Paragon of Sin

Chapter 231: The Death of A Blessed

The transformation of Wei Wuyin ’s eyes was accompanied by the explosive throbbing of his heart. Each thundering pound of his heart brought about ripples in the air and ground. Even the Astral Array was experiencing several kilometer-long ripples with his body acting as the epicenter despite levitating within the sky.

Within his body, miraculous changes were occurring. Similar to Yuan Longshi ’s transformation, Wei Wuyin ’s DNA and physique was in transition. His True Dragon Bloodline taking the forefront of dominant lineage.


The first change was to the eyes, the next affected his hands. From his skin, hexagonal-shaped dragon scales started to appear. They were each a mere centimeter in length but numerous, all closely knit together and created a perfectly symmetrical network that carried astonishing beauty. This was especially so due to their color. A rich, radiant silver texture that gave off a faint mystical glow.

His nails sharpened and stretched for about an inch. Each nail curved slightly and gave off the feeling of being a claw. Their points were particularly sharp and seemed to be capable of ripping space itself apart. Just a slight twitch actually caused bending ripples within space!

Those gorgeous dragons scales started to make its way from his hand, to his forearm, to his shoulder, and then stopped as it approached the tip of his chin. His entire neck was covered in these scales. As his neck twisted, one could see the inherent flexibility within them, as they seemed no different than skin. This didn ’t just go one way as his legs, foot, and toes experienced the same coverage.

His face wasn ’t an exception. The only difference was that faint, nearly invisible hexagonal lines were marked onto the facial layer of his skin

Before long, his entire body was a well-connected system of scales. His hair that was jet-black became grey and longer; its innate spiky characteristics became more prominent.

Unlike Yuan Longshi, Wei Wuyin kept his humanoid form and his muscles hadn ’t expanded or ballooned. In fact, he even seemed to become more compact as his muscles seemingly shrank by about ten percent. However, if anyone would assume he became weaker due to this, they would be in for a rude awakening.

Clenching his fists, Wei Wuyin felt the tremendous draconic force circulating wildly throughout his body at the moment. It was so intense that he felt as if his draconic force had become raging tsunamis that followed his meridians and blood circulatory system.

Comparing the demonic-looking lizard that Yuan Longshi transformed into, Wei Wuyin seemed like royalty. His exquisite form gave off an innate majesty that seemed seamless and without a hint of a flaw. However, if they compared bloodline power, he would be down a few levels. If it was compared to the purity, quality, and draconic force, then he was dozens of levels beyond.

This was a True Dragon ’s Draconification! By using tens of thousands of years in pure, untainted lifeforce, he refined and produced the purest form of ancestral True Dragon Bloodline from Anu.

Wei Wuyin could clearly feel this difference, and he wasn ’t the only one. The Yang Dragon Soul that was influencing Yuan Longshi in a bid to instigate a heaven-bound reversal had halted its bright glow and seemed to shiver. It looked towards Wei Wuyin and nearly shrieked instinctively.

”So your Dragon Soul isn ’t even a True Dragon. How embarrassing. ” Wei Wuyin shook his head slightly, but if any of the Dragons prior to Divine King Han Xei ’s extermination had heard him, they might roar themselves to death in indignation. A True Dragon wasn ’t some basic existence.

It was THE Dragon! The first dragon of their lineage and progenitor of their race. Many of their bloodlines were tainted by constant reproduction with other races and species. For example, Yuan Longshi and Xue Yifei ’s Dragon Soul belonged to both the True Dragon Lineage and a Demon Lineage and separated by about a thousand different descendants from the actual True Dragon and itself.

It was very rare for anyone to be capable of refining a drop of dragon ’s essence blood with tens of thousands of pure lifeforce with the abilities of the Dao of Alchemy ’s seven traits to produce True Dragon essence blood!

Most dragons didn ’t even live that long!

Even Anu wasn ’t older than a few thousand years old, and if it wasn ’t for hibernation, he would ’ve long since died.

Wei Wuyin grasped this opportunity decisively. With a step on the void, countless ripples echoed out and he vanished. When he reappeared, he stood before Yuan Longshi ’s glowing body and pressed his hand against the light.

The Yang Dragon Soul shrieked! It was quite pathetic as it screamed like an infant being strangled. It wanted to pull away, and this caused Yuan Longshi ’s miraculous transformation to come to an abrupt and violent end. His muscles rapidly deflated and his draconified form returned to normal in an instant. After all, it was the Yang Dragon Soul that was stabilizing his form. Without its conscious efforts, he could no longer maintain his connection with his Draconic Astral Soul.

”Stay. ” Wei Wuyin spoke that single word and it seemed to be infused with draconic pressure that seized the movements of the Yang Dragon Soul. Now that it had stopped moving, Wei Wuyin could finally observe its actual form. It was a four-claw dragon with a demonic glow within its eyes. Its horns were curved and its teeth seemed to be very chaotically positioned. It now resembled a monster that would be described to frighten children. However, its current state made it seem quite harmless. Moreover, it wasn ’t an inch tall.

Its eyes were closed yet it trembled ceaselessly above Yuan Longshi ’s head. A string to it was attached to Yuan Longshi ’s chest. It was so thin that Wei Wuyin might ’ve missed it if he wasn ’t particularly looking for it.

His claw reached out towards the Yang Dragon Soul and it continued to shriek, struggling with constant shakes but to no avail. If its eyes were opened, Wei Wuyin felt it would have a gaze that was actively begging for mercy.

Of course, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t trying to harm it in the first place. Instead, he gripped it within his palm and it emitted boundless alchemic eden force. While alchemic force was often harmless, combined with eden force, it had an exceptional ability to interact with soul-like manifestations.

With a wrenching pull, his alchemic eden force permeated the soul and entered the thin string until it reached Yuan Longshi ’s heart. This pull caused the alchemic eden force to erupt and sever the connection. In that brief moment, the Yang Dragon Soul seemed to have lost its host and was intending to vanish according to the natural laws of this world. A soul without a containment unit was essentially meant to undergo the process of Judgment and Samsara.

However, Wei Wuyin was slightly faster. Ignoring Yuan Longshi ’s violent reaction to this severance, Wei Wuyin flashed through the void and arrived before Xue Yifei who seemed to be in a state of semi-consciousness with her eyes glazed.

Wei Wuyin grasped her waist with his arm and pulled her close to him. He directly placed the Yang Dragon Soul into his mouth and devoured it. As it went down, it was affected by his draconic force and alchemic eden force. The former suppressed its will, the latter thoroughly eliminated it via extraction. This will was immediately devoured by Kratos like a tasty lunch.

In a mere second, the Yang Dragon Soul was engulfed with seven-colored light and had lost all of its will. Then, Wei Wuyin used his finger to touch Xue Yifei ’s glabella. In his second practical application of mental surgery, he sent alchemic eden force into her sea of consciousness and sped near her Mind ’s Eye.

The Yin Dragon Soul was currently in the process of trying to form a resonance with its other half. If it could not in a period of time, it would be forced to detonate. Before it could do so, Wei Wuyin similarly extracted its will but without draconic force, but he left it there. Unlike Yuan Longshi, Xue Yifei ’s Yin Dragon Soul was within her sea of consciousness and draconic force would cause untold damage.

”You can consider this as a gift to my concubine, here. ” Wei Wuyin touched his lips to her soft, delicate lips and spread them open. The Yang Dragon Soul shot from his throat and entered her esophagus. It traveled until it found its way into her heart and formed a thin, natural line as he phased into it.

At that moment, Xue Yifei went fully unconscious. When finished, Wei Wuyin left that comfortable and fragrant-filled contact and observed her slightly. ”I can ’t merge Yin and Yang Dragon Soul into you. If I did, it might contest for superiority even without a will. When you become strong enough, you should be able to do so without much issue. ”

Wei Wuyin thought about this for a moment and sighed. In the end, his actions were limited. However, ”At least now your life will be your own. ” Those words caused Xue Yifei ’s gently shut eyelids to quiver. He felt that she had heard him and responded in this way. What it meant, he wasn ’t sure.

Regardless, with the Yang Dragon Soul, she should be able to create a Draconic Heart of Blood(line) via the True Dragon Transmutation Method. Fortunately, she already had an innate dragon bloodline in her that was slightly different from Yuan Longshi. He didn ’t know what they encountered to reach such a strange point in their lives, but she now had her own path.

Considering she had the Yin Dragon Soul and all its memories, she might be able to eclipse Yuan Longshi. Of course, this depended on its strength when alive, but he didn ’t think it was any weaker than Wu Yu in his prime when complete.

This was a mere gut feeling and couldn ’t be truly substantiated.

After a brief moment of gazing at Xue Yifei ’s gorgeous countenance, he shifted his gaze onto the unconscious Yuan Longshi that laid on the floor covered in his own blood.

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