Paragon of Sin

Chapter 193: The Spirit in the Ring

nd regarded the ring with a calm gaze. As it floated there, seemingly dead, Wei Wuyin ’s Celestial Eyes saw its hidden activity as it seemingly inspected the ring with exceptional stealth. If Wei Wuyin hadn ’t cultivated out the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, he would ’ve easily missed this flicker of activity.

He might even believe the spirit was indeed dormant.

After a long moment, Wei Wuyin finally spoke. ”I don ’t want to waste your or my time. So I ’ll be direct: Reveal yourself or I ’ll send the order to have Long Chen executed. ” His voice held the utmost calm and serenity yet was absolutely chilling to hear.

”You have three seconds. ”

”… ” The ring remained inactive.

”One, ” Wei Wuyin calmly declared.

”… ”

”Two. ”

”… ”

”Thre- ” Before his words could finish, he felt the world quake slightly as an abnormal force seemed to exert itself on the world. His pupils shrunk slightly, but his heart remained unfazed and calm, simply observing this force.

It was as if a figure was descending onto the world, and this figure seemingly contained the might to engulf and dominate heaven and earth, carrying a tyrannical air and imperious authority that could not be questioned. In its presence, only obedience and reverence could be felt. It carried a truth of hegemons and how they ruled supreme through creation.

Wei Wuyin was briefly disturbed, but nine-hundred and ninety-nine Spiritual Formations started to brightly glow inside the room, and this aura was suppressed to its limits. An unfathomably conjoined and vigorous spiritual suppression was fully focused on the ring, causing a faint exclamation of shock to resound within the enclosed room.

This broke off its influence towards Wei Wuyin, and while it was small to begin with, it still severed it thoroughly. Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes regarded the ring with a brilliant brightness effusing interest. If he hadn ’t reached the Astral Core Realm, and had his new high-level mental, physical, and spiritual energies thoroughly enhance his body, mind, and senses, this aura could ’ve overtaken his everything.

Even if he was an average Astral Core Realm expert, he might ’ve been subjected to its will. Fortunately, Eden sat protectively over his Sea of Consciousness and continuously empowered his mental energies to an even higher quality than normal cultivators, and Kratos sent vigorous bloodline power and physical energies to ensure a stable, firm, and exquisitely powerful body.

This coupled with four Astral Souls, his spiritual energies were numerous times greater than normal.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Wei Wuyin said: ”Now that that ’s over, shall we have a proper discussion, spirit in the ring? ”

As he said this, the ring ’s aura that it tried to emanate receded and it became ordinary. It was only after a long moment did it vibrate slightly and a cyan-colored, blurry, indistinguishable silhouette manifested. It was in the shape of a six foot and seven inches tall man with a muscular physique and upright back. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t distinguish any other feature besides being male and its height.

However, when he saw the outline of the figure, his Celestial Eyes were capable of observing things to the smallest detail and his heart shook.

°No…no. No way. It ’s…him?° His thoughts stilled for a moment as a picture that every elite expert in the Myriad Monarch Sect should know, and he felt immense disbelief for a mere moment before regaining his calm.

Now it made sense.

It all made sense.

”Talented Junior, you ’re quite resourceful and scheming for your age. ” The spirit ’s voice was exceptionally powerful and ancient, giving off a natural sense of being before a Monarch or Sovereign of the world. Even it was shocked by the suppressive might exhibited by the numerous formations. Most of its safeguards and confidence was blotted by this move.

While it obviously wasn ’t truly sealed within the Soul Sealer Cube, the cube did limit its perceptions, so it was unaware of what was happening besides its limited connection to Long Chen. Considering that connection was still lively, and faintly even thriving, it was safe to say Long Chen wasn ’t harmed. However, it never expected to get itself into this predicament, and even be noticed by this young man.

”Coming from you, that ’s a compliment that I ’ll take to my grave with joyous pride, ” Wei Wuyin gave off a faintly respectful bow and clasp of his hands together, causing the spirit that stood before him to slightly reel in shock.

”…you know who I am? ” The spirit disbelievingly asked, clearly feeling unsure if this was a probing tactic. In truth, this junior before him was frighteningly terrifying, and even he couldn ’t gauge his limits. However, this feeling of all his secrets and concealments being teared down and discovered truly left him, a figure that dominated his portion of creation for so long, to feel a wisp of unexpected fear in his heart.

Wei Wuyin briskly nodded. ”Of course; Wu Yu, founder of the Myriad Monarch Sect, and the first Grand Monarch. It is my honor, Grand Monarch Wu. ”

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