Paragon of Sin

Chapter 220: Flowing Gossip & Sins

Xue Duan snatched at this rope and replied hurriedly, ”Beauties? Concubine? What type? ” His mind was flashing as he seemed to conceive a possible way out before it devolved. Furthermore, his heart started to pound because Qi Lang had yet to reply, but Wei Wuyin spoke!

”King Xue…your subordinate declared that the entire Xue Country would hunt me down, kill me, and it was you that ordered this. ” Those words were spoken with a frigid flow, causing even Zuhei ’s spine to tremble as if he was in a frozen tundra.

”…Is it true? ” Wei Wuyin ’s presence seemed to be quite impressive at this moment as his alchemical aura was replaced by a ferociously vast, momentous pressure that stepped on the hearts and minds of others.

This destabilized Xue Duan ’s mind a little further as sweat emerged on his forehead. Before he could speak, Zuhei flashed before Wei Wuyin, his scarlet eyes giving Xue Duan a side-eye with a vicious glint. ”Is this individual a threat? Shall I eliminate him also? ”

Uttering those words were no longer just Slaughter Intent but Battle Intent, intensifying its malicious effects three-fold.

Those words were like a ball thrown at glass, shattering Xue Duan ’s serene heart or what was left of it. ”No! No! Of course not, Heavenly King Wei. ” He had forgotten about Wei Wuyin ’s discreet attempts, and this caused Zuhei ’s slip to be met with a biting response.

”Why don ’t I believe you?! ” Wei Wuyin stepped forward a single step, and Zuhei ’s aura flared to the sky layer above, causing the weather to change and the atmosphere to grow unbearably tense and chaotic.

Xue Duan was truly not a good individual when under pressure. The rules of the Bloodforge Continent leadership elections was a democratic process that relied on its natives to select a King. This process, while it usually was focused on selecting the strongest, it was mostly geared towards the most talented. After all, the Bloodforge King can ascend to the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm without restraint from the Myriad Monarch Sect.

However, not a single one did. If they did, conquering the entire continent would be easy due to the restrictions set by the Myriad Monarch Sect. But how difficult was that? Out of tens of trillions, there are only five million Astral Core Realm experts, and amongst them, the vast, vast majority were in the first two stages. It was far too difficult.

Due to this, he wasn ’t forged in countless battles and fought with his life on the line, obtaining every tooth and nail of others for his own sweat and blood. It was cultivating with abundant resources and ascending from natural talent and then being elected for hoping he ’ll stabilize their entire continent one day.

”Alchemic King, ” fixing his earlier mistake he said: ”This was nonsense spouted by Zhao Zhitian, and our Xue Country harbors no ill-will towards you. In fact, I didn ’t come here to investigate this incident, but to find you. ” He glanced at Qi Lang, who seemed to have ’gotten ’ the signal and decided to help.

He stepped forward and said, ”He ’s right. I was with him when this occurred, and he was fully intending to meet you. It was only a coincident, an idiotically independent move by that Zhao fellow to attack. ”

Wei Wuyin revealed a skeptical tilt of his head towards Qi Lang, ”Truly? ” He seemed to be seeking Qi Lang ’s certainty.

Xue Duan grasped at this, and when he saw Qi Lang hesitate to confirm, he bombarded him with spiritual messages filled with all sorts of lavish promises. Only after he offered the sun and moon did Qi Lang smile and nodded, ”It is. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin went silent for a moment and said, ”What did you want me for? ”

Qi Lang felt a chill in his heart. This entire sequence was forcing Xue Duan to a specific action, but he didn ’t know why. Was it truly all for a beauty? Wouldn ’t it be easier to reveal who you are, your wealth, ability, and looks? What did you possibly lack? However, he didn ’t question it and simply felt pity.

Xue Duan said, ”I heard you were looking for a concubine and I have quite a few unmarried daughters. I know its sudden, but I hope you can consider them. ”

”…Who? ” Wei Wuyin asked, causing Xue Duan to still.


If it meant all of them, then have them all! However, he wouldn ’t dare say that as it ’d cheapen their value. Instead, he calculated a few things and was about to say something when Zuhei intervened.

”The most beautiful princess is supposedly Princess Yifei. It is said she ’s as gorgeous as the moon, as brilliant and bright as all three suns combined, and is the top beauty of the continent. Only she is worthy of you, employer. ” Zuhei ’s words caused Xue Duan to freeze up instantly.

’Not her! ’Xue Duan cried in his heart. That daughter of his was a headache and a half, and she had a very vengeful little reaper beside her that made him feel frustrated to the utmost. To offer her up, he felt that reaper staring at him with a vicious growl. However, if it was his legacy and life versus his daughter ’s? He would choose to keep his family and himself safe with the sacrifice of one.

That being said, was it really a sacrifice? Heavenly King? Alchemic King? Prince of Everlore? Less than fifty years old? How could marrying his daughter to someone like that be seen as a sacrifice? Was it not the greatest benefit in the starfield?!

”Yifei, is it? Okay. ” Wei Wuyin said, as if it was Xue Duan who offered. ”I ’ll accept your generous proposal and take her as my concubine. Please make the arrangements for the ceremony. Since she ’s a princess, it ’s best I do it like this. ” After saying this, Wei Wuyin didn ’t give Xue Duan a chance to react. Qi Lang interfered and informed the Bloodforge King that responding with anything more will definitely cause discontent within Wei Wuyin ’s heart. Considering the reliance was already established between them, Xue Duan quietly accepted it.

”Then, how about in three months, Alchemic King? ” Xue Duan had already settled this matter in his heart. He ’ll marry her off to an exceptional figure, and this would save his country from Wei Wuyin ’s wrath. It was a win-win.


Wei Wuyin casually agreed, allowing him to make all the arrangements. He even left the words: ”You better ensure nothing goes wrong…or else… ” With a hint of threatening within.

Qi Lang gave one last glance towards the masked Wei Wuyin and deeply sighed in his heart. However, when he thought of the salivating benefits he received and would likely receive in the future for a job well done, he felt a lot better. He did his last assignment and informed Xue Duan to keep Wei Wuyin ’s identity anonymous until he revealed it. Considering Duke Zhao ’s actions and the problematic reactions others might have if it was revealed, he agreed without much thought.

In the end, Wei Wuyin and Chen Xiaowei left on her Shadow-Blight Hawk while Zuhei vanished, leaving Xue Duan and Qi Lang alone. The situation was wrapped up, ending in a ceremony for a concubine. This development was quite unexpected.

Xue Duan was smiling happily like a tool that averted certain disaster, giving Qi Lang heartfelt thanks for the support. He didn ’t know what would happen if Qi Lang wasn ’t there. He was going to give his all to properly arrange this union.

In the distance, Wei Wuyin had his eyes closed. ’Next, I ’ll finally be able to verify if it ’s possible. ’In truth, he had to thank Long Chen for this idea. Soon, he ’ll be able to not only grasp the Xue Country but obtain various other benefits. How much?

He was waiting with bated breath to find out.

Of course, he needed to make some preparations first. A few days felt as if it was enough, but three months? More than enough!


In the distance, about a hundred or so kilometers away, the old man was among the injured and recovering cultivators that he saved. Xue Yifei stood directly beside him. Her hazel eyes were looking in the direction of her father and Wei Wuyin. She couldn ’t determine what was said, but her expression was a little pale.

While she didn ’t know what was being said, the old man was verbally transmitting what their exchange was about. In the end, his dull eyes couldn ’t help but close and he shook his head slightly. ”Was this his purpose? It doesn ’t make much sense to me. ”

Xue Yifei ’s delicate, well-endowed, and soft body trembled slightly. Her brows furrowed inwards and she bit her lower lip. She didn ’t say a word.

The old man glanced at her and said, ”Your father is not a match for that beastman of the canine lineage nor the Guardian. This felt like his only chance to reconcile after Duke Zhao ’s disastrous mistake, but I can ’t fathom what Wei Wuyin said to him that instigated such violent rage. I also don ’t think his goal is to have you as a concubine. ”

He started to make his own assumptions, feeling like the situation was missing far too many pieces to clearly see. With Wei Wuyin ’s status, wealth, influence, and potential, it would be a simple matter to pursue Xue Yifei directly or simply ask for her hand in marriage. It was incredibly unlikely she would reject him, right? Why the smoke and mirrors?

Xue Yifei paled even more. ”He could ’ve killed Xue Duan, and then removed our family lineage justifiably, right? ” Her reference towards Xue Duan, her father, was cold and detached. One could see that she didn ’t have any good feelings towards this man that allowed her to be born in this world.

The old man paused for a moment and then nodded. ”If everyone knew who he was, they would even support him and riot on his behalf. ” Duke Zhao ’s public declaration of intent was a breach of the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s rules, regardless if Wei Wuyin ’s identity was known or not beforehand. Furthermore, there were witnesses to this event. He looked around and his expression changed. Was the point of attracting so many people for this?

”So if something goes wrong with our union, he ’ll have further justification to act… ” She asked again, her mind and eyes starting to clear up.

”… ” The old man nodded again. If something went wrong, Wei Wuyin could easily flip the country after removing his mask, but since he could do that now, what ’s the point in waiting? The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. If he was an outsider who hadn ’t been told by Xue Yifei of Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual transmissions sent in secret that threw Duke Zhao into a mad fury, he wouldn ’t have as many doubts.

He would ’ve…


His pupils expanded into near-full moons.

He snapped his old neck towards Xue Yifei. An unexpected variable. If that ’s the case, this was the goal. Wasn ’t it?

Xue Yifei ’s panic and ashen countenance calmed down as well. Her hazel eyes were particularly resplendent as she observed Wei Wuyin ’s vanishing figure. A glimmer of understanding flashed through her eyes.

If Wei Wuyin knew that Xue Yifei had recognized his plans, his identity, and a hint of his intentions, he would be deeply taken aback. The praise he would have for her extraordinarily keen intelligence and senses would be endless.

And, a little frightening.

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