Paragon of Sin

Chapter 180: Exhausted

ain Clan Leader standing up for Ji Yin, the matter imploded before it could even get off the ground.

However, this matter might have ended, but another one immediately exploded! And how explosive this event was!

Using a talisman bestowed to her by her Ancestor, Qing Qiumu directly obliterated the elite experts of the Ji Clan suppressing Long Chen and killed Ji Yin in cold-blood. Shocked, the Knights of Enforcement moved to capture her for murder!

She stood proud and upright as if she stood on the side of righteousness and justice. She flashed her emblem that her Ancestor had given her. Told that this was sufficient to ward off many troubles, she vastly overestimated the extent of its effectiveness. The Knights of Enforcement cared little about the emblem of a Prime Imperial Sage and moved to capture her.

She was immediately sealed in cultivation and mobility.

However, Long Tingyu panicked, shattering her own emblem and calling forth her own Ancestor! A Heavenly Commander tyrannically descended soon after. With imposing strength and authority, he swept the situation and seemed ready to handle it with a few words and an iron fist, until a member of the Knights of Enforcement, a member who held a grudge against Long Chen, similarly called forth a higher-ranking official in secret! She witnessed the outrageous acts of the Heavenly Commander and flew into a flurry of rage.

This matter exploded into untold levels at that moment!


Abuse of Authority!

These charges didn ’t just implicate Qing Qiumu any longer, but Long Tingyu and her ancestor that tried to sweep the situation under the rug and abuse his authority for the sake of his descendent!

When a Captain-class member of the Knights of Enforcement arrived, no one could stop Qing Qiumu, Long Tingyu ’s Ancestor, and Long Tingyu from being punished immediately with death! However, there was still one last individual who had yet to arrive.

Qing Qiumu ’s Ancestor!

This battle of backings were exceptionally vast, but her actions and authority at the Prime Imperial Sage could only ensure that they weren ’t immediately executed, and given a fair trial with evidence. However, what was there to argue? Numerous witnesses saw Qing Qiumu use a talisman to directly kill a disciple and elders of the sect!

She had no ground for arguments, but she did stall.

However, the investigation only condemned Qing Qiumu further, and she was sentenced to be executed.

Long Chen could only watch as all this unfolded, helpless to do anything. Even the spirit in the ring was helpless, not having recovered enough strength to provide any form of support against top-tier experts. There was no rescue that could be made, no arguments that could be levied.

Lin Ziyan ’s horrific fate had already happened, and Qing Qiumu ’s soon-to-be death was set in stone. A wave of hopelessness and hatred surged endlessly in his heart, but he was still too weak to take any action.

After three days, during that needless investigation, Na Xinyi and Lian Yu had gathered alongside the new additions of Xiao Bing and Hong Ru. They could only watch as the sentence was given, not just to Qing Qiumu, but to Long Tingyu and her Ancestor.

Those two would be punished with imprisonment for attempting to cover-up murder and the abuse of authority in doing so. While Long Tingyu would suffer a brief stint imprisoned within the Hell Layer of War for three decades, her Ancestor would suffer imprisonment for three hundred years!

This was how strict the system was!


”And that ’s what happened, ” Su Mei concluded her explanation of events to Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin looked at Su Mei for a moment. Then, abruptly, he lightly chuckled. It started off slow and weak, then became a full-blown laugh with strength. It reached a point that he couldn ’t help but hold his stomach as his boisterous laughter resounded throughout his Alchemic Lab.

This lasted for several dozen seconds before it ended with a deep sigh and a slight shake of his head.

’So this is what happens when one ’s karmic luck just runs out. I wonder how many misfortunes I encountered in my alternate future, forcing me to make a Heart of Scarlet Qi, before Long Chen beheaded me. ’He couldn ’t help but think this as he recalled the outrageous scene of him using a Heart of Scarlet Qi against Long Chen and even protected his sworn enemy, Jiu Lang.

Guess the saying rings true: When it rains, it pours.

While he had a budding friendship with Qing Qiumu, her actions were quite exceptional this time, and their relationship was never capable of reaching a sufficient point due to Long Chen ’s influence. All in all, he had no reason to interfere. It was an unfortunate situation, but it simply wasn ’t enough to throw his hat into the ring. And, considering this was an ongoing situation, she was likely already executed by now.

Su Mei calmly watched, but even she had a faint smile on her face. She didn ’t hate Long Chen, but she didn ’t like him or any of his women either. In fact, she only brought this matter to Wei Wuyin because of…

Oh wait.

She forgot.

”Lord Wei, the reason I brought this to your attention is…directly before Qing Qiumu was executed, ” Su Mei paused.

”Hm? ” Wei Wuyin ’s left brow rose slightly.

”Before she was executed, Na Xinyi shouted that she was…your wife. ” Su Mei plainly stated, her eyes indifferent yet a hint of annoyance could be seen in the depths of those pure black pupils.

”… ” Su Mei.

”…? ” Wei Wuyin.

”And Qing Qiumu was too. ” Su Mei.

”…What? ”

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