Paragon of Sin

Chapter 192: World Sea Phase

ral Core was similarly at the center, but when compared to his heart that was already three times the average size of a normal human, it too was exceptionally tiny. His dantian could hold thousands or even tens of thousands of Astral Cores.

Fortunately, he was an alchemist and there were ways to enlarge the Astral Core, allowing it to expand. According to various records, not only did this Astral Core determine one ’s Astral Force reserves, but it can even be a direct correlation to the quality of produced Astral Force.

When he found this out, he did a little digging and learned that the average Astral Core was the size of ten thousandth of a meter, that was nearly five times smaller than his Astral Cores, regardless of which.

Despite its tiny size, when he examined the sheer amount of astral force it contained, his mind became shattered with disbelief. If he were to fill a pool, he could completely fill one half a mile long and five feet deep. That was immense! The size discrepancy likely was due to its metaphysical nature, and how it didn ’t adhere to basic compression laws.

Furthermore, astral force was energy, and if used properly, a single trace can destroy a small mountain. Cultivators were truly god-like existences. He sighed in his heart as he reflected on the power that he yielded by default just by being at the Astral Core Realm.

As for his mental, physical, and spiritual energies, he realized they were all being replaced to a higher state. If what he used was low-level energies, then now he was controlling high-level energies. His thoughts were hyperfast, his body felt like it was imbued with endless stamina and strength, and his spiritual sense could reach beyond a few dozen kilometers.

Just from a brief sweep, if he were to go full broad, he could observe 3.6 megameters! That was about 2200 miles! With his current cultivation, he could ’ve inspected the entire Scarlet Solaris Domain within a few minutes.

While he could reach that limit, if he did use it to that extent, his senses would be blurry and not as detailed, as well as consumed immense spiritual energies, so doing broad searches or constant awareness in that area was extremely strenuous and nearly impossible to effectively do.

Now that he fully stepped into the Astral Core Realm, getting a taste, he was quite expectant of the future. The Astral Core Realm, like the Qi Condensation Realm and Foundation Realm(is condensed into three, but has nine) has nine separate phases.

The Astral Core Realm ’s Nine Phases:

World Sea Phase, condensing an Astral Core which generates Astral Force. It is a qualitative change in cultivation, as one ’s innate energies and overall cultivation base will undergo immensely beneficial transformations.

Sky Ruler Phase, those at this phase gain control of the ambient mana while simultaneously enhancing one ’s astral force. This control enabled flight and suppression, capable of using the ambient mana to release a force called Sky Pressure.

Soul Idol Phase, a condensation of spiritual power into a Soul Idol that can be manifested. This Idol has up to nine rings that defines its inherent quality, and it is birthed naturally depending on the effectiveness in overcoming the Astral Tribulation. At this level, spiritual strength, aura, and sense was amplified to a higher level, depending on the foundation of the Soul Idol.

Spatial Resonance Phase, by overcoming the astral tribulation, one ’s body and astral force becomes adaptable to spatial energies, capable of absorbing, deploying, or refining spatial energies. Those at this level were renowned for their Spatial Prison and Spatial Mark abilities. Similar to the Soul Idol Phase, it can be divided into nine levels that determine the cultivator ’s strength and quality of their spatial energies.

Light Reflection Phase, a cultivator can absorb and refine natural Yang Light energies into their bodies and astral force. This amplified their speed of astral force circulation, spiritual sense, and increased their lifespan by three to five hundred years.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t understand the other phases, as they were like the False Reality Phase, and their information was of little help in understanding their abilities or how to ascend. All he knew was their names: Gravity Emission Phase, Realm World Phase, Temporal Eye Phase, and Star Core Phase. They were the sixth to ninth phases respectively, and those at the Seventh Phase, the Realm World Phase, were considered Realmlords.

They could breach the Sky Layer and fly across the dark void without dying from its volatile environment. They were the strongest cultivators in the current era.

After contemplating all this, his Celestial Eyes observed the ambient mana. Unfortunately, he didn ’t have a feeling to invoke the next tribulation. This meant his understanding of mana hadn ’t reached that level, and while he could observe, he hadn ’t touched upon the principles of controlling it.

In the end, now that he ’s fully entered the Astral Core Realm, he decided to focus his attention elsewhere.

The Soul Sealing Cube.

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