlessly profound to the point that Wei Wuyin still couldn ’t understand their abilities exactly.

The Eye of Illusion was described as being able to invoke changes in the senses of others, creating a false reality. This had limitations and consumed an immense amount of mental, spiritual, and physical energies. He believed it would allow him to temporarily ’project ’ illusions to others, hence the name. However, it seemed like it wasn ’t that simple.

The Eye of Truth could see the trend of the world, the origins of all things, and view the unseen divinities. Just as before, he didn ’t know what that meant. At first, he thought he would gain the ability of a Seer, but it didn ’t seem to be the case. It was weirdly worded, but he ’ll only really know if he successfully cultivated the technique.

The Eye of Immortality…

It didn ’t have any detailed description, just a single word: ”Eternal. ”

Each ability was more vague than the last, but he was still adamant on cultivating it.

He took a deep breath.

Then, he slowly exhaled.

”Let ’s begin. ”

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